Precious Plastic – Build the shredder

Precious Plastic – Build the shredder

Welcome to a new precious plastic
instruction video! Alright so today we’re going to build a plastic shredder. And
basically this machine chops your plastic waste into small plastic flakes. And these flakes will be used in the machines to create new plastic products,
the size of this machine is based on a plastic bottle so we want to make sure it
can shred a plastic bottle and everything smaller than a plastic bottle
you can throw it in. If it’s bigger you need to pre-cut it. Or you need to
build a bigger shredder. In this video we will guide you step by step how to make
the shredder you can download all the technical information and the blueprints. And if you have a question or something is unclear feel free to post the topic
in our forums. Alright let’s get started. This is the machine we’re going to build
and basically it consists out of four different parts. We have a shredding part,
the power supply, the framework and the hopper and I going to start off making
the shredders. And this is by far the most complex part of this machine but if
you follow our blueprints and this video you should be ok Here we have the core elements of the
shredder machine and you can download the package with all the drawings from
our website and you can just send them to a laser cutter plasma cutter or
water cutter and they will cut out all the parts like the blades the spacers the
side plates And now we’re going to assemble it all together make sure that
all the rough edges are completely smooth because we’re going to tighten
everything pretty back together. So here we have the axel for shredder and
we’re going to put on the blades So here we have blade one as you can see with
the demarcation and we’re going to add a spacer then we’re going to add plate
number two as you can see right here with two little dots And then we’re going to
add another spacer and then comes plate three. In this way we
have a nice cutting flow for the shredder but feel free to play
around and use different configurations. So everything is connected. Make sure
everything works, and then we’re going to tighten it up and weld these metal
plates together and then it should be rock solid This here we have the mash
that goes on the shredder. The size of this mash determines the output you want so
if you have different mash you will have bigger or smaller flakes. We’re going to
weld the mesh onto these two holders and then we can put this one under the
shredder We painted the bars on the shredder and we tightened everything. Make sure to take your time to do this because you want to make it go
completely smooth so that you can hear this… Exactly nothing. So we just finished the shredder part
and now we’re going to focus on the power supply and it’s pretty
straightforward but there are some key things to watch out for. So here we have our beautiful engine it doesn’t really matter how it looks or
how big it is or the size we only need to make sure it’s slow and powerful the
exact specifications you can download. Right now we need to attach the motor to
the shredder so it will turn around and maybe we’ll give it a paint job So now we’re going to wire everything up
and we found a great place to get your second-hand cables. We’re currently at the
junkyard and this is a great place to find cables to connect all the
electronics and they have plenty of them And usually we’re going to connect all
electronics in a metal box. If you want to know how we do this go watch our
other videos. However today we find this little guide and inspired by the guys I
met in Africa we want to connect all the electronics inside this one All the electronics are inside this
Jerrica and we installed a switch here so we can make the motor go in both
directions Now we’re going to hook it up to the
framework and shred some plastic. We finished up the shredder and the power
supply and now we’re going to focus on the framework and since there’s a lot of
force and strength going on in here we need to make sure the framework is
rock-solid. Let’s build the framework So since our motor is slightly bigger
than our cutting. We had to fill this gap and so use our blueprints as a reference
since you probably have a different engine just make sure that it’s
perfectly aligned from the power to the cutting Let me show you! We’re almost ready and we finished up
the shredder, the power supply and the framework but last but not least we need
to make the hopper. And this is where the plastic waste goes into the machine. The
hopper is made from sheet metal and there are different ways how to get
sheet metal. Today we’re going to use this one from an old truck. We’re going
to cut it out weld it together and then we have Dauber! And finally the hopper, and that way it
is. Pretty! Next we’re going to show you how this thing works. Here we have the shredder machine And you can turn it on by using this little switch And you can make it turn both ways so if plastic got stuck or something like that you can turn it the other way round And the plastic waste goes into the hopper and then it will be shredded So let’s shred some plastic The output of the shredder is still pretty big. That’s why you can also add a mesh underneath and the size of the mesh determines the output Connect this one under here with a few screws. And then we will show you the difference. As you can see there’s a big difference between shredded plastic without a mesh and with the mesh Do know that the smaller you want the plastic to be the more energy and the longer it takes You can play around with this like, sorting out different colours or going really small or get bigger flakes You got to adapt to whatever you need to make really Thank You for watching the video! I hope that everything was clear. If it wasn’t feel free to post
topic in our forums and one thing to note is that the machines are built in a
modular way which means you can always upgrade or repair them but also
customize them to your needs So if you happen to made a hack or customization
we would absolutely love to see it because in this way we can all work
together to create better machines in the next video we’re going to make molds
and show you how to create things with these machines and for now thanks for
watching good luck with building and hope to see you in the next precious
plastic video.

Danny Hutson

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  1. do you have the CAD files, I download the kit but they came in a .F3d .Sat .step and the people that will cut the metal need .CAD to the CNC machine can do the work. Thank you!!

  2. Hola, es muy valioso tu colaboracion para el cuidado del medio ambiente… soy juan carlos . podrias brindarme informacion de tu proyecto para replicarlo en un instituto tecnologico … para poder apoyar el reprocesamiento de los plasticos
    soy instructor….. estaria agradecido si me puedes brindar informacion

  3. I am building a shredder now
    Where can I find engine specification (powerfull, rpm…)of the your Shredder?
    Thank you
    Keep up the godd work

  4. Sou do Brasil e aqui no Amazonas em Manaus tem a coplast onde trabalhei na classificação de resíduos plástico
    Acho fantástico seus projetos de desenvolvimento de sistemas de produção de máquinas
    Desde já agradeço pela legenda

  5. Привет! Классный проект! Все реально собрать самому, как говорится руки из нужного места растут.Подскажите где можно купить нагревательные элементы как в видео ? Очень хочется собрать такой же станок!

  6. Hola como estas me gustaría saber si existe la posibilidad de que puedas enviarme la parque de la trituradora la que es cortada con CNC desde ya muchas gracias

  7. Hola como estas te escribi hace unos días x las partes de la de la trituradora, seria de mi agrado si puedes enviar planos de la trituradora, gracias y saludos desde Argentina, Neuquén

  8. Great job my friend and very inspiring project . I was wondering if i could use a mince machine instead since i have an old one from my father. Do you think it would work?

  9. 7:27 You can also use a Rotex jaw coupling, especially when you need to take it apart regularly for maintenance.

  10. этот парень от части своими руками создаёт эту машину на самом деле там уже есть какие то готовые детали (зделанныей под заказ) для сборки, в частности он "где-то" добыл мотор с редуктором на нужную мощность!

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  12. Hearts in the right place but that’s 6-7 thousand dollars of motor, gearbox and laser cut parts where I’m from. Think a cheaper option could be made of off the shelf parts quite easily as the shredder doesn’t have to be that heavy duty for just plastic.

  13. Hey everyone! Really having trouble finding online resource for 3mm, 5mm, and 6mm laser cut 304 stainless parts. Anyone have any ideas?

  14. Hi, thank you for making videos like these.. Few questions though, is the mesh that "determines the output" just filters out the bigger plastics? do the filtered plastics get shredded multiple times inside if mesh is installed?
    Thank you

  15. It costs around USD 6000 here in Indonesia to make all set of machines from Shredder, Extrusion, Injection and Compression machine.
    Exclude mold and delivery for 200 kg.

  16. All this for a 6" plastic hexagon tile… And the plastic is still in the environment…. Like someone is standing knee deep in shite and telling you how wonderful it is.

  17. Dear Sirs

    how are you?​

    we are trading company and one of biggest importer in TURKEY , I glad to saw your website and interested to import your pet bottle shredder ( only parts in packs without other accessories) , so please send more specification , competitive price and picture .​

    Looking forward to your early reply​

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    Zahra Baghi


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  18. Hello!
    I appreciate everything from this channel but I would like to ask a few questions and maybe you can do research about them because you guys haven’t yet showed us how!
    1. What is the machines used to melt different types of plastics for the same mix and make tiles?
    2. The technology behind the mixing them together with sand!

  19. YEs!!!! Go Dave Go! =) I will build this and will turn Trash into instruments! Recycled plastic Music!!! 🙂 Haha, and It's very very tempting to build more than just one of these machines in order to give the world more of what we need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. We're extrusion machine manufacturer from china,we're glad to share machine details with everyone in my wechat or whatsapp:13777762360

  21. Only for "hard" plastic or for foil (ldpe, lldpe) and big bags (pp) too? I have ~250 tons of foil and big bags in year. Does it has sens to build small machine and make blow?

  22. В идеята на юнака има милиони,да не кажа милиарди левове…

  23. excellent work, I wanted to ask you what alloy manufactured the blades and what heat treatment did you have? Saludos desde Argentina ?

  24. Good morning:

    I'm Pablo SIMA from Equatorial Guinea. I like your videos.

    I am an architect in training. I like to investigate and I also want to assemble something for plastic recycling.

    I speak Spanish and French.

    I lack the funds to mount something in my country. There is so much trash here that if we don't do something, it will be a total disaster.

    I like what you are doing. assemble machines for waste treatment. I'll be in touch with you. Thank you. Pablo from Malabo the capital of the Country

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    Автору русского перевода – "моё увожение!"
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  26. Hi, I am planning to build a portable plastic wrapper shredder. I have a problem in the kind of blade (shredder) that I am going to use. Can you suggest how to build such shredder? and I am also looking into the most suitable DC motor to be used. can you also suggest the best item for it? Thank you so much for giving your thoughts about my future project. any suggestion will be of big help. 🙂 🙂

  27. Your videos are great. But please wear gloves because whoever is watching your videos, even if they are kids they should know safety is important.

  28. Наверное уже писали, но здесь нужна большая красная кнопка, на аварийное выключение станка

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