ON RE-FAIT UNE MUSIQUE EN 1H ! (ft Bigflo & Oli)

ON RE-FAIT UNE MUSIQUE EN 1H ! (ft Bigflo & Oli)

Squeezie – Well hello friends I hope you are well, today we find ourselves in a video with both Weirdoes. Bigflo – Surprise friends! Squeezie – We do not know who you are. Have actually masks. Warning ! Oli – Hey!
Squeezie – Ah but Bigflo and Oli! * Aplaudissements * Squeezie – Wait, wait, wait! Squeezie – I would have to thank the master, the master Alain Rey Squeezie – Who in the previous video we really paid happiness, brought us a lot. Squeezie – He gave us the strength to lead the words Bigflo – Alain, guides us toward the light.
Alain, thanks to the strength … Oli – Ohlolo! * Laughs * Squeezie – He cracked, it was sick. Squeezie – Good guys, you know how it goes? Step one, it is well known now! Squeezie – So guys, I had an idea of ​​a beat. So it does: Squeezie – * Melody * Squeezie – Finally almost … * Laughs * Squeezie – Waits last time you got quite got the message! Bigflo – Go, go right. I’ll manage with that! *Melody* Bigflo – Bah voila!
Squeezie – So when? Squeezie – When it is not what I did when I hummed. Bigflo – It’s thanks to that that in your opinion? It is because of that we have this power? Squeezie – Step two, I remember? * Beat Kick / Snare * Bigflo – Accelerates not! Squeezie – Ah bah you’re a musician or not? Bigflo – Go ahead it is recorded.
Squeezie – You do conservatory or not? Bigflo – It is recorded and it is you who does. Bigflo – One, two, three Oli – Stop guys
Squeezie – He cut us … Oli – You may have noticed that I always do anything in this video. * Laughs * * Beat Snare / Kick * Bigflo – Ohhhhhhhhh! Squeezie – Do I officially musician? Bigflo – Very hot! Bigflo – We listen to both, on each other? Squeezie – Go! *Melody* Oli – although it already works like that eh! Squeezie – It’s not bad already. Bigflo – Thank you it’s over for me! A more guys, good video!
Squeezie – soon Squeezie – Well then, I’ll get, Ah! Bigflo – and Three! * * Beat Low Oli – You do not have to sing along but … * * Beat Low Bigflo – Ohhhh!
*Applause* Bigflo – Well frankly it will end up making an album it!
Oli – Step four fio Squeezie – ri Bigflo – ture! Squeezie – And not con fi Oli – ture! * Laughs * Squeezie – Okay guys, you know that I recently went to Japan. Bigflo – To fetch a dog. Squeezie – Oh, you know my life! Squeezie – short guys all that to say that I wish there were small instruments that remind us Squeezie – finally the Asian ambience, the Japanese atmosphere! *Melody* Oli – Kon hi ui shu it is neither tshu inh chu * Laughs * Squeezie – It’s really racist! Oli – It’s not racist guys … * Laughs * Squeezie – It’s arch racist! Oli – Oh nan nan but damn Oli – Big big up to all Asian! Squeezie – OK! * Japanese * Melody Atmosphere Bigflo – Oh, and frankly it’s heavy!
Squeezie – It’s heavy PUTAIINNN! Squeezie – Friends it is now time to move to the preferred step of the planet to learn to listen the instrument Squeezie – with all the sounds *Music*
Oli / Bigflo / Squeezie – Yo, yo is the two part Oli / Bigflo / Squeezie – Yo, yo is the two part Oli / Bigflo / Squeezie – Yo, yo is the two part Squeezie – If love you Alain Rey you can let go of a big blue thumb! Oli / Bigflo / – Ohh !!!! Squeezie – * laughs * Oli – I want to say that you can vote for us, for the NRJ MUSIC AWARDS Squeezie – Wait you’re doing anything here? Bigflo – We made the pub yeah. Squeezie – Why is there the NRJ MUSIC AWARDS arriving there? Oli – Yeahh! Squeezie – Good guys I arrive. Bigflo – Just while Squeezie it is not there, we must admit that the chain is not phew! Bigflo – In true but we made videos like this with him, but in truth it is not egg at all. Oli – No phew! Bigflo – In true we we wanted to do is make videos with Cyprien Cyprien good but it … Oli – After it’s cool you know Squeezie can not, you know what I mean? Bigflo – It’s cool fast do, for the videos is cool but in truth he speaks even between takes what Bigflo – In true …
Oli – This is long against one! He went to get his or dictionary?
Bigflo – It’s slow mega! Squeezie – Ok friends I’m trying to pick Alain Rey, to surprise Bigflo and Oli. Squeezie – He waited for a while the poor down, I’ll go get him and he will give us the words! Squeezie – Ok that was longer than expected sorry. It’s good! Squeezie – Ok, I expect by then. Oli – You know what I was thinking there? Squeezie – What? Oli – I told myself he was preparing a surprise. Squeezie – Nan but guys! Oli – There Alain Rey arrives or what … Bigflo – Why he left? The guy gives us the dictionary it is again! This video is going to do it alone actually. * Laughs *
Bigflo – But nan but it’s true! * Laughs * Oli – But it’s huge! Squeezie – Friends I present Mr. Rey! Oli – Mr Enchanted, enchanted you? Bigflo – Damn it’s a crazy thing! * Laughs * Oli – Mr it’s an honor to meet you, it was informed about it you spoke just now with Lucas. Bigflo – It is hyper moved to see you.
Oli – It’s a crazy thing! Bigflo – And he just said more is said “And suppose there Alain Rey happens.” Squeezie – And guys it’s done I wanted to put you well today. Alain – Thank you for saying “As Alain Rey, as Alain Rey!” * Laughs * Squeezie – Alain you can maybe say a little more about yourself, about what you do. Oli – Yes that’s it!
Bigflo – What does that mean “direct words”? Alain – If you want y’en millions we do not know them all because Squeezie – Moi I confess I know them all. But after frankly if you not know all there is no problem. Alain – It’s not all know! * Laughs * Alain – me my job is to try to reflect a little what happens inside a company Alain – who uses a language like French. It’s really complicated because it moves constantly. Alain – At least two, three thousand words, expressions and feel new every year. Alain – So, this is not to choose anything but chooses what is the most common Oli – Frankly, I find it super cool Alain from you, to come and play the game. Squeezie – I asked Alain before coming I gave him a small mission. Oli – Oh, it was Alain who will choose the words. Squeezie – It was Alain who has already selectednext words, for us guys. Alain – I took simple and complicated words at a time. Simple as they are easy to pronounce. Alain – Complicated because nobody knows their meaning except him because he knows everything. * Laughs * Squeezie – 5 words each, one starts by Oli. Squeezie – First word. Alain – Cupola Squeezie – Cupola Alain – cupola Squeezie – So what’s cupola, what can it be? Bigflo – Cupola I see it as a species of shellfish. * Laughs * Squeezie – Ok said Alain. Alain – Cupola is a stove in scidérurgie. It is there that melts the iron. Squeezie – OK. Squeezie – Note well eh! This is not a shell … * Laughs * Alain – Second word, fid. Squeezie – Wait I have a theory I can share? Squeezie – The pissoir that’s where we piss. The grocery store is there or spices you buy. The splicing is the grocery store in which piss (bobble) * * Applaudisements Squeezie – Thank you! Oli – This is where we put the spices just? Alain – No no, it’s … You can not predict (rekt ‘) * Laughs * Squeezie – He calmed us Alain.
Bigflo – It’s the boss who’s here! Alain – Just a splice verb with two “s”. Splice is when assembling marine marine Alain – know is two large cables it is mandatory to open it, take out the small strands, and Alain – combine the strands to each other. Alain – fid And this is the punch that is used to separate elements within the cable to be able to … Oli – Okay.
Squeezie – Whoaaaouh !!!! Squeezie – but Hey guys, this is the second video there’s more of a challenge. Bigflo – Here the challenge is High Squeezie – Alain us it will not choose words like “philosophy”. Alain – I try to make you shit … Squeezie – Pshaw here * laughs * Alain – The third word “chibouk”. * Laughs * Bigflo – Chibouk it is a pokemon with horns a goat species that evolves “Chichibouk” and third evolution is “Chichibouki”. Squeezie – Damn dude, I think.
And then the real definition? Alain – This is an oriental pipe with a large pipe. Oli – This is the ancestor of the Chicha what? Alain – Flober talk a lot when … Bigflo – Oh yes I had read that! I had read “So I smoke my chibouk, laid on Mount Ouk” … * Laughs * Squeezie – What are you saying? Alain – Fourth word, that’s hard. epectase … Squeezie – Uh! I would say it is a physical illness you know, “the epectase”. Squeezie – I think that’s when you plug a thing and you take a shot of juice. Alain – It’s worse than a disease. Squeezie – It’s worse than a disease? Oh shit! Alain – This is the act of placing the armed left to die, kissing. . .. … * LAUGHS * Squeezie – Okay, this video is great. Squeezie – Wow! Alain – It means that when you’re old you should be wary. * Laughs * Squeezie – Cinquème word, Alain. Alain – The “merzlota”. Squeezie – merzlota Alain – It took the Russian to steer. Oli – in fact merzlota is in the Russian tradition. As the mother hen you see is a mother who cares for her children. Oli – They say “Oh did you see it is really a merzlota”. * Laughs * Alain – So this is the ground when it remains frozen all year long. Bigflo – As against this the place for it is hard. Squeezie – Okay.
First word for Bigflo Alain – An easy word in life you can be the know it is “fungus.” Bigflo – This is the full range of existing crypto. * Laughs * Alain – A fungus, it’s just a fungus. Squeezie – Of course! Alain – This is the motanique family in which there are particular fungi. Squeezie – So second word for Bigflo. Alain – Second word, which is obviously misleading is “conoid”. Bigflo – It’s everything, you know there’s sinusoid machinïde. So it is that has a conical shape Alain – So that’s it found. Squeezie – That’s it! * Laughs * Squeezie – So there! Here I’ll tell you, There are 1000 people who just bought the album. Alain – So there really a word at the con. “Petechiae” Squeezie – Petechiae ?? * Laughs * Alain – female name. Bigflo – A petechiae.
Squeezie – A petechiae. Alain – This is a stain on the skin that does not correspond to a scar or injury. Like all old Alain – guys like me it’s flowers cemetery. Squeezie – But Alain respects you! Squeezie – While fourth word for Bigflo then. Alain – nictation. It is blinking when it is not controlled. Squeezie – It’ll Bigflo? You feel well this verse? Bigflo – I no sense! Squeezie – The instrument only waiting for you! Alain – Has it one that must be very beautiful in a rap is “omentum”. Squeezie – omentum? Ok I get up. Bigflo – Wait I even know what it is omentum. Squeezie – Well you tappe on Google. Bigflo – Nan but I would have disgusting images! Alain – Yes it’s pretty disgusting. * Laughs * Alain – This is a folds of the peritoneum between the stomach and the transverse colon Squeezie – AHHHHH !!! Squeezie – Ok To me Alain.. Alain – Well I’ll put a feminine word for starters, it’s very nice is the “cucule”. Squeezie – Oh, I like, I like, that is my verse is ridiculous on. Alain – While the cucule is the cap of the monks. Squeezie – Okay, okay. Alain – So as I know you love dogs, “chihuahua” Bigflo – It’s nice, There are favoritism there! Alain – Third word “trombidion”. Squeezie – The trombidion! Alain – It is a small insect, actually it’s a mite, is a drill. A stinging insect of shit. Squeezie – From shit? * Laughs * Alain – Fourth word the “speech therapy”. Squeezie – So what is it already? Alain – This is actually a bit the same as speech therapy. Alain – speech but everyone knows so. Squeezie – Okay, okay. Squeezie – Last word to me. Alain – “catachresis”. Squeezie – Catac … wow! Alain – It’s a figure of rhetoric that is, it looks like a comparison or a metaphor. Bigflo – A catachresis? Squeezie – Yeah ok. Bigflo – I master metaphors and catachreses! Squeezie – So guys, I would like to offer something to Alain. Squeezie – Are we there you not give 5 words, for you to do yourself a Slam. Alain – I want to try … Bigflo – YES, IT IS HOT! Squeezie – Alain is when you want! Alain – ♪ I do not want to die of hunger, starvation ♪
♪ But I wanna chill, chill with my kheys! ♪ Alain – ♪ I do not like hipsters, I’d rather those who say to me, oh my khey, you’re blood, you’re blood! ♪ Alain – ♪ It is can not be freestyle, but I reckon it’ll do the job, it will do the job! ♪ OHHHHH !!!! Squeezie – Awesome
Oli – He placed all the words. Squeezie – It was all set, he even …
But Alain! Squeezie – Alain you’re blood! Really. Bigflo – I can not believe what just happened.
Squeezie – Thank you from all my Communautée and their community. Squeezie – People will really appreciate.
Bigflo – it was huge! Squeezie – Thank you!
Alain – Maybe we will have other opportunities to meet again. Squeezie – Already they invite you to their concert Bigflo / Oli – Well yes go! If the album Please we invite you with pleasure! Alain – We’ll make a book four! Squeezie – Oh, if you want a book to help people.
Bigflo – It would be too class.
Oli – Alain we keep the idea huh. Squeezie – Alain he went to moonwalk.
Bigflo – Without even being told goodbye. Bigflo – He drop the mic. Squeezie – Good friends this is where we announce the sad news. Is that you will not have our verses today. In all three, but it’s for your good. Because we will make a clip. Squeezie – And it will be released tomorrow at 18H. Squeezie – It will not be a clip sick because we have only 24 hours to finally do and organize but we will try to do something good. Tomorrow go to 18H for street clip freestyle Alain Rey 2 soon! Subtitling by Jules Morel
Thank you Alain Rey, Squeezie, Bigflo and Oli for this video.
Have a nice day !

Danny Hutson

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  1. Hop la belle surprise ! Alain Rey est quelqu'un aussi touchant que brillant.

    On était tous les trois vraiment heureux et émus d'avoir la chance de le recevoir dans cette seconde vidéo, qui on espère vous plaira !

    À demain pour le clip :d

  2. J'adore vos clips et à un moment j'ai entendu enola ps : mon prénom

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  3. Ce qui est bien avec ce genre de vidéo c'est qu'il y aura pas de je sais pas quoi droit d'auteur car ils ont fait même toutes les musique

  4. Il est trop chou Alain c'est le meilleur il aurait pu être un ra peur bis les gars vous êtes les meilleurs Flo et oli je vous kif elle sont trop belle vos New baskets je les achèterais sûrement

  5. Ce que Oli et Bigflo on dit sur Squeezie s’était pas gentil enfaite ils font sa juste pour les fans (pauvre Squeezie xc)

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    C'était marqué:Alain Rey fait un freestyle

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