Primitive Technology: Grass thatch, Mud hut

Primitive Technology: Grass thatch, Mud hut

Digging drainage trench for hut Building up floor area Chopping wood for posts Fresh water creek A crab Today I learned crabs live in fresh water Back to work Hatchet and timber Hammering low side posts (75 cm high) to form a 2.5 x 2.5 m square Making a post hole Central post (2 m high) Climbing fern used as lashing Ridge line (about 3 m long, extends out past the front and back of the hut forming eves) Side beam the same as ridge beam Rafters (about 2 m long) More posts to stabilize structure Thunder foreshadows lots of rain later Battons to hold grass thatch More stabilizing posts Stone blade Cutting grass Grass only grows high in the mountain, an hour round trip to get a bundle of thatch Thatching batons Overlapping thatch helps shed rain Trimming eves for neatness and extra grass Covering ridgeline to keep out rain by lifting grass on with pole Gaps filled Thatching took 36 hours Cutting wattles weave in and out between posts Rain Last of the wattles Grey mud from nearby clearing (about 20 m away) Plastering wall with mud Mud stays on provided the roof keeps the rain off. Luckily, there is little wind blown (horizontal) rain in the forest. Creek swollen from heavy rain Getting wall finished in the rain Each pannel takes about 15 minutes to plaster including fetching the mud Miserable conditions Plastering floor Optimistic fire making attempt. Standing dead wood is selected for fuel Fire sticks kept dry by hut. Tinder is dry candle nut leaves Smoke appears, a good sign Easy to do once you know how Glowing ember is actually powder from fire sticks (punk), the aim is to ignite the tinder with it Transferring tinder bundle to fire wood Adding small twigs (kindling) to raise the flames This took about 20 minutes from starting the fire sticks to this stage Fire will dry out the mud and the thatch. Smoke deters bugs. Stone Yam mound progress (45 days approximately) I trained the vine around a dead vine to spread it to the canopy for more light And here trained on a horizontal stick Grass thatched mud hut

Danny Hutson

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  1. this is not other primitive videos doing stuff like underground swiming pool bambo house with swiming pool right?

  2. That many years later and still the same Amazing content, i've been watching you before you blew up I believe. Because of your channel and your videos, everytime I went camping I would build myself a Nice clay/mud furnace. Good work

  3. Парень, вне всякого сомнения мастер ,золотые руки,апплодирую стоя !!!Но всё-таки,где он аккумуляторы на видеокамеру заряжает?Без обид-просто интересно .

  4. Thank you sensei for this upload ❤❤❤ this is the first ever primitive tech channel and the first to ever do this on his own

  5. Ive watched this guy go from lanky to beefy over the years…..and rest assured those muscles are probably more dense and pack more strength than any roid monster twice his size

  6. …to be these deep in any jungle and do all this work is incredible but, it would be more incredible to do it without bug spray 👽

  7. Когда родители выгнали из дома и сказали живи самостоятельно.

  8. I’ve been watching since 20k, I’m bloody amazed at how quick you have grown in a year bro. Keep it up, maybe invite subscribers to visit ur little huts

  9. “If you were stranded on an island what would you bring?” Me:uh this guy or a phone with data and never dies to learn from him

  10. My social studies teacher shows us these videos so we can see what the ppl in the past how to do, and we r talking about cavemen so I just had to search this guy up

  11. It might be more efficient to make several bundles of the grass, tie them together and transport with a long branch on the shoulders. You would be able to get more in one trip that way.

  12. Хижина с соломенной крышей? Может с травяной. Где ты солому увидел. Солома бывает от злаковых ,Иа это просто трава или сено.

  13. I am 40. Today – only because I watched your video – I also learned that crabs can live in fresh water. You teach much more than Primitive technology 👍🏻

  14. Me stuck with this god: How are we going to get out of here
    Primitive technology: Built a goddamn house already
    Me: I need to know how you do this

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