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69 thoughts on “Plasma TV Repair Ribbon Cable Removal & Install Tutorial Overview

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  2. hi, I have a Panasonic Plasma, TC-P50S1. Purchased it in 2009. I had a replacement plan on it that ran out in June 2013 from BestBuy. Prior to it running its course, geek squad came twice, and simply removed the back and "cleaned" whatever it was, this seemed to work for a short period of time both times then the lines from top to bottom in a about a 2" thickness a little to the left of  (if youre facing) the screen, would pixelate in lines you can see through changing various colors, mostly always transparent, but once the whole 2-3 inch strip was completely black from top to bottom, but when you turn it on they arent there, Seems to occur after the tv warms up (I think), Then my plan ran out, before they came back a third time, which the said they were going to just replace the panel? if I remember correctly. I have since replaced the tv, but is there a way to fix it? if so where to get the parts, about how much? im pretty savyy so, if it will only be a couple hundred to fix I may be interested in a repair, as Id rather fix it give it to a family member than take up space in my already full closet space, lol. thanks for your time.

  3. I have a samsung pn50b650s1fxza 50 inch plasma screen tv, which has a problem where horizontal black lines run across the screen when turned on. Upon closer inspection, I found out that our ribbon cable connector was cracked. Is there any way to replace this?

  4. Hi I am having problems with my LG plasma model number 111RMVBBW415. The picture went completely out when trying to fix a very small black line going straight down the middle. I lifted the clamp off the third ribbon a popped it back in place now I have no picture but I do have sound.

  5. And also the chip beside the 3rd ribbon is getting hot and the other 5 chips are not getting hot.

  6. I have a Samsung 50" PN50C450 plasma which has a 2-3" wide band that runs the entire verticle length.  The issue started out randomly and you could often watch for hours or days with no issue, but now it appears more frequently, dissappearing for a few seconds or minutes at a time before returning.  The bar is made up of multiple verticle lines all changing colors depending on the background in the screen.  Once in a while it will go all black, but usually it is a multi-colored rainbow effect.  From what I can tell it's not there when there is not video input (doesn't show up in the MENU screen) or when the screen goes black (like occasinally between commercials or game levels).  Rather, the colored lines gradually dissappear from right to left.  Other then this issue, the video and sound are perfect.  I expect it is a faulty ribbon cable which is fused to the circuit board and not replaceable or removable.  I would love to be wrong and know there is a better fix then replacing the panel itself, which I would do based on the cost.

  7. Hi there, thanks for the very informative videos you do and post up here.  
    I have a Samsung PS58A650 (known as PN58A650 in US i believe).  The TV powers on, it has sound but no picture.  There is a  repetitive clicking thats coming from they Y main.  The clicking may be emanating from one of the banks of Mosfets on there, but its hard to say 100%  Is it safe to assume the Y Main itself has died, or is it possible a Y buffer has failed causing the Y Main to fail to start up?   I was going to order a new Y Main ( lj92-01446a ) but not sure if that will fix the problem or not.

  8. I have LG Plasma 42 Inch42PX10 there are to black vertical lines.I disconnected all ribons, cleaned and reconnected. It vanished for some days and again reappeared. please suggest somesolution.

  9. LE37M87BDX    
    Hi above is the tv model number i am sure its a famous one its samsung LCD tv 37". A very common problem it has which many tvs can have readily. After about half an hour the colors start to mingle together and merge in each other but nothing is wrong with the audio input. If the tv is given some taps on the top or back display do come back and then again the colors starts merging together. I have it on gumtree and on ebay you can watch the pics over there. Please what sort of advice you can give me ? thanks 
    below is the link of gumtree advertisement
    thank you

  10. Hello, I have a Samsung 40" LN40B630N1F LCD. On the back of tv, the part (ANT IN) that you would run your cable into has broken off during a move. It is now flush and I can not feed any cable in. Is this an easy fix? Where can I get this part? Thanks!

  11. I have a Sanyo DP47460. Just a few days ago it randomly shut off and now when i turn it on the screen comes on and says please wait like normal but then the tv shuts off after a few seconds. I did notice before it randomly shut off that the sound was kind of muffled. also it has made some really loud popping sounds here and there over the past couple years. I did take it apart of course, couldnt find any bulging caps or burnt ic chips but i did notice two white ribbon cables and they both have a brown stripe following one of the wires inside the ribbon cable. can ribbon cables burn like that? if you have worked on sanyos 47 inch dp47460 with similar problems ill be waiting for any kind of advice or direction.

  12. I have an Hitachi 42" plasma 42PD7800TA. Recently the picture has become extremely fuzzy no matter what input I'm using (component, rca, HDMI). I've had the tv almost 9 years. I don't know if it's time to get a new tv or if it's worth it to repair this one.

  13. Hi I have a 47" LG 47lh30.. when I turn it on it goes dark on one side then the other side goes dark and the television turns off after a couple of seconds. someone told me that some of my cappacitors may be blown I looked and all of them were just fine.. any suggestions?

  14. I have a lg 60pc1d I'm trying to remove the 60x7_z board to see if it is bad but there seems to be a hidden screw I can not find
    Is there a trick to removing this board?

  15. I Have a Tatung flat screen Tv Model #V37GCGI  Serial# EW5632M10220. Where I turn it on,  get White background with red, blue,green, yellow, rainbow stripes. I have left it on to warm up, doesn't change. Ant suggestions???

  16. Hi I have a Sony LCD TV model# KDL 32EX 400. When it's on the screen has black vertical lines.  Can this be cause by the timing control board being faulty?

  17. Hello, I have the exact model on this video. I have thin black lines going across the screen screen had reddish picture on dark scenes. first I replaced the Y-buffer board only, thin black lines still appeared with y-buffer but not as many,   So I replaced the Y-main board, now the dark scenes look great, but I still have some this black lines running across the screen only there are fewer that with the old Y-buffer board. Could I received a bad y-buffer board? once I plugged the new Y-main board, the lines cleared up on certain spots on the screen, fewer lines. Any suggestions? Do I need to clean the ribbon cables? Thank you

  18. Hi my tv is 32 in westinghouse model no.DW32H1G1 my tv was working fine yesterday and this morning their was sound but no image just colored stripe so i disconected it I opened my tv and found nothing wrong but 1 of the 4 ribbons is burnt.can only the ribbon be replaced.and how or do i have to buy the whole panel

  19. Hi, I have Samsung Plasma TV, model PN58B540S3F code PN58B540S3FXZA, it has black screen, everything else works fine like sound, switching inputs etc. Is this a bad logic cntrl board LJ92-01564a/b/c/d?

  20. I have LED 46 inches. 
    the Y copper ribbon cable got burnt/slit is seen in the cable. 
    Causing half of my screen is showing multiple vertical colors.
    Please suggest solution how to fix the issue.

  21. Is it possible to replace a ribbon cable that connects to the logic buffer e panel on a samsung model pn50b450b1d.  buffer panel pcbs #lj41-06244a?

  22. I have a 46' westinghouse serial # 6240Y12500052 – the right side is dimmer than the left side, it almost looks like it will be going out soon.

  23. hi i was wondering if its safe to use electronic contact spray cleaner on the ribbon cable connectors and ends [to and from the tcon] also is it safe to use on the tcon and the rest of the circuit boards [ have MG brand says no harm to plastics and leaves no residue] I'm experiencing a red translucent apx 2 inch wide vertical bar on the left side of a 2010 sony kdl60ex500 that hard to see on scenes of high brightness,disappears on black backgrounds ie when back bars on top and bott of picture.On the sony start screen the area turns to a lighter shade of blue as opposed to the darker blue of the logo.Disassembled to the removal of the frame to see if applying pressure to the bonding tab[s] would make a change[no difference]was going to try reseating the ribbons in their connectors but having a hard time getting them open thought perhaps spraying them down may be enough to restore a good connection,was considering the same for tcon board too [again would this be advisable?] do you think this is a tcon issue? and if so where would i order one [near Canada]  your help would be greatly appreciated,thanks for your time

  24. Hello there I have a Samsung 50" plasma TV model number is : PS50C680G5K and serial number is : B2G2H4PZB06430J . The problem I have is that the TV will turn on with no problem for about 15 minutes then it will turn off by its self and then make a clicking noise. Could you help me find the parts I need to fix this issue

  25. Samsung PN58b540s3fxzc  Picture just went out,still has sound and when I power it back on I get a SNAP sound. Power supply? thanks

  26. hi, first of all thank you for this! my samsung tv ps51d55oc1m picture went a shade of blue. and stronger in certain sections. it sometimes goes back to normal but stays blue for longer and longer. thanks for any help you may have ^_^

  27. Hello !
    I'm french,  my LCD TV is TOSHIBA REGZA 47Z3030D (model 2008), with to the right on the screen bad image when i put ON the TV cold. But about 20 – 30 minutes the screen is good.
    Ribbon or a connector default ?
    Look my problem of a man : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsGre0GfrJU

    Thanks to answer.
    Good video man, thanks a lot.

  28. i have sony 42 inch kdl-42w674a which running perfectly but after half an hour or sometimes 3 to 4 hours, the black bars appear on the centre left of the screen. when turn of for around 1 hour and restart again it run perfectly again but only for half an hour or more if im lucky. is it the mainboard problem or t-con which is built in with the panel board?

  29. Sony Bravia, Model No. KDL 32EX650, Sl No. 3692940
    Defect: Horizontal lines appearing all across the length in approximately 60 percent area from top. It appears as if someone has drawn a graph with white lines.

  30. Haier 50" Model No Le50f2280 Are ribbon connectors replaceable n also my tv started flickering, is this due because of power supply?

  31. Hi there! I have LG plasma TV. Model NO:60PN5300-UF and Serial no:306RMKU7W229. My TV cable connector is broken at the back and it's coming out. Do you know how to fix this? thanks

  32. I have a Samsung 42" plasma with 1/8" vertical line. Model PN42A400C2D, Oct 2008. I read that reseating the ribbon cables on the logic board could help. Not sure how to remove and reseat them. The connector is white plastic and looks like two round pins on each side that go through the board, and there are small 1/8" slits near the pins. The cables connect with identical connectors to the long narrow buffer board. Appreciate any help with these connectors. Thanks.

  33. I have a 58" Samsung plasma tv, model # PN58B540S3FXZA I recently had sound and no picture, now I have no picture or sound. Please help.

  34. I have a plasma LG tv and I have a problem. the conection to hook up the cable for cable TV broke, I need to know how to fix it.

  35. Hi, I have a 60 inch LG 60PV250 Plasma TV. I took it to a repair man, he replaced the Y boards, Main Board and I think the Z board. It worked fine when I first got it home, but then after a few hours of use the screen shrunk on the sides by 4 inches on each side, then started showing 5 times on each side with only an about 24 inch space of solid picture. I read that it could be a ribbon, do you have any suggestions? I don't want to take it back to the repair guy because he's already put me off for 4 days and won't even come to my house, he wants me to lug it back to him although he runs repair calls in his truck. So I don't really want to deal with him again.

  36. Can anybody help me figure out how I get rid of these solid black bars that go vertical across the screen

  37. I need help removing the ribbon cable on the 6632l-0486b inverter board. I don't see a tab to release the cable and do not want to break it as I've done on laptop system boards several times.

  38. What about glued on ribbons? I've seen them removed with hot air guns, but what's the stuff they use to put it back on?

  39. Watched this and clearly makes sense. I have a Samsung, plasma, model # PN50A450P1D, problem I have is a 2.5 inch purple band, vertically running from top to bottom of tv, located almost in the middle of the screen, other than that runs good. I have located possibly 4 capacitors that may be bad due to the top of them being raised (convex) and one is oozing brown fluid. 3 of them are on the main power board and one on the board located at the left side viewing from the back of tv that has 6 ribbons. Would these capacitors be the problem?…..thanks

  40. We replaced the boards on our tv and then turned the tv on. It worked with the new boards, but there are lines going across the tv in 4 spots. How do we know which ribbon was installed incorrectly, assuming that this is the problem?

  41. Hi, I'm having Samsung PN42B450B1. last few weeks screen showing black vertical bar at the right end from top to bottom. I tried reconnect the bottom ribbon cable at the right end of the buffer board. but still the problem persists. Please help me to solve this problem.
    (I'm not a technician I just done this using the information I got from internet)

  42. replaced y main & y buffer on dynex dx-pdp42-09. I have sound but no picture still. it has Samsung parts. please help!

  43. hi i got hotpoint model HPDP42 plasma hdtv ' it got 10 sec child lock after that it turns off and i dont have a remote control plz gve us advise.

  44. hi. I have a Samsung LN40A650A1F. I have horizontal lines that move with the picture. I notice it mostly on the red, blue, green, colors. How can I fix this?

  45. hi. I have a Samsung LN40A650A1F. I have horizontal lines that move with the picture. I notice it mostly on the red, blue, green, colors. How can I fix this?

  46. I have the LN40A650A1F. I have horizontal lines that move with the picture. I notice it mostly on the red, blue, green, colors. How can I fix this?

  47. I have the LN40A650A1F. I have horizontal lines that move with the picture. I notice it mostly on the red, blue, green, colors. How can I fix this?

  48. I have the LN40A650A1F. I have horizontal lines that move with the picture. I notice it mostly on the red, blue, green, colors. How can I fix this?

  49. On a sanyo tv power supply board, fw50d 36fb- me3a. I seen the customers tv wasn't functioned correctly. I opened the back area and the ribbon was giving me a problem. What is the proper solution to that ribbon.

  50. i have a sanyo 50 inch, before i used lil foam pieces on top of the flex cables u showed in this video.. that isn't working anymore.. so my question is.. can i use a heat gun on low to re-connect the cables like factory again ??

  51. My Sharp Aquios is dark on one side. Sometimes I can squeeze the edge and it will come back, but after a while it will go dark again. Is it difficult to fix or should I just get a new TV?

  52. Sir.. My panasonic viera had a green line on screen… It this because of the ribbon problem?.. Seek your kind assistance

  53. I have a lg50pc5d and replaced the sus boards.. Im having difficulty with the ribbon cable's. When i go to latch them in, i get a small crease or bend in the cable which results in black horizontal lines.. Ive tried numerous times and can get most out but still have some. I know its the way the cables are going in. WHAT am i not doing right?

    Nevermind i figured it out. I wasnt getting them in deep enough. It's a tight fit and i had to use a wave type rolling motion.

  54. TV turns, screen works fine. No clicking. After about 5 seconds it turns off and then turns back on.
    65in plasma
    Model: S63FHYB06
    SN(Code : BM96 – 18203A)

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