Online Grooming ft. TycerX | Voice Box | Childline

Online Grooming ft. TycerX | Voice Box | Childline

Shilpa: Hi I’m Shilpa Arran: I’m Arran and I’m a YouTube gamer. Helen: I’m Helen and I’m a Childline Counselor Shilpa: And today we’re talking about online
grooming Shilpa: So we wanted to talk a little bit
about online communities and gaming communities as well, and some of the positive elements
of that. Arran can you tell us a little bit about what you do? Arran: So I’m a minecraft YouTuber and I run
a Minecraft server, online gaming communities is a huge part of like success of gaming generally
and why everybody loves gaming you’ll go home after school and you’ll hop on and play some
games with your friends and make friends and jump in and they can be a very um positive
experience Helen: Yeah definitely, I think young people
often tell us or share with us the fact that going on our message boards is something that’s
really helpful. There’s something really unique about being able to share something with somebody
who’s like you, who’s your own age, who might have experienced something similar, so to
see young people have that community at childline is really amazing Shilpa: And there can be some things to look
out for as well. We want to talk a bit about things like Online Grooming.Could you maybe
explain to us a little bit what onlilne grooming is? Helen: SO, online grooming is when somebody
online tries to trick, force or pressure a young person into doing something of a sexual
nature online that they don’t feel comfortable with Shilpa: Ok. And do you see this sort of throughout
the gaming community? Is that something that comes up? Arran: Um, I feel like the thing with the
gaming community is it’s not just specific for like an age range or a gender, which is
a huge great thing about the whole entire gaming universe is you can meet with all these
different people and have interactions, but as you say there is a concern. Helen: When you start striking up a friendship
you don’t know anything about the person, you don’t know what their motives are, they
can seem really great at first and there can be some really good aspects of having those
relationships online. from my experience of talking to young perople, it’s when the conversation
starts to turn, where conversations starts to become more sexualised. It’s about just
being really aware of when you start to feel like something isn’t right or that something
doesn’t feel right Shilpa: ANd Arran, from what you’ve seen,
if someone were to feel like they wanted to distance themselves from someone, but they
really enjoyed playing a game or being part of the community, is there a way around that? Arran: It’s such a difficult thing. I pretty
much could say all games feature block features and to stop talking to someone there can be
just so many other issues entwined with that especially if you’re in a group setting and
you just feel like there’s nothing you can do because if you’re not part of these groups
and you’ve made all these friends you feel oh I can’t leave this group because then I’ll
have noone to play games with, there’s no point of me playing games. It’s yeah, it’s
a huge pressure and a big concern but that’s definitely when you should talk to someone
about it, if it gets to that point Helen: You can definitely report these kinds
of things, if somethings happened online that you think is wrong or that you’re uncomfortable
with, I think reporting whats happened is a really good option. What I would say in
that situation is a good idea would be to talk to childline, because we have some other
organisations or resources that we can refer you to Shilpa: SO that’s even if someone has already
sent an image Helen: If someone is blackmailing you, if
somebody is pressuring you, even if you’ve shared something already, it happens. Just
talk to somebody about it. Shilpa: DO you think sometimes there might
be a sense of isolation or the person who’s grooming might try and perhaps separate you
from the group and could that be a way of knowing it’s not necessarily healthy Helen: Definitely, I think that’s a really
common thing to happen in a grooming scenario, because when someone is able to isolate you
from your support system, they are able to control you, and so it’s not just sexualised
conversation you have to look out for, it’s also somebody encouraging you not to talk
to your family, not to talk to your friends. Arran: Especially with Online gaming it’s
such a collaborative experience, if you are being pulled away from a group to spend your
time with an individual, then, you know, alerm bells kinda be ringin Shilpa: Yeah and it’s almost taking away from
the benefit of being part of that group and as you said it’s a collaborative thing. And
sometimes these relationships can be taken offline as well Arran: There will become a point where you
wanna you know, if you develop the friendship well enough with someone that you wanna meet
up, and hang out, especially if they’re a similar age to you, but then also you know,
letting parents know and letting friends know about what is going on. And then also going
to someone, I mean, the majority of people I’ve met are always there with a friend, or
they’re always there with someone else and it’s always in such a busy area Shilpa: ANd there’s no resistance to getting
other people involved, it’s like yes, I wanna meet your friends and lets share this Arran: It is overall a very majorly positive
experience you can have online. Shilpa: Um, just want to thank you guys for
coming on and talking about this, it’s a bit of a difficult subject but you’ve been great
and you’ve really highlighted some of the positive elements of being online and gaming
and being part of communities as well. So, we’ll say bye and see you next time! ALL: BYEEEE!

Danny Hutson

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  1. It was great to get to do this with you guys and highlight the dangers of Online Grooming. Make sure to stay safe, and if you're unsure ask a parent/guardian, friend or childline.

  2. I had a friend that happened to be online groomed luckily she told the teachers and the police. now everything is sorted :3

  3. Hi everyone. The Childline helpline is there to support anyone under the age of 19 who needs support. As this video is not
    private or confidential, we can’t provide direct help here but you can talk confidentially to a Childline counsellor on our free 24-hr helpline 0800 1111 or visit to talk to us online. Most calls to Childline are confidential but if you need to know more about what we can’t keep confidential, have a look here

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