Online Dating Do’s and Don’ts

Online Dating Do’s and Don’ts

– Do you social media
stalk before the date? – Absolutely! (upbeat music) – I brought my illustrious panel here of dating experts to hear about all the do’s and don’ts when
it comes to online dating. So if we’re gonna use this
as a tool to find love, or other things, how do we do it. – My thoughts are is that you make it what you want it to be. – Do you swipe for love
or do you swipe for lust? What do you do? – That’s a good question. Mostly lust. (laughs) – [Eli] So what are the like
the do’s of online dating? – I feel like for us guys we
have to hit them up first. You got to say at least a hi, hello, you know what I mean? – I feel that. I mean the digital space could be like a forward space as well. I mean I think women prefer that, they’ll let it like just breathe until they make a move.
– It doesn’t matter. She could be progressive a (bleep), she still wants you to hit her up first. – She still wants you to hit her up first. Okay, okay, I feel that.
– Yes, yes. – I generally message first
if I’m interested but I don’t like, jump on it. Before, when I was younger, my line was like, top three worst movies, go! – Aw, that’s cute.
– And it worked. – That’s fun.
– That’s a good line, right? – That’s a good one, I’m
definitely gonna use that one. That’s a good conversation starter. – We can talk about all the
rest of the things we hate. – I just be like, hi nice to meet you. – [Eli] Wait, that’s your move? Nice to meet you.
– That’s all I do. Hi, nice to meet you. And they be like, Oh my God, aren’t you Gadiel? And I’m like, yeah. (Eli and Lauren laugh) – I would say for me personally, I think it’s different
because of those minds of who should reach of first
in a lesbian/gay whatever non-hetero normative
relationship is different. It’s much more fluid, I think. If I’m really into you,
I’ll reach out first. I’ma shot my shoot. If I’m like whatever or just
in a bad mood then I’ll let it like flow a little bit and be like, well I don’t really care,
they can reach out to me. – My big thing is to
do’s is to be different but be yourself, in a way. – Yeah. – Like, I get so many heys. Like “Hey!” – But then it’s, like… – What am I gonna do with that, like I would never say hey. I would be like, oh give
you a line or I don’t know. – You would never say hey? – I don’t ever say hey. I can’t. – I be like, hey and then
you gotta do the emoji. (all laugh) – You just do the hand. – [Joyce] I’m like. – Like, if there’s
something in their profile or something that you can,
like, lead off of, do that. If they have nothing, like,
it’s so hard to just, like, come up with a cool line
to say every single time. Sometimes, I’m just like,
“Hi, how are you doing?” Like, “How’s your week going?” – So, I have to really like
someone for me to think of my art, my magic. – [Eli] I’m more on the content end. I’m more in, like, give good content. Like, but it’s all about
what you’re looking for. If you’re looking to bump
bellies or if you’re looking to, you know, like for something more. – I’m gonna be honest, I just like the whole swiping thing. I’m really bad at messaging, I’m too busy. I just like that swipe left or right. Oh we match, boop, boop, boop, we match. Boop, boop, boop – So you just like the game of matching. – I like the game of knowing
that somebody likes me, and that’s it. – Same, same. – It looks like a little ego, like “Oh”. – I got a question. How long, like, do you
chat with someone before you get to the meet-up eye or out? – Two or four days. – I mean if the kind of
conversations go to point A to point B pretty quickly, and they look good. – I would do it the same day. – I would send my number
out the same day or day two. – Yeah. – You know I like masculine. – Oh right, well. I think we know… – [Eli] What are you doing tomorrow? – I don’t get the attention
span to talk a couple of days. (upbeat music) – [Eli] What are some don’ts? Like what you don’t do? – I think it might be
different for woman vs man in term of meeting up, you know? I always love like public spaces. A lot of people are gonna see us, when we first meet up. Also, I can have an escape
route if you like catfish me or I don’t know, if you are like a weirdo. – Well, here it’s the do’s or don’ts. Do you social media stalk before the date? – Absolutely. – Yeah. – You do. That’s a do. – Yeah. – And if we ain’t got one mutual, baby, we’re not gonna go on a date. – No mutuals? You don’t date people that you
have no mutual friends with? – Nope. And I have a lot of friends. – Okay, wow. – And it’s also good to get intel on them, if it is a mutual friend. – I like the idea of not
knowing anyone in the circle, just so like– – So I can get out of that. – If it goes awful– – I feel like holding hand nowadays, it’s all dating app. – [Lauren] It’s all dating app. – I go to New York, ’cause
they are different vibes, like the one that I want. They are not on dating
apps in New York city. You know what I’m saying? – Where do you find them? What do you do ? You go to the bar? – You go to the club, you be like yo mama, wanna dance bachata, she’s gonna be like yeah
I wanna dance bachata. (all laugh) Does bachata me close to you? Then y’all fall in love. You know what I mean? Then we go to my place and we
dance bachata in my bedroom. – The next one you like
I’ll see you later. – But in LA, everyone just like so scared, there’s so much anxiety, like everyone is trapped in. – Everybody has anxiety. Everyone got anxiety in LA. Goddamn, everyone stays home, the traffic is bad, nobody go nowhere, everybody’s late, and they have anxieties. – Usually, people I dated because I met through other friends. You know? – I love old school matchmaking. – Old school matchmaking. – But what if it doesn’t work out and again the whole inner circle thing – Then you go on to the next one. How do you think all the
kids are born in New York? My mom and dad met outside the schoolyard. – There you go. – ‘Cause my auntie was like
” Oh they might be cute”. So, if it wasn’t for my auntie, I would not exist. – [Gadiel] Exactly. – On online dating, what would be like your final golden do’s and golden don’ts? – Golden do, love yourself first. Okay? Golden don’t, don’t put
yourself in situations that you don’t feel comfortable in. – [ Gadiel] Yeah, don’t
give the right address, give them like a couple fake one. – Yeah, find the nearest like, a local business that used that address. – Public spaces. If you get rejected whatever. Live your best life, ’cause
you’ll live another day. – Wherever. (all laugh) (upbeat music)

Danny Hutson

43 thoughts on “Online Dating Do’s and Don’ts

  1. If I go to the local club with latinas and say "yo mami, do you want to dance bachata?", it would be hilarious but also awkward as hell because I am really white and really English (only been in the US a year). It could be funny though! haha!

  2. Well, based on what I viewed here, it seems it's best to meet folks offline. Lol! He's right though. Most of the men I want to meet aren't the ones I see online. So, it's time for me to go out and be social IRL.

  3. In the middle of watching this video, I texted my crush and I've never thought of doing that before, so thank you PeroLike

  4. Eli gets the four most single people in the office together: "I've brought my illustrious panel of dating experts"
    Me : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. I will say that I’m from LA and I can’t fathom the thought of dating anyone I’d have to take the 405 for πŸ™ˆ

  6. Online dating works. You just need to know what you want, expect the unexpected & WTF's while trying to weed out the 'not worth your time', in finding exactly what you want and need. 16 years ago I met this guy online. He was living on the east coast, I the west. 6 months later, he's moving out here with his family. We meet face to face for the first time, break up a week later, then get back together months later. September will make 9 years we have been married.

  7. i misheard what Eli introduced
    "i brought my illustrious panel here, of dating experts to hear all the dudes and does when it came to online dating" does as plural of deer doe? 🀣 was confused at what he was saying until i read the title

    edit: man, almost 2 minutes into the video and i am still having issue hearing what Eli is saying…i thought he said "like i get so many haze ??" when he meant hey(s)….hahaha gadiel and bachata. he is always ready with his dancing moves πŸ˜‚

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