Online Relationship, Real Baby (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Online Relationship, Real Baby (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Collins v. Stone.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Miss Collins, you have dragged
the defendant to court to prove he is
the biological father of your
4-year-old daughter, Ci’mara. You say one day of bliss
became a lifetime of hell when Mr. Stone upped and disappeared
when you revealed to him you were pregnant.
Is this correct? Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Stone, you claim the plaintiff waited
two and a half years
to tell you that you are Ci’mara’s dad and you are just
one of many men who could be the father,
is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. So, Miss Collins,
you say you’re convinced that Mr. Stone
is Ci’mara’s father. Yes, Your Honor. Explain. Me and Mr. Stone
met on a dating site. I’ve seen his profile,
I thought he was
kind of handsome and obviously he thought
I was cute as well
’cause he messaged me back. So, we had
a few conversations, text messaging here,
calling there until one day we decided
that we will meet up. So, on the day that we met up, uh, we were drinking,
we were talking, so he said, well,
“Why don’t you
just stay tonight? “You know, you’ve
been drinking anyway, “why don’t you just,
you know, crash here?” So later on that night,
one thing led to another
and we had sex. So, after meeting him on
the dating website, you all finally meet
each other in person and have sex that night? Yes. Did you use protection? At first we did, Your Honor,
then afterwards it just went
with the flow. Mr. Stone, is this true? Yes, Your Honor. All right.
That’s how we make babies. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) So, when you met
Miss Collins… STONE: Mmm-hmm. …did you feel like this
was gonna turn into
a relationship? No, we did what we had to do,
but I was single,
she was single. She wasn’t the only person
I was with, I wasn’t the only person
she was with.
You know, just… Was this the only night
you all were intimate? There were other nights. STONE: I think there
was another night. There was another night,
but this was the night where
we had unprotected sex, yes. So, you’re having
casual sex on and off? Yes, Your Honor. At some point,
you find out you’re pregnant? Yes. Who do you tell? I went to a doctor.
This was at, I think,
the beginning of June and the doctor told me I was
about a month long. So I was like, “Hmm.” Okay. So after that, I give
Mr. Stone a call. I let him know, I say,
“Hey, I’m pregnant “and there’s a possibility
that you might be the father.” She never said that
there was a possibility… Yes, I did. Yes, I did. She was pregnant. I told him I was pregnant and
it might be a possibility that
the baby would be his and he… Mr. Stone,
what do you remember? I mean, we, like I said,
we only did it
a couple of times and whatnot.
She gave me a call. I pick up the phone, it’s her,
you know, we’re talking. She was like, “Yeah,
so I just wanna let you know,
you know, I am pregnant.” I said, “Okay.”
You know, “And?” She said, “Well, I’ll just let you know
I’m pregnant,” you know, I’d kind of asked her
to come hang out,
kind of hinted I wanted to, you know,
come hang out. But, she says she was pregnant
and basically she couldn’t
hang out, so… She never said,
“Oh, this is your child.”
She never said that. So you just felt like
she was informing you
she was pregnant, and that’s why
she doesn’t want
to come hang out with you that night. Right. As far as
drinking and stuff… You didn’t feel like
she was saying,
“And you are the father.” No. She didn’t say,
“Oh, by the way,
you’re the father.” She never said
anything like that. COLLINS: I called him,
I said, “Hey, I’m pregnant.” He said, “Well, is it mine?” And I said there’s
a possibility that
it might be yours. He didn’t deny it,
he didn’t say, “No,
that ain’t my baby.” He didn’t do none of that. So after that, he just said,
“Well, you know what?
Just keep in touch.” And I said,
“Okay, and you keep
in touch as well.” Make a long story short,
uh, he moves to Arizona and I said, “Okay, well,
keep in touch with me.” His phone was cut off,
I guess he deactivated
his Facebook. I’ve always… I’ve had
the same Facebook for,
like, seven years since it came out. He deactivated because
there was no reason, there was no way that
I could get in touch
with him… JUDGE LAKE: So you
couldn’t get in touch
with him? No, ma’am. So, you’re pregnant and you’re trying to get
in touch with him and
you can’t find him anywhere. No, ma’am. When she first told me that
she was pregnant and, uh, she can’t come kick it,
I understand that,
you know. So I thought maybe it was
the guy that she was
messing with. We weren’t, we didn’t
really go into detail about
who are you with, what are you doing. All we did was have
a good time, we kicked it. Mr. Stone, it’s your testimony
that you said when she called
to say she was pregnant, she did not say,
“You could be the father.” And you went on about
your merry life
because you thought, “She would have said to me,
and you’re the father.” Yeah, I mean… At what point then does
it become clear that to you that you’re a possibility. It was like
two and a half years later. She hasn’t been crazy like
throw a brick
through my window crazy, but it’s like, you know,
you can’t call me and be like,
“Hey, baby dad.” What? Oh, what? You know, that’s the first
thing you say is,
“Hey, baby dad.” Like, that’s kind of like, it’s kind of awkward.
You know what I mean, so… You did not know anything
about this baby
for two and a half years? STONE: Correct. It wasn’t that long. STONE: Yes, Your Honor. So, tell me exactly
what happened when you found out
you were a possibility? What, what,
how did you find out? Oh, man.
Uh, so she gave me the call,
I was in Arizona. Um, she’s like, well,
the, you know, the first,
you know, the person I thought that was
the father of the baby is not. So, I’m like, “Okay.” And then she said, “You know,
the other person that might
have been a possibility “to be the father
also is not.” I never said that. Yes. Um, you remember
you had your… So, she referred to
two additional people
besides you. Besides me. No, I didn’t, Your Honor. So, so, now, now that
that’s been proved so at first I thought
I was your baby dad. Um, second, you thought
it was the guy that
you’re messing with. Third, you got me, so… Process of elimination kind of
just shows I’m the last option
at this point, because if you were serious
about this was, you know, the truth, then why
didn’t you do this two
and a half years ago. Why are we waiting so long? So, Miss Collins,
did you just basically lead
your ex to believe that he was the child’s father
because this was your ex? Uh, no, ma’am.
This is what happened. Prior to me meeting Mr. Stone, I had just broken up
with the guy. JUDGE LAKE: Right. Which is my ex. When I found out
that I was pregnant, I called both of them
and I let them both know. I told him about my ex,
but I didn’t tell him
about no third guy. I didn’t tell him… You told… You told me
you had baby dad. You had baby dad,
but you had another dude
that you were cool. COLLINS: …as far as,
I didn’t tell him that,
Your Honor. Like I said, it was him
and then it was my ex. I found out that my ex wasn’t,
so he is the next person. It wasn’t multiple people. It wasn’t.
It was just the two and that’s when I was able
to get in touch with him
and let him know that, “Hey, I had a baby,
she’s here. “Uh, where are you?
I’ve been trying
to get in touch…” You and me were…
I was in the same place
that I moved to. He was in Arizona… I had the same phone number,
same contact information, everything is the same. So, hold on,
I want to understand this. So, Mr. Stone,
it’s your feeling
that all of this time she really didn’t think
you were the father
because you, everybody else knew
how to reach you? And you don’t feel like
she was really trying
to find you? It’s not hard to find me. All right, so now,
Miss Collins, who has been raising
baby Ci’mara all this time? COLLINS: I have. JUDGE LAKE: By yourself. Yes, ma’am. Did you say another man
was her father? Did you tell her another man
was her father? When I had… When I asked Ci’mara,
she looked like my ex,
they favored. They really did. So, after so long,
speculations came up, we got a test done.Come to find out,
she wasn’t his.
I said, “Yeah,
I think I probably,
“um, made a misjudge
of character on
that situation.” Uh, 2015, I found out
that he was back living
in the state. I said, “Well…” Well, you skipped out
the whole part that when I was in Arizona,
I told you that
if that’s mine, if the child is mine,
come down here,
we can take care of it, matter of fact, I got family,
I got people, I got everything
that we need down there. Your Honor, I just had a baby
and I was pregnant
with another one and didn’t have the funds
to sit here and go all the way
to Tucson, Arizona. What do I look like? He, he, he simply sat here and
left after knowing that. Why not stick around the whole
nine months to wait and see
if this child is yours instead of moving on
to a whole nother state? So, Mr. Stone,
I do wanna ask you,
now that she’s testified, and I hope that she’s conveyed
to you that she tested
this other person and he was not Ci’mara’s
biological father. Why do you still have doubt? Number one,
there was multiple men. As a matter of fact,
I do have some evidence. Is it okay if… I’d like to see that evidence. What, what is it?
An exhibit? Oh, I… I do. Please step over
to the exhibit, sir. So I get a phone call
from the court where she lives at. We show up. Can’t do the test
for whatever reason.
Don’t know why. They say that
they will be in touch. So they get back in touch. We go back…
Well, I go back a second time. I drove all the way up there.
Guess who didn’t show? Miss Collins did not show
for this test. And then what’s the last point
of proof you’re holding? She suggested that
we do a at-home DNA test. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. So I was like
I don’t really trust that.
I don’t know if… You know, I don’t know,
that’s not a doctor, you know. But she said,
“I mean, I’ll pay for it.” I said, “Okay.” I’m gonna get it.
I’m gonna get it.
I’m gonna get it. Never got it. So here we are, you know,
four and a half years later after the situation
has happened and now we’re in
your courtroom instead of just getting this
taken care of
in the first place. JUDGE LAKE:
So you’re saying there’s been
three solid attempts to get this done… At least. And two of the three
she has backed out… STONE: That’s correct. JUDGE LAKE:
Which now furthers your doubt. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: All right, you may
step back over to the podium. Miss Collins, were you
avoiding the second test? COLLINS: I didn’t know
nothing about it. I lived in a whole other house
from where I was at. I was at a whole
other address. So I didn’t know about it
till after the fact when they sent me
the one for the third one which happened
in December of ’15. That’s where the one where
both of us showed up at. They scheduled us
for another one, but I couldn’t
get off of work. What about this home test? Why does he say… COLLINS: Now the home test… Too many times have I
attempted to come down here
to take this test. He’s not home,
he’s not answering his phone, not responding
to my messages
or my calls. Is there anyone listed
on her birth certificate
as the father? No, Your Honor. So how can you be so sure
it is Mr. Stone’s child? COLLINS: My child
doesn’t look anything like me. She don’t act like me. She has the same
type of arrogance that he is showing
right now in this court. What arrogance am I showing?
I’m just showing facts. You came out
with a whole board. That’s childish.
You’re older than me.
Act your age. As I was saying, Your Honor,
I grew up without my father. There’s a lot of things
that as a girl that you need
to learn from your father. And there’s a lot of stuff
that you need to learn
from your mother. JUDGE LAKE:
And you feel like, at four,
Ci’mara missed all that. COLLINS: Yes, I don’t want
her to go through
what I went through missing that relationship
that I had with my father. You see what I’m saying? So, yes, I’m gonna sit here
and pursue him. I sure am. I gave his information
to who I was supposed to. And like I said,
he doesn’t answer his phone. That’s it. It’s always
some type of excuse. I’m trying to get
this test just as much as he’s trying
to get it done to make sure
she’s his daughter or not. JUDGE LAKE:
I have to ask you again, is he the only
other possible father? Yes, Your Honor,
because a few years back
my daughter she got sick. Come to find out,
she’s hypoglycemic. Now, that does not run
on my side of the family. So what I do,
I give Mr. Stone
a phone call and he says,
“Yes, I do believe
that do run in my family.” Your Honor,
anybody can have hypoglycemia. I’m not the only person
on this earth. I’m sure there’s
a whole lot of us. I’m the only person in
my family that I’m even aware
has that particular condition. So it doesn’t run
in my family. Maybe the other guy,
it runs in his family,
I don’t know. He said it might run
on his dad’s or his… STONE: I said I have it.
I said I have it. Michael Jackson might
have had hypoglycemia. What does that mean? It doesn’t run in my family. It’s not in my blood line. So who else am I gonna go to
if you had it? That gave me
a reasonable belief. So, what you’re saying is
Ci’mara has hypoglycemia. COLLINS: Yes, and I don’t. And so you decided to ask
Mr. Stone, did he have it. And he said “yes”. COLLINS: Yes, Your Honor. Jerome, can you please escort,
um, Dr. Samantha Brown-Parks
into the courtroom? I wanna ask her a couple
questions about this. JEROME: Hello, Doctor. Hello, Doctor. DR. SAMANTHA: Hi. Thank you so much
for joining us today. We are here discussing
the paternity of baby Ci’mara. I need to know from you…
One, what is hypoglycemia?
I want that explained. And secondly,
is it a genetic issue
that’s passed from mother to child
or father to child? So first off, hypoglycemia
is simply low blood sugar. It can happen
for a variety of reasons. And there’s a level at which
we just have chosen that below
50 milligrams per deciliter when they take your blood,
that’s hypoglycemia. Most common cause is from
people who are diabetic
or hyperglycemic take medication, it drops
their blood sugar too low. So hypoglycemia
is different from hyper. It is indeed. And you’ll hear
a lot of people talking about family members
who have hypoglycemia that’s actually from treating
their hyperglycemia. Now, there are genetic cases
of transmitting hypoglycemia
from the mother or the father. There’s a genetic mutation
that can cause the pancreas not to produce
insulin correctly
or to over-produce insulin. If one of the parents
had such a mutation, there’s a 50/50 chance
they could pass it on
to the child. JUDGE LAKE: So there is
a generic connection. If he does have it,
there’s a 50/50 chance that he could pass
this to a child
he potentially fathered. Correct. JUDGE LAKE:
Mr. Stone, after you’ve heard
the doctor’s testimony, does this change
your position? STONE:
I still feel the same way.
No, you… You’ve… No. No, Your Honor,
not at all, not one bit. So, Miss Collins, do you still
stand by your assertion that Mr. Stone is Ci’mara’s
biological father? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You do. Well, let’s see
if that is in fact true. Jerome, I’m ready
for the results. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. JUDGE LAKE:
In the case of
Collins v. Stone,
when it comes to four-year-old Ci’mara Shawntae, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Stone, you are the father. What? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE LAKE:
You are her father. How do you feel now? Yeah, it kind of
threw me for a loop.
I didn’t expect that one. You truly believed
you were not
her biological father. Yes, Your Honor,
I truly believed that. But on the bright side,
I’m not upset,
I’m a little surprised. She’s four now. And she has not had
the benefit of being held and loved by her father. Miss Collins,
would it be okay if Mr. Stone
saw Ci’mara in my chambers so that they can get
this father/daughter
relationship on track? Would that be okay? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
I will meet both
of you in my chambers. Court is adjourned. There she is. Hey, baby. Hey, Ci’mara. JUDGE LAKE:
Hey, Ci’mara. Ci’mara, look, look
it’s your daddy. Hey, Ci’mara. It’s your daddy. How you liking Atlanta? You sleepy, huh? You wanna go talk to your dad? They woke you up
super early didn’t they? Hey, beautiful girl.
You see your daddy? That’s all right,
we gonna get plenty of time
to talk when we get back home. That’s right. JUDGE LAKE:
Mr. Stone, you just
give her an opportunity. But I’m very happy
for you both and I’m so happy
for her, okay.

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