Primitive Technology: Adobe Hut For Shelter The Winter

Primitive Technology: Adobe Hut For Shelter The Winter

Adobe Hut For Shelter The Winter

Danny Hutson

74 thoughts on “Primitive Technology: Adobe Hut For Shelter The Winter

  1. Haha by the gods can I live with you, simply so I could learn and be amazed by everything we have forgotten. I wish I knew everything you did, you are the best and true wizard of our time.. LOL oh no my thermostat broke. Oh whatever will I do… are you kidding me get a blanket??? and that's the best solution haha

  2. If you had to spend your entire life out in the woods who would you take with you? My choice is this guy

  3. Amazing work Primitive! I always look forward to seeing your videos. You always take great extra effort to make everything perfect. Love it keep up the work!

  4. I think your talents are absolutely phenomenal! If only american men could create anything without power tools.YOU'RE JUST AMAZING!

  5. also, if he was gonna do all that he shoulda made some type of outdoor bbq to cook food on, while heating his home. Dual purpose. and a bigger pool to bathe and have fun in.

  6. Cheater. it is visible even in too clear water, all for show. Although, "you want to live, know how to make money." Well done.

  7. find rock
    sharpen rock
    find stick
    make rock axe
    break tree
    use tree to make brick
    find firewood
    make fire
    burn brick
    stare at fire wait till ash fire come
    seek place to bulid house for winter warmth
    mark circle
    dig out circle
    take brick
    seek mud
    fill circle with mud
    put brick on mud
    put brick on brick
    make small brick tunnel
    seek dirt
    but on eater side of tunnel
    put more brick on there so make wall
    more dirt
    make dirt hard
    use mud to make wall of brick
    make hight
    take stick and put in warmth tunnel we made
    make stick enter
    cover stick with mud
    put brick on mud
    make roof with bick
    use bamboo to make chimney
    put mud on chiney
    use stick in wamth tunel
    make warmth tunnel fire
    seek leafes
    seek pebles
    sit on leafes
    dig hole
    put mud in hole
    put rock around hole
    seek moss
    put moss outside of shelter
    put pebles around shelter
    put grass and stuff around shelter
    take water
    fill rock hole
    put your fish in hole pond
    feed fish
    make fire in tunnel
    go in shelter and stare at hole pond of fish

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