Online abuse is not okay! | The Mash Report – BBC

Online abuse is not okay! | The Mash Report – BBC

Harassment and abuse are becoming normal everyday experience for people on social media and all the evidence suggests women are receiving the worst of it Taking a look at this and the social media wall is Rachel Paris! It’s an interesting fact of human nature that it’s much easier to write incredibly rude things anonymously on a screen than it is to say it directly to people’s faces For instance, I would happily write this in an email Listen I don’t even care as long as I get on the property ladder, I don’t care where it is It’s much harder to say it to his face. Watch this Nish The only home you’ll ever own is the one inside your own ass. I’m sorry bad example. That was easy This week Christine Blasi Ford who spoke out about alleged sexual assault by the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has talked about how she’s had to move home four times and hire a private security firm to protect her family Due to threats and harassment online earlier this month Labour MP Diane Abbott spoke about the continuing barrage of sexist and racist abuse as well as death threats that she sent every single week just for being a black woman with views that not every single person agrees with all the time and It’s not just Twitter that’s sharing the love. I sometimes receive Facebook messages like this genuine one from earlier this year Lady you are a nasty disgusting despicable Pig and chances are that karma makes you suffer dearly for your unfairness better to get that mammogram? early Better get that mammogram early a stranger wishing me breast cancer or an overanxious fan offering sound medical advice I will get that mammogram early John. Thank you and a smear test while I’m at it. Thank you for the reminder But Nish This craziness start was it with Facebook was it with Twitter? Like I don’t remember signing up for Friends Reunited and calling the house captain of my school a daft bint That would be crazy because I was house captain at my school Of course I was So with people confused as to what they can and can’t say on social media A lot of Internet users are tweeting me to ask Rachel is the way that we interact with one another online Not acceptable in the real world you stupid cow Well, the thing is some boffins are now saying that the Internet is part of reality and contains many real people I know what will they discover next? So perhaps it’d be helpful for us to take a look at some examples of online behavior and then imagine doing them in normal life This is my guide to the outside world for Internet reliant humans So first of all, if someone has a slightly different opinion to you try to avoid threatening them with death For example If you’re in a bakery and you ask for a jam donut and the nice old lady behind the counter says she prefers glazed Don’t call her a skank and threatened to burn down her shop Just say glazed doughnuts are nice too- and give her an ideally non creepy smile Can you see how that leaves you and everyone in just a much happier easier place nish. Yeah, of course I can Yeah, great. Good you’re learning women often complain that they get sent dick pics remember that they’ve met on tinder even before they’ve shown any serious interest Online dating real-world dating. It can be confusing. I understand I used to go speed dating and just swipe left and right in the faces of bewildered man So if you were sat in a restaurant with a lady and she says something vaguely flirty for instance sir, I like your jumper This is not the moment to pull down your trousers and whip out your member At best that’s going to be a bit of a faux pas isn’t it? And that behavior is actually banned in many high-end restaurants Although Nando’s are absolutely fine with it Nish have you ever sent a dick pic? No, I’ve genuinely never sent a picture of my dick Hah, neither have I If you’re thinking of writing an abusive message under a story or video of a lady on social media Maybe first stop and think would this be appropriate on a greetings card? For example, would you send this one to a female friend? Who’s just got a new job Get back in the kitchen you slag, that one plays a song a lot of fun. Oh Or this one for a lady who’s just turned 40. You’re still worth a squirt innit vintage bintage lol Oh Romeo there thou aren’t So in summary the same rules apply online as in the real world your words and actions have an impact ie you can’t just go around threatening to kill people with your knob out It’s a shame because it is exhilarating Speaking of exhilarating this week Christine Blasi Ford said she was able to afford private security and give leftover cash to charity thanks to the huge donations on her GoFundMe page all from the kindness of tens of thousands of Anonymous Internet users. So you see the Internet is just like the real world. There are wonderful people amongst all the dicks. it took me 30 minutes to do this HunnnH

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “Online abuse is not okay! | The Mash Report – BBC

  1. Lol I think it’s the opposite. Women and all liberal sjws of all genders attack straight men the most 💯

  2. My problem is that nobody knows how to do online abuse properly.

    I used to have great fun playing with idiots trying to troll me but now they just use ancient meme insults.

    Be creative so it's worth responding!

  3. Can we stop calling them unwanted dick pics and start calling them cyber flashing? Or perhaps electronic indecent exposure?

    Ages and ages of evolution have led to the following instinctive interpretations:
    A woman showing her bits means "I will let you have sex with me."
    A man showing his bits means "I will make you have sex with me."
    One is flattering, one is threatening. Showing your penis electronically takes away the immediate threat, but instinct generates a negative impression of the man regardless of the desirability of his penis.

  4. This is a false narrative. Pew data shows that men are victimized more often than women in nearly all forms of online abuse.

  5. Nobody cares about online abuse, lets talk about the abuse poor Nish is getting. Of course it's just joking but there's a bit too much of it and it's getting old

  6. The internet is just like the real world, there are wonderful people amongst all the dicks.

    Except all the dicks are more timid in the real world.

  7. The Muslim world had a death threat out against author Salman Russkie for over seven years and the world did nothing Now all of a sudden every one is concerned about threats on the internet. Why not bring to light the manical behaviour of radical Muslims who take offence at everything Western and yet they continue to invade Western countries

  8. no one should ever be subject to abuse online in any form, it's despicable. just like Dr. Ford accusing someone of rape and then it later being proved as false and Brett Kavanaugh's family is subject to abuse online with threats too, with zero proof against him, kind of sad looking back at the whole situation given the people that even gave her money now have to accept the result of the case. As for the government in America trying to give terrorists and violent crime convicts a vote in an election and trying to release convicted rapists early based on rehabilitation is insane. The world is a topsy-turvy place, full of liars, people online hurting others and crazy people in criminal justice systems.

  9. What really matters is staying true to yourself. Just because someone in some part of the world doesn't like you how does that affect your personal life? there's a block and report button and a delete button. use them.. and grow up big kids

  10. The greatest irony is that most online abuse women face is by women. Which is doubly ironic since women are the most likely to view it as a problem. Talk about being the architect of your own problems.

  11. I think you are misjudging the situation. If they deserve this so-called "bullying" it won't be because they're white black or women or men. It will be because they're idiots.

  12. "If someone has a slightly different opinion than you, try to avoid threatening them with *death*"

    So . . . Threaten them with rape?


    1) Ford was lying about Kavanaugh and along many others who rescinded their claims after he was appointed as part of a politically motivated attack on his career

    2) Women receive lots of abuse online though the majority comes from other women

  14. Funny, good, but personaly, I say what I think, and expect others to do the same, if I upset some woman because I go against her morals, tough

  15. It's not just a tinder thing, I'm a minor and have been sent several unsolicited photos just this week! It's absolutely horrific the way some people behave online.

  16. In summary the same rules do not apply online, and I refuse to call out any rules for it. You jokes are funny but if you cant handle hate speech than leave it and go back to your old habbits and comfort zone where everbody is superficial and telling you just what you want to hear.

  17. Let's just remember that this happens both ways, not just to women. Oh dear, I may have just called in an SJW airstrike on myself.

  18. BBC is bought and paid for…totally controlled by the Left. They can't believe they are on the right side???????????????????

  19. Dianne Abbot gets abuse because she holds disgraceful views, nothing more. Look at Michele Obama, sure she probably has haters (because American politics is divided) but I would bet strongly that she has far far wider support than that of Hillary Clinton. Dianne Abbot gets abuse because of her values as does Clinton. Of course the BBC never complains when Trump gets abuse because it does not fit their narrative that everyone is a victim of older white males.

  20. The great thing about this show is it divides people into high and mighty prudes, and slags. Guess which group has way more fun!

  21. "if you're thinking of writing an abusive message under a story or a video of a lady on social media, maybe first stop and think, would this be appropriate on a greetings card?"
    remember men this is not acceptable behaviour. however if you're a chat show host on the BBC attacking men, then that's fine. they're all about equality on that channel.

  22. Do women really receive the worst of it, or do they just moan about it more? You be the judge.

  23. The research I've seen is pretty clear on who receives more harassment online – and, perhaps surprisingly, it's men. However, it may be that, because men tend to be more habituated to abusive language, there is less reporting of it by them. Whatever the case, while some minor friction and frustration is to be expected in any social forum where serious issues are frequently discussed, no one should be abusing anyone. Not only is it poor manners, it's counterproductive to any sort of dialogue.

    "Overall, men are somewhat more likely to experience any form of harassing behavior online: 44% of men and 37% of women have experienced at least one of the six behaviors this study uses to define online harassment."

    The study does go on to describe types of abuse and specific age groups of women that are targeted significantly more than men (of the same age group) but these are subsets of the much larger demographics being studied. This sort of "specialized" abuse is likely the source of the (mis)perception that women, overall, are more likely to be abused online.

  24. I love how elegant she is and oh that smile on her face… how does she manage to keep it all the time?
    Have I had that power I would be getting 10/10 in my vivas…

  25. Don’t send death threats to people who you disagree with? Well tell half the the country to shut up about Tommy Robinson and Katy Hopkins

  26. Most things are censored by Farcebook these days anyway, comes from employing people and letting them decide what they think is correct or not

  27. Can we stop acting like online abuse doesn't happen to men too because it does. All these women say that they want equality this isn't equality they're trying to be better than men. We need to address the fact that this sort of online abuse and any other form of online abuse still happens to men. It happens to both genders, it doesn't matter what gender you are it's going to happen. Stop acting like all men are perverts because they aren't. Some men are perverts and some aren't and SURPRISINGLY same goes for women for example all over my social media 99% of the time I see half naked women rahher than men so who are the real perverts here, these women are asking for men's attention yet when they get it they act like men have done wrong, if they want to stop being treated like a 'sex object' they need to stop treating themselves like a sex object. Who are the real perverts here men liking those kinds of pictures or the WOMEN who are actually posting them? Maybe they are both to blame? It proves though that women are perverts too they just don't like to admit it. I've probably got many people disliking this comment or replying horrible things and I don't care it just proves to me you're an idiot. This woman in the video also speaks to that guy like he's an idiot and its not right, maybe it's for humour purposes I don't know but I don't find it funny imagine if it was the other way around if it was this man talking to this woman like she's an idiot, imagine how many people would be ganging up on him, that is not equality. Why is this video all about females anyway? Shouldn't the message in the video be don't send ANYONE an abusive message instead? Apologies for ranting on. I hope this message will change someone's views, online abuse happens to everyone not just women and the message in this video should be telling everyone, not just men, that online bullying is wrong and this woman should stop acting like every man is a pervert because that's just simply not true. Wanna point out too.. I'm a woman writing this. I don't believe in feminism, I believe in equality for all.

  28. well sure she's rite about all this boys sending dick pics but all these boys have been raised and educated by mums which happen to be women.problem is some women want babys then they do half a job on raising them because they miss their career or simply dont want to accept the evolution of humans over millions of years.i would like her to come out with a segment' babys are not just for christmas'.sorry but she is only criticising men and her voice is annoying too.just my opinion,and a few other billion

  29. Woman invents outrageous lies about an innocent man, without a shred of evidence or coherency, all in the name of pushing her personal political agenda of retaining the right to kill unwanted pregnancies … that's okay? But, anyone who gets angry at her appalling attempt to wreck that man's career is condemned for "online abuse".

    And I guess we're all just supposed to ignore the fact that men are the recipients of the overwhelming majority of abuse on the internet, because, male victims don't count?!?!?!

  30. Most studies shows MEN receive the most harassment. Why is there such a drive to paint women as the prime victim of everything? That is the mentality that caused women to be kept out of any space that could harm their delicate sensibilities.

  31. My parents would say that it you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. People have forgotten their manners and should be ashamed of their behaviour. I still don't understand the phenomenon of whipping out ones penis, taking a photo of it and then sending it to a total stranger so that it can be reposted causing people to comment not only of said penis but to the mental stability of the person who sent it. It really does my head in.

  32. OK I'm not saying this in a mean way but her voice is actually giving me a brain tumour. People are so weak now a days just grow up not everyone is gonna be nice to you, and if your gonna cry and crib ever time someone says something bad your not gonna survive very long in the outside world. Sticks and stones may break my bones , but words will never hurt me!!

  33. Its not going to end well is it? Reduced our Royal Family to a Soap Opera. Lost the enigma and fascination that made them ' well 'Royal' by bringing in an American Actress. The comment in her 'speech' at the engagement " I didn't know who Prince Harry is or was or anything about him" didn't fool me or anyone else, and my disinterest and mistrust of her started then. Truth is she must surely have known about him, however, we, despite claims she is Hollywood Royalty, had never heard of her..I don't know her, she may be genuine she may not, I just feel this was a bad move for the 'Royals'.

  34. I’d be proud to tell Epstein’s prostitutes exactly what they are to their faces.
    Ole Jeff won and it’s hilarious.

  35. What evidence do we have of the gendered nature she alleges? How do we know that gender is the defining motivation? They aren't being threatened online for being women. They are being threatened for being on TV and/or jerks.

  36. I would be upset about politicians receiving death threats, if not for the fact that they are actively ruining people's lives to further their careers and absolutely deserve the abuse…

  37. She needs to do a vid with Jonathan pie, they often are saying the same kinda thing but the tone is completely different.

  38. The Mash Report has the best writers of any show of this kind, of any time! I watched all of the American ones, being from the states. The Mash Report IS the caliber we the viewers should demand. Because most this shows have become shit.

    They know they got the viewers, so quality is not a concern. I think The Mash Report is in it's own class. Kudos to the cast, impeccable timing. They deliver, bunch of juggernauts!

  39. Actually, the statistics are clear that MEN receive the most threatening and abusive messages online so I’m not sure where they got their information from…

    But, Rachel is very funny and entertaining.

  40. "the evidence shows women are getting the worst of it" No it doesn't women are just more vocal about it. Hell, they havent even mentioned the women that take part in it, especailly to OTHER women. example: be a woman. go to feminist twitter and suggest that maybe the idea that men are all secret rapists ISNT accurate. you will literally be treated to more rape threats than you can count.

    Hell, im a victim of sexual assault and i have literally been told that maybe i should "try it again" because my views don't completely align with modern feminism. ( and before you ask, of course i believe in equality between men and women. to suggest i dont because of what i said before the bracket is a weak strawman.)

  41. I have heard the theory that a lot of men don't see women as people. This theory was proposed by a man btw who admitted to catching himself thinking the same way and saw his mates behaving in that way and hated it.

  42. Online abuse are just trolls and should not be taken seriously. Just use block button. problem solved
    There is more serious things that this online thing

  43. The internet is a forum for free speech. Dick pics are unwarranted porn. Honestly, the platforms should warn women (and men) that human mating rituals include a display of genitalia from time to time. Sorted.

  44. Who else likes when Nish is shocked or gets embarassed and pulls a face like : I dont belive what I hear. Rachel and him are great. I love them both!

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