Primitive Technology: Forge Blower

Primitive Technology: Forge Blower

Fanning fire with piece of Eucalyptus bark Cutting bark with a stone Splitting wood with a stone Assembling fan and rotor Lashing together with strip of bark fiber Fanning fire Digging clay from creek bank Making a fan housing from clay Hole in housing should be same size as hole in spout Drying in hut next to fire Dried housing Wooden socket Air is now sucked through top of housing and is blown out towards the fire Fan always blows air regardless of which way it spins Clay pipe or “Tuyere” Now air is forced directly into fuel bed Wooden stakes Carving another socket Lashing crossbar on with lawyer cane Making cordage from bark fiber Cord is attached to stick and looped around fan rotor Rotor spins easier and faster now Making a furnace from mud Iron bacteria (orange slime) Iron bacteria is commonly found in creeks, swamps and springs Crushed charcoal is added to reduce the ore to iron and white wood ash is added to lower the melting point of the ore The ingredients are formed into a brick Charcoal from a previous video Pulling melted material from furnace This is mostly slag A few tiny specks of iron metal from the slag Parts of the blower Assembled blower

Danny Hutson

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  1. It's mind blowing xD. I knew this fluid/gas pump thekneak, but I didn't know they invented it while caveman style was trending

  2. Great. And then the fired bricks to make a furnace. Then build the piston billows used in Ancient China where a square piston moves in in square shaft with valves at each end to let in new air and send compressed air into the furnace, then water wheel or draft animals for power and you can make Titanium Alloy Weapons as discussed in mainstream Video I have seen but only referred to as might on Britiania or Wikipedia but all agree great method for making Iron being a simple blast furnace basically.

  3. Çok güzel ve anlamlı bir şekilde video yapmışsın. Eski çağlarda insanlar demiri nasıl bulduğunu anlatmışsın. Çok teşekkür ederim.

  4. Great job in wildlife! 👍👍💡💙💛🧡💛💜💖💝💚💝💖💚💜💖💙💛🧡💛💙💜💖💚💝💖

  5. I missed the video where he made his own electronic equipment from river mud. Just kidding. I do like your video's, you will be able to survive when city slickers can't.

  6. Esta tecnologia não é primitiva. Ele esta usando o conhecimento dele atual. Fazendo ferramentas com materiais que encontra na natureza. Mas a tecnologia é atual não primitiva.

  7. Gosto de assistir estes tipos de apresentação. Mas todo processo não é primitivo é um ambiente primitivo mas a pessoa e seu conhecimento é atual conhecimento de mais de 2000 anos.

  8. the primative lighting system is phenom! day glow flesh!

    cool vids.. mayb go to tanning sal9n to help the 2 tone? here we call it a farmers tan. but seriously…i actually get police called on me for being naked when i wear shorts cause i wear tan pant and im tan all over..

    dread locks would be even more coool

    looking forward to next old tech blinding wisdom vid

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  11. Это действительно примитивные технологии (были раскопки, нашли что то подобное) или просто из подручных средств делает что то современное?

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