Old People Try To Use The Internet

Old People Try To Use The Internet

when I dream of you our friendship will
never do, I still miss you. And I don’t want to miss a thing! Daz, Would you like to intro my video? Am I being paid for this? 50 euro. I thought it was 60? 50 that’s it
or you can go. Do you want to intro the video or not? How’s it going Huw Samuel’s audience? Welcome to another sensational Huw Samuel video. OK THANKS DAZ. welcome back to another video with your
host afro prince and tank daddy. Me, Huw Samuel. let’s see today I actually fucked
up a video last week so we’re gonna talk about something else
entirely. the Internet! what a wondrous glorious place for all to communicate to
learn….. to watch porn. The Internet is a place for all of those people to come
together in some sort of ball of communications and technologies but
there is one type of person on the internet who is still struggling to work
out what the fuck is going on. That’s right, old people.. Old people using the Internet to do
whatever it is they do. What do old people do on the internet? they make it hilarious is what it is. I found a load of really great examples of
old people not quite using the internet very well. it’s a confusing place
but my god it’s a it’s a it’s not their fault is a new technology that they
didn’t used to have and here we are we here we have a nice picture of here’s
a picture of some old people using the internet right here they’re having a
great time. they’re enjoying it. Let us see. Awoman on the subway printed out
15 pages of Facebook posts and is just reading the comments; mmm emoji, hmm okay
well you know let’s break this down logically you your phone probably
doesn’t work on the subways I don’t know what it’s like in America but phones don’t work.
There’s no signal in England. this woman’s just thinking ahead
she’s printed out the pages. No, screenshotting them? that’s
amateur hour we’re gonna we’re gonna print these
comments and we’re gonna read them they are important reading materia. This is
insightful. What could they possibly be? what are they
what are those comments? hello Benjamin John Connie sandy and the rest I have no
comment at this time well Maxine Thank You Maxine for
updating your Facebook. my grandson is supposed to be having a job interview is
he there? woman Phyllis has said this to Walmart.
Hi Phyllis we hope your grandson did well he didn’t go he was busy catching
those pokey bugs on his phone very upset with him. Fun fact:t I used to work at Walmart. We didn’t have Pokemon go back
then but I’m certain that I would have stopped sleeping on the
shelves and the warehouses and I would have actually walk around the store
catching Pokemon if that was the case. …I still wouldn’t have been working. when
your mum spectacularly misunderstands the crying laughing emoji. This is a
laughing face you have to stop using our Facebook when someone’s animal dies. Lost one of my great loves of my life today honey my precious boxer. My heartisi so sad. I will never forget you so sorry laughing face. yeah that’s that’s not…
There are tears she’s not wrong there. There are tears. But Those are tears of laughter! Oh God… oh hi Rhema I’m glad you were my friend I’m glad we are friends also this is
basically just a conversation of me and Daz have regularly. Denise said to Dollar
Tree. “Susan is having problems again”. Dollar Tree: “hello Denise how can we help you?” “too late she’s gone” I really hope she doesn’t mean dead because it was
like says yesterday and then 19 hours ago it wasn’t that much time in between. I hope she means gone home because that is Savage. Best Buy..If you delete one more of my posts you will regret it. Old people throwing some shade. probably being racist on Best Buy’s when they
delete his post and he’s like: You will regret it! I will burn your Best Buys
down. I will burn them John commented on Google search engines
Facebook page “hot singles in my area” Matt: “try a bar “. John: “directions to bar
near me”. this man this man knows. He’s willing. He’s going do anything to get
these hot singles in his area. Superb John..Superb. Joel says to Old
Country Buffet: “Order corn” “Order Corn”. “hello?” “hello”? “Can I speak to a real person?”
“excuse me” “please order corn” now Joel simply wants corn at the old country Buffett.
and if they are not listening to their Facebook post.. Oh it does actually say he posted them all in the same day. it says joel is in hanoi vietnam. Is he asking Old Country Buffet in Vietnam? Please order corn to Vietnam
immediately. I actually went to Vietnam once. Who’s your daddy?! And what does he do?! It was great. Shower chair. Shower chair.
“Hi Patricia, we found a great shower chair for you this one comes with a seat
and a backrest along with adjustable legs and non-slip feet. Will that work
for you?” SHOWER CHAIR. Please.. She didn’t even say please.. SHOWER CHAIR… I’m going to walk into as Walmart tomorrow. I’m
just gonna walk in and be like “food!” …”Chicken strips!” See what happens . here’s a great example of old people using the Internet. I don’t hear it clicking do you
do you hear it clicking? no. Then There’s something wrong. is so here it is oh we gotta wait here
16 15 14 13 and get closer. this is adorable, they’re obviously trying to get a birthday picture. did you hear it click? did you hear it click? no. he’s just
standing there with the cake huh ? What a time. I don’t think how about did you
hear it click now? No. He Frank. Gotta practice. There’s something wrong with it. I love that so much. That they accidentally recorded themselves doing that. That was the best. Old people are so cute. it’s so cute. so
funny .so funny. OK guys um I’m gonna leave it
there. I mentioned on Twitter I did film another video last week and I just
I was not happy with it um I’m still trying to figure out what I’m trying to
do on this channel guys thank you so much for supporting it
and viewing it if you did enjoy it please leave a comment it does help and
a like and subscribe and things like that. Let me know if there’s any other
videos you would like to see me do. I remember you guys made some cool
suggestions before and they were some of them are really great but for now if you
know just do all the things that other youtubers are asking you to do for them
but do that for me I’ll see you guys in the next video. I’m sorry.. I’m still
laughing at that old couple. okay Bye.

Danny Hutson

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