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welcome to a new precious plastic video alright so today we’re going to build the injection machine basically the machine injects plastic into a mold and it’s best suited to make small plastic objects and since we’re working with molds you can easily replicate them and start a small production in this video we will guide you how to build the machine let you know which are crucial points in the building process and give you a few tips and tricks before you get started you should download all the technical information and the blueprints and if you have any other questions or something is unclear feel free to post the topic in our forums now let’s get started so that’s the machine we’re going to build the injection machine now we’re going to weld it and then it will fit perfectly all right so we finished the hopper and now we’re going to make the barrel and this is the most crucial part of the machine it’s where the plastic gets heated and pressed so the core of this barrel is a pipe and it’s based on the universal plumbing system so make sure the dimensions are accurate and one of the things to pay attention to is that most tubes are welded so you get this little welding line in here so make sure to get an extruded pipe which is completely smooth from the inside okay so we finished the hole in the tube and now we need to tap some wire on this every plumber should have this so it should be easily available if your cube is slightly too thick you can send off a little and then make it work that’s good so we finished up the wire on the barrel made a hole we sanded it up and now we’re going to connect the little holder all right so we finished the hopper and the barrel and now we’re going to focus on the nozzle this is where the plastic gets injected in the mold and luckily this is the most easiest part of the machine so since you are using the plumbing system the cool thing about this is that you can have all different kinds of weird elements that fit on here and we use these things for the nozzle we like to use this one in combination with this one they fit together perfectly and they don’t leak and we customize this little part make it flat drill a hole and we weld this one on top of the mold so in this way we can perfectly add the nozzle to the mold without any leaks all right so we finished the hopper the barrel and the nozzle and now we’re going to build the framework it seems like a lot of work but it’s quite doable okay so we cut out all the parts for the framework it’s pretty straightforward some metal cubes and we’re going to weld them together according to the technical drawing let’s do it okay so that is all everything is made and assembled together make sure it all works and everything fits and now we’re going to send it off give it a paint job and put some wood inside so the frame is ready paint it and now we’re going to put everything in everything works now we’re going to make the electronics alright so we finished the hopper the barrel the nozzle and the framework and now we need the last part which are the electronics this is what heats up the plastic and we can measure our temperature first we’re going to build this little box and then we’re going to wire up everything to the machine we cut out all the pieces for our control box and we made this one out of metal because we have two tools around and I kind of like it when it’s strong but you can also make it from a lower material like wood or plastic or laser cut it but we’re going to weld this together and finish the box so we finished the box and now we’re going to install all electronics we start with a switch to turn on the electricity we have a light that goes on as well so you can see its own then we have the sensors and this will measure the temperature which will be transferred into the controller and here you can select the temperature you want this will transfer a signal to the solid-state relay which will heat up your heating elements and these will go around the barrel so we’re going to wire it all up at the cables and put it in the box install it on the machine we connected the electronics to the machine and now we’re going to connect all the sensors and heating elements you’re going to slide them up here and attach them we have two different temperature controllers and two different sensors these are connected to the top sensor and the nozzle is to the bottom that’s because you want this one to be slightly higher temperature so you want to make sure that one sensor is connected one sensor is connected to the bottom one and one to this one right here so we can measure both temperatures in a different range quick test here we have the injection machine and we already poured in some plastic and now we’re going to heat it up and we’re going to do it by turning it on and setting the right temperature and it depends which temperature your needs on the type of plastic you’re working with so we’re going to set it wait for about ten minutes and then we’re going to inject the machine is heated up and as you can see the nozzle is slightly higher temperature than the others that’s because you want to give it the extra boost before it has them all so let’s give it a shot so as you can see the injection went pretty well the color is good nice texture and it didn’t smoke so we have the right temperature settings however usually we don’t inject plastic like this but we screw a mold underneath and I will squeeze the plastic inside here and in this way we can create all sorts of small little objects thank you for watching the video I hope everything was cleared if it wasn’t feel free to post topic in our forums and one thing to note is that the machines are built in a modular way which means you can always upgrade or repair them but also customize them to your needs so if you happen to made a hack or customization we would absolutely love to see it because in this way we can all work together to create better machines in the next video we’re going to make molds and show you how to create things with these machines and for now thanks for watching good luck with building and hope to see you in the next precious plastic video you

Danny Hutson

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