Optimize your ForuMotion Website

Optimize your ForuMotion Website

the hey guys its Mr.EasyBB from avacweb Im gonna teach you how to optimize your forum today I’m gonna show you the top six
things to do sure website for missing it uses see KK so interior see could enter Miche eyes let’s get started number one stay weekly or monthly
newsletter by doing so you push to use his confidence and its administration matters as well
as gives them hope in your web sale together newsletters are interactive you your
members okay to use is more involved as well as
it gets it’s a great way to advertise new
features or upcoming top competitions we get there is going to chat house to come down newsletter I and send in Jewish texts with a similar to simple
taxed do in our play or came in design a city no reply do all members your batteries or other
groups have is Ray subjects email is new to blah blah blah Lipsy and Israel punch stuff in here Mike Krzyzewski where it
is new competitions coming pork features said
Israeli here K now let’s get a number to chill should fill out your SEO which is promotion here okay so for your home page title do better this say of perfect where this issue waves description it’s easy description my little bit more sky
there’s a star rating a bunch keywords: and girl here had more just keep going you can go as far as you live the better
thing to do is as issuer should use it okay now talk a little bit more com to fill out your CL form the best
that you can do this’ll help sites such as Google being
other decisions 2k say keywords are essential to not be
afraid tease and he said she failed she can you can add him as much as you want
shakin further into it now is to talk about made it X leading me to take are some
pine at least a few great meditation you can
use now that for motion offers to her eyes
may take options this gives us great freedom for
some awesome possibility soaring here for stuff risk like regular select that in a matchup slept an accountant to sleep as follows: nice first minute name where you have a
description which we don’t need so the idea of Google Sync verification
for sale if you guys is Larry name says cool site education go into here this rate exactly what they say at had another robots now they re offer robots but what
if we want to change it well we can simply robots now wanna give you no follow no intact means no robots disagree prevents the page from index will follow
mystical from Paul links from this page no slip
it prevents from shell in the search results nod note P Fisher prevents the alternative
description OD deal DMOZ from being news sure what that is but your no archive went scuba from showing the
cash link for a peach unavailable after date lets you specify the exact time and
date you want to stop crawling and indexing speech no image index let you specify watch a paste appears referring page
Frank he said using Google search results nine
is exactly the same as No follow no index so or two straight this eyes that that elevator club more better parts now weekend if you know Twitter cards as we link to a website share website
well now you can personalize this just by
simply adding these witty Twitter card Cup summary at one Twitter URL this could be the URL or you want to link to now I understand some days lot every
page to be linked to Twitter are that’s okay we can do that which I
asked leaders sure years later excuses noise okay so it’s really that one Housley is convinced the true titles same thing
add title cutter this is for people know
that their paces frequent Twitter description
you could description to damage as image to shell and card here’s
another one this is the made it XO rush side Facebook also does decide to
Facebook now with mated property assurances can
work sleaze descended into the name match before against next take UBC that we can link
JavaScript now we can link CSS she like RSS feed so she wanted multipliers feeds from Mikes everywhere ZBB stories windows open we can do that
like JavaScript if you I T a new check why
resource at here and the Dell Inc K number three always have a formal
communication let the private messages or better yet
the church service from offers now we all know ever
websites on a check to check which offers us much more free a better
service to offer to our members don’t forget to enable web sites is
simply enable your check yet and the panel modules talent chat box figuration and activate the
check box trainees ap shirts did display number
schorr socially connect with yours FM Rd has 2 reactions which Facebook Connect think
Google+ you find that this much status as well
Facebook Connect at cyclical at Facebook Connect module at act like at a friends invitation message simplest Google+ this is the 1i was talking about earlier this is a Google Plus Card you can add that to this now this isn’t
my actual on this is from 10 from users click link and submit said now to say inspect your head say verification ed robots no file index year’s tuition takes I don’t not
positive Lexus last one should over this last first one and made and 20k cut summer link publisher Eagles the Polish that members hi caridad by on the main to give his side official
feel to it don’t be hesitant to if you truly are dedicated to your
website when I call for once you can also buy the conferees steady to
learn more and do a few more special things for motion is this go by ads kissy here edge Miami myself at three yet and your domain name anything you want pitch to buy it 16 credits St avail K last one it’s going to be back into the generals
to and two sisters sticks Google licks here to do ethical Google
Analytics code ban you now tracking you can actually see users with visiting from around the world well
that’s it for me the subjugation will help you game some more traffic to your sites
don’t be afraid to ask us questions are asked me to get deeper into any the top
three times suggested see you later

Danny Hutson

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  1. Cool tutorial mr.easybb! Metatags are awesome I have been using them for a while and every website owner should use them. They are very helpful.

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