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100 thoughts on “PASSIVE INCOME: 10 Ways to Make Passive Income Online

  1. good advice and some new ideas. But my friend I gotta say something about #10. I'm an ebay reseller and there is nothing passive about that unless maybe if you do a huge wholesale listing. My biggest reason for trying to find other things is because I feel I sink way too much time into my sourcing, listings and handling to justify the profit margin. To me time is money.

  2. Hey!!!! great video!! I got a weird question! are you recording from the mic behind you?

  3. Hey Roberto, I’ve been struggling to figure out which of these to do. I think what I struggle with is wasting my time or money on a project that doesn’t have the ability to succeed. This is a tall order, but could you make a video collection of you creating one of these from scratch? I think that was clear a ton of things up. What do you think?

  4. did any of you actually made some income at all? i see 1mln views since 2016, and trying myself but still haven't found anything new yet. please reply when you can. Thanks in advance.

  5. Hey Roberto really, really great advice in your content. I am wholeheartedly all for the average person choosing an option and have even created a system that I show people how to use that will greatly make them more efficient when using a passive income source online

  6. I’m so grateful for these videos, I’m yet to put all of your guidance into practice but I feel comfortable in knowing all of your advice will work

  7. Roberto man, thank you for insightful knowledge.. your videos have actually helped me out on how to map out my business ventures.

  8. Thanks for some great advice! We’re currently working on our first eBook and then an accompanying course. We fully plan to earn our livings off the content we create. Thanks for enlightening us about even more possibilities. 😀

  9. Im subscribing because u made me feel like i could do something other then the grind that we were taught to do

  10. The main problem with these is that they're all predicated upon having a following. Definitely should've plugged to your other videos regarding building a social media presence and Youtube channel startups. Nonetheless, great information, great video. Subbed.

  11. I have a question and I don't mean this in a bad way so please don't take it in a bad way. But have you yourself achieved financial freedom? If you have please reply and teach me your ways I am so tired of being broke.

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  13. This is a nice video.
    Your videos are sooo different from most YouTubers because you dont cut your videos alot.

  14. Good ideas. There are many ways to create passive income that don't require a lot of money upfront. A good plan, proper training, and time working the opportunity can lead to incredible passive income. I have a few videos which provide more details.

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  16. I would be interested in selling woodworking products online, how could I go about it. I have a product already, just need info on how to go about it. Thanks

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  20. Hey Roberto Awesome video! I think everyone needs a passive income. Be sure to check out the FreeeUp channel. They're a great resource for finding freelance opportunities as well. Earn money online with your skills

  21. Just found your channel recently and am loving it. I love your laid back, no nonsense energy. Great shirt too! Thanks for the great info. Looking forward to watching more of your videos!

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  23. Really great video Roberto. Not everyone shows EXACTLY what they do so this definitely helps me. Thank you!

  24. Your one of few creators who will actually give real advice even when it might be the ugly truth thank you so much for being real!!!

  25. Awesome video Roberto, straight to the point. You are a breath of fresh air. Will check out your updated version. I'm looking for the book you write, if not already written. You’re that guy. Thanks

  26. Robertico, thanks so much. This has been my favorite video in your channel. I will make it my project to at least start ONE of these this month. I'll report back! <3

  27. Yeah but dude, you have close to 400k subscribers, this video has over a million views and…to sum up what I'm saying, it's easy ONLY if you already have a target audience….

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  29. Thanks for the great advice! I am an artist who still has a day job been trying to find better ways to make money without breaking my back( literally, I work a physical job). I can’t wait to try some stock art!

  30. Dude, it's been almost 3 years since you posted this video, and it just made me realise that I can do most of these options in a single business model that I'm working on. This is a great video. Thank you

  31. Thank you for this information! I discovered your channel through Kevin David…you commented on his video. I am very happy to have discovered your channel!

  32. @roberto
    5:19 This is exactly what i needed to hear. i use ableton to make music but i want to be able to make money from it by teaching on my own youtube channel. What affiliate links could i use to make money??? ive looked around but cant seem to find.

  33. Great content!! Thank you for sharing 💯🙌.
    Would you mind advising where someone could place something like Clickfunnel, ect?

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  36. You're very articulate and informative which is very refreshing! Thank you! This information is invaluable! 🙂

  37. Just heard your interviews on YT Creators Hub with Dusty Porter – glad I found your channel! You’ve got some great info on here

  38. Hey Roberto,

    My question to you is when creating a website do you have stick to one genre like for an example if I created a website about fitness I can’t switch it to something else

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