Predator System Scam George Brown – A Spamming Tool

Predator System Scam George Brown – A Spamming Tool

Predator System Scam George brown – A Spamming
Tool – Predator
System Scam George brown – A Spamming Tool Predator System Scam George Brown – A Spamming
Tool ? Some of you are concerned with SPAM issues
and the Anti SPAM policies when we use Predator. I received many emails, and a lot is going
on at the moment on the Web regarding the Predator Software. Some people are saying : Predator System Scam – Predator Spam Tool.
It is true ? Below is one of the emails that I received
from Carolina in Australia on that topic: ****
From: Carolina Subject: Predator system scam Message Body: Dear Paul, I have a few questions regarding the Predator
software and I would really appreciate your feedback. A few people are calling this new software:
predator system scam I watched George’s sales video replay and
was very excited with this new tool but soon realized that it is mainly a spamming system. Apparently it is illegal to send email spam
in the US but I leave in Australia and don’t know the laws on this here. I would like to know your thought on this
and if you feel that this is a system that could work in the long term. Have you been using it since you purchased
a copy and has it been working well and making you money? Also, would you be able to tell me how much
you paid for it and if it has a money back guarantee? I am on the waiting list in case any copies
become available before the public release. Thank you, Carolina
**** Predator System Scam George brown – A Spamming
Tool ? There’s nothing spammy about Predator, all
it does is take information that is already on the internet, and present the information
to you in a more convenient time saving way. When we are sending the emails, you need to
remember that SPAM is defined as an off topic message someone did not wish to receive. If you are, for example, mailing people who
want to buy or sell an Iphone, giving them advice on where to buy one, or helpful advice
on where they might win one for free. Or people selling their piano and sending
them an email than instead of selling it they might give it another try and discover how easily they can learn how to
play piano. That is HIGHLY related to the topic of their
original message and should not be considered spam in any way. It is more a matter of opinion here and in
mine is that Predator System is Not a spamming tool, I will call it instead a Contacting
Tool or a Contacting Software. Honestly, you should take Predator System
Scam out of your head and think positively instead – The opportunity that you have in
your hands is HUGE. Don’t Miss It Out just because of some people
untrue and not accurate sayings/quotes/comments. Alright so there is a lot of buzz going around…But
Community, Guys….Check/Test For Yourself and Draw Your OWN Conclusion ! – I did ! Predator System Scam George Brown – A Spamming
Tool ? No – Period. I purchased Predator system ! I have to say
it is one of the best I have ever seen on the Internet in a long time. If there is anyone considering purchasing
this product, stop considering. Do it! Take action ! Predator System or Paul System ? The Choice
Is Yours ! Predator is at $ 797 then when public $ 4,000. Paul System will remains at
$150 with the same results ! –
Predator System Scam Post Update 03/11/2012: Unfortunately the doors
are closed now for Predator but you may still buy it using Google Webcache. Check ! If you are looking to buy Predator there is
another system that I called Paul Version (mine) follow me. I am launching a Predator “Version” at $ 150
Very Soon (Should be less actually!). Bookmark my site and/or channel to be posted. Here is a screen shot of a campaign that I
am running right now when writing this post with Predator:
(Below/in the video or on my website) Predator System Scam George Brown – A Spamming
Tool ? No ! – Period. Predator System Scam Video That’s it for this video. I hope you’ve enjoyed
it ! All the best, Paul Predator System Scam Video

Danny Hutson

15 thoughts on “Predator System Scam George Brown – A Spamming Tool

  1. I have bought PREDATOR system, my money has gone now it's day five, to make it even worse i only have the receipt but not what i paid for, basically NOTHING-hope it's not a scam…I have e-mailed Predator support but damn it's taking many years(forever)- SO if you have a plan to buy predator; WATCH OUT!! you might be in the same shit like i am: PEACE

  2. YOU/TUBE DONALS REVIEW is Corect,after 6 days waching the traning videos but for what purpose,,,,it was a TOTAL waste of time?there is no support at ALL only after I contact Pay/Pal for a refund,,I get the following e/mail
    Hi Pepi
    Sorry for the delay we have recently received an unexpected high volume of support requests

  3. Man you are not aware of what you're saying…if you collect emails from a list and send emails to them with ads… name it collect tool, contact tool but at the end it is a SPAM TOOL. So please, don't fool people because you're in a very tight line

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