Online Dating Pitfall TRAPS Men Need To Understand (99%ers WILL IGNORE)

Online Dating Pitfall TRAPS Men Need To Understand (99%ers WILL IGNORE)

uncle c, back in the office and I’m coming
at you guys with a little late night video now lately I’ve been doing all these whiteboard
presentations it’s not very often anymore I get to actually you know connect one on
one with you guys like this or I’m just talking solo man to man by the way comment below what
you guys prefer you guys like the whiteboard presentations, the teachings the in depth
or do you like it when I kind of just go face to face like this? Either preferences fun I like to do in both. Today I wanted to talk about why men need
to start to remove themselves from online dating from social media dating from online
apps, Tinder, these these swiping apps, okay, you got to get rid of them why men need to
completely remove themselves from that form of interacting with females. And there’s three main reasons and these three
reasons if you listen to me extremely closely and you start to actually go in depth with
your thought and understand the principles of this. It’s going to outline it perfectly. You’re going totally see the exact reason
why you cannot be doing this for any sort of fulfillment and why this is not a good
structure for your confidence, your self esteem or your worth as a man. Basically, if you keep going down this path,
it’s going to lead you to a broken road. And that’s the last thing any man wants to
go down. Now, number one, what is the very first reason
why we have to stop doing what the herd does? You have to think about this for a second
if everybody’s doing it. If 99% of men are doing it, what does that
probably tell you? If you want 99% of men’s results, you do what
99% of men do, but guess what? 99% of men have basically zero results if
you want 1% results a 1%. Man you do exactly what nobody nowadays is
willing to do. Let me explain the first reason why every
man must stop using online apps for dating is specifically because it puts them at a
Massive disadvantage, you’re at a massive disadvantage in the sexual playing field or
want to call this a meeting and interacting with women, specifically, because it puts
the woman in a standpoint of judging you in a split second off of looks. Okay, now if there’s anything we know about
male traits, masculine drive, masculinity, ambition, okay? These are traits that women love. These are traits that women fall in love with. These are traits and your confidence, your
self esteem, your demeanor, the way you act, the way you talk the way you make her feel. You can’t display that in a photo. I don’t give a shit where you travel to. I don’t care how much social proof you look
like you have with three buddies all holding a Miller Lite in the middle of the Bellagio. Dude, it does not matter. You’re at a disadvantage. She takes two seconds. She goes How tall is this man? how attractive is his face? swipe Yes or no? That quick Now if you would have met that
woman in real life, there’s a very, very high chance if you displayed the right sort of
traits that she would have loved you to where she would have replied to or report a know,
to you on the app or swipe, I think it’s the left is the x, right? If she would have said no, to you on an app,
there’s a very high chance she would say yes to you in real life. Why is this? Because when you decide that you’re going
to be the chooser, right? And not just one waiting to be chosen. It shows confidence. It’s some, it shows some sort of arrogance,
some sort of entitlement, some sort of self esteem that you’re going to need that she’s
going to really enjoy it. The reason for that is because what does that
show it shows that you’re a man with balls. Now, what this is doing, when you go on social
media, when you go on apps to try to get women is it basically removes all of the risk. So it’s very high reward. But it’s very, very low risk. It’s high reward if you actually get a match
and this is a potential someone. The problem is is that it’s Very low risk. Now what do we know about dangerous men? Women love dangerous men, women like men who
take risks men who are ambitious. If you go up to her and you show her that
you’re willing to speak, you’re willing to communicate, you’re willing to convey that
you’re comfortable and okay with your own masculinity to carry on our interaction with
her. Guess what’s going to happen. Not only is that going to show massive confidence
and massive balls, but she’s going to now get a taste of your charisma, how you speak,
how you act, how you make her feel. This is what women fall in love with is through
the emotion. Okay, and then in the long term, if she gets
to know you, if she sees you’re ambitious and you have drive well now guess what? Now this is a man that she’s going to want
to try to lock down now you have her in pursuit. It just it puts you at too big of a disadvantage
as a man. Okay, you cannot compete with every Tic Tac
in the inbox. You cannot compete with every stick in her
inbox. It is just not going to work. If the only The only separating line between
you and the other man is how good your photos are bio written compared to his, you got to
understand how fundamentally broken this is. They want the winner, not the one who’s using
the apps. And that’s the biggest the number one reason
why you need to get off online dating. Now You See, this is why all the boys in blueprint
have just been getting ridiculous results because it’s like they start to understand
that when you create the connection again between people when you start to actually
know how to navigate the dating game was some sort of repeatable process that gives you
the same repeatable action to have success every single time well you’re now you’re now
not forced in these non human situations you’re able to actually live like a man and how a
man should and this is why all of these guys over here I’ve just been getting ridiculous
success with this if you want to check that out. I’ll put a link to the registration somewhere
below this video at settled attraction dash class or traction dash webinar you might want
to check that out in the second is that interested treats people as disposable treats people
as disposable. Essentially what it says and this is for this
goes for both parties, what it says is that, you know, if you’re not feeling the vibe,
and through this short interaction through a few text messages back and forth, we can
just unmatch or we can get rid of it treats people as replaceable. You know what happens when you treat people
as replaceable, you oftentimes have more partners, you have more emotional baggage, you have
women that are constantly getting kind of duped by the player. And they’re constantly going down a bad road
to where they’re ending up with more and more emotional baggage. And then guys are trying to figure out how
they can, you know, potentially pair bond with a kid and I think he meant I want to
have a family one day or all of this stuff, it doesn’t work. When you treat people as disposable. You can’t actually build anything that’s meaningful
with somebody, you can’t have good interaction because you think, Oh, I can just I can replace
them. She can replace me I can replace her. It’s quick, quick thrill. We’ll just unmatch real quick. And when you don’t Look at human interaction
as something that’s beautiful. You know, you start to almost carry yourself
in this soulless demeanor. And if you’re soulless, if you’re cold what’s
going to happen is it’s going to harden your heart and hearts and this is why everybody
in culture they walk around very zombied out, eyes are glazed over literally zero self perception
or self awareness and what happens is they’re depressed and they’re in this bog down, suffocated
state. Why is that? It’s because when you remove the human interaction
from people, and now you’re reliant on some sort of device, what do you think that that’s
doing to people’s brain? You know, it just it just amazes me how people
think, you know, you can have all these dirty websites. You can have alcohol induced club, induce
party hookup culture, you can have all of these apps and all these gateways to talk
to multiple people. You know, we live in a culture in a land now
everything’s okay. It’s okay to cheat on whoever it’s okay to
sleep with. Whoever it’s okay to do any recreational drugs
well guess what happens when everything’s just okay? You serve to destroy yourself you start to
destroy any form of interaction and people wonder why they why marriages don’t last people
wonder why relationships don’t last people wonder why everybody so apt up in the head. It’s strictly for the fact that everything
is okay. Okay, you can’t treat people as disposable. That’s number two. The third reason why you need to remove yourself
from online dating is because it implies sexual attraction without any sort of chemistry being
built. What it is, is it’s a gateway to hookup culture. If both parties swipe right. What they both mutually agreed on without
taking any sort of risk is that hey, we both find each other attractive. But notice in real life, no party had to actually
say anything to the other person. Nobody had to initiate anything. So now you have two people. Essentially, what they oftentimes feel is
that there’s sexual chemistry here without actually meeting the person to know if there’s
any sort of real life chemistry. Once again, you remove the human out of it,
you put it in place of the sexual experience. Now you have people chasing pleasure again,
what do we know about people who chase pleasure? What is good for you is very, very different
than from what feels good. what feels good is not necessarily good for
you. I think we know this in every way, shape and
form by now. So if you keep choosing to live this life,
the exact same as everybody else does, you’re going to keep getting the exact same results
as everybody else gets. The types of women you’re going to meet are
going to be different. The vibe is going to be different. How you carry yourself as a man is going to
be different when you choose to be different when you choose to be what feels correct,
what sounds correct, what feels correct in your heart and what sounds correct in your
head, when you can make that come Buying adjustment to where you now feel like you have purpose. You have some diligence to you, you’re going
to be better you make the decision, you commit, that you’re going to get your shit together,
you’re going to build this confidence. You’re going to build this charisma because
you understand nobody’s born with anything. It’s fortified, it’s built day by day. That’s when you’re going to have massive success. Fellas, if you liked this video, what I want
you to do is I want you to go down below hit the subscribe button, be sure to like it and
share the URL with a family, a friend, a loved one, somebody that needs to see this and we
will see you in the next one.

Danny Hutson

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  2. Bro keep doing what you doing
    I did semen retention for 2 weeks and manifested 6k outside of my business shit is crazy

    What this dude is saying people is the TRUTH

  3. We spent few weeks in the same work, first she showed up a strong frame but later she was totally opened to me. Then she went back home (too far for anything). Why does she keeps texting me? Doesn't she have options over there? I don't think i'm special, I just acted cool and cocky

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