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100 thoughts on “Pimp My Wifi – Solving Problems & Shopping at Sim Lim Square!

  1. I love the 1 bloke he shows who recognises him, "hello, u wanna be in the video" lol thats great,, im quite suprised in a technology place like this everyone dosent recognise him,, i think now in 2019 they would, just goin through these golden oldy videos r great ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. or you can just buy 100 meters of Ethernet cable for less than $10, just across the strait, in Batam – Indonesia.
    because everything in Singapore is overpriced.

  3. In Sim Lim, your allowed to bargain, in fact, bargaining hard is normal. You can get 50% sometimes more. Grab their calculator and type your offers.

  4. is his wife recording him? lmfao i bet she just wants to relax and spend time with her family, but linus is like, hey lets upgrade this stuff here

  5. Reminds me of every time i'm home for the holidays. Yep, just trying to get away from all that tech bullcrap and relax. But then I somehow wind up spending the entire time rebuilding my aunt's jacked-up iTunes library, reloading Windows on my brother's laptop, then replacing all the network equip at my Grandma's house. No worries though, i'll be more relaxed soon – you know, when I'm back at work, a few days later, doing the same damn things on a larger scale. ๐Ÿ˜

  6. why do so many people follow this idiot. has no clue about tech and gets raped at the indian market. can he tie his own shoes?

  7. โ€œIs it because Iโ€™m white?โ€ Theyโ€™re out here usin their yellow privilege all over Linus

  8. i miss the days of buying things in person….. and the perils to impress the asian in-laws./gf… they are a tough but loyal bunch my friend. i am happy for you.

  9. Wow, wow, wow!!!! I was enjoying this video up to the point he said, "Everyone else gave me really bad prices… maybe because I'm white?" Incredible. That's it… end of watch-time. Bye-bye. Maybe you look like a Trump supporter… how about that?

  10. You should just install 1 TP-Link RE650 & cat 5 ethernet wired to the top floor. Put main router into modem mode. Cheap & Cheerful solution.

  11. "They gave me bad prices… Maybe cause I'm White"…….lol now Linus knows a very small part of my struggles. Love the vid sir as usual.

  12. Linus is so American in his shopping. ZERO haggling with these folks. Americans have lost the haggling muscle. ALL of these prices are high offers that they are expecting you not to accept, and he just eats it up.

    Sad, man.

    EDIT: I KNOW he is Canadian, but accepting the price as set in stone is such an American thing.

  13. I'm 5 minutes in and I'm dying! LOL! Typical asia….
    1) we're all just sitting here with an open business eating lunch…can you come back in 20 minutes? cause we're to fkn lazy and incompetent to help you right now.
    2) we sell red, blue, green, yellow, and purple Ethernet cables in the size you need. But white…fk that we only see that crap in whole sale length.
    3) i don't have the most common type of ethernet cable. CAT5. I only have the universally never needed CAT7, and by the way I only have 1 pack of these particular fasteners. Out of stock/not available sir.

    LMFAO. Typical Asia.

  14. Why is it so expensive? Iโ€™m not assuming they specifically overcharged him but perhaps the government is overpricing it for retailers?

  15. Pls. Go to philippines and try buildibg a setup there…items here are pretty cheap btw you can trust lazada online shop

  16. I have CenturyLink and our modem disconnects from the internet and reboots about 15 times a day, we replaced everything possible and its still doing it. The supervisor gave us his number and he hasn't answered in 2 weeks someone help

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