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11 thoughts on “Paul Built A Web App – HTTP203

  1. Here's the app Paul built https://voice-memos.appspot.com/, and a blog post about it https://aerotwist.com/blog/voice-memos/

  2. Loving that the web community is starting to have good quality and content videos that are laid back and funny at the same time. Props!

  3. Not to be a killjoy but it's 71kb because it's running on top of a 30MB web browser which in turn is passing those calls to through to a 5GB OS. But in fairness, it does not take a lot to do a lot in the webapps space. If anything, it is what Java was said to be 18 years ago.

    Also, you guys are great.

  4. So, now that there are plans to merge both ChromeOS and Android, so ChromeOS can use the much more numerous Android Apps. Do you think Web apps will start to play less of a role?

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