Oğlan Bizim Kız Bizim | Türk Filmi Tek Parça (HD)

Oğlan Bizim Kız Bizim | Türk Filmi Tek Parça (HD)

Why don’t you signal! Why are you jamming? How will I know that you’ll pass? Women shouldn’t drive. I won’t drive too, if necessary. It’s hot. Where were you? I went to buy pastries father. You went to buy pastries,
with the client’s car. That guy is mafia! But look. It’s your favourite.
It has ground meat. Ground meat huh?
His car will stink of onions. Soon he’ll come to get the car. How will we get rid
of the onion smell? How can it stink father?
It’s a roadster. Look, the windows are open too. Don’t worry. I drove around
the coast to get rid of the smell. You just used up the gas
to drive around the coast. Don’t talk too much.
Go change that car’s linings. But pastries? -I can eat it bro.
-Don’t do that. I drove a lot and fought
with my father for those pastries. You should be full then. Bon appetit, Father Sefer. Emrah, son. Come sit.
Let’s eat together. -Thank you.
-Come on eat. Hello Zeynep. Hello Berna. Yes, I’m listening. Last night I sent you the pool side
wedding proposal of Mrs. Dolunay. Could you check it out? I saw it my dear.
It’s beautiful work. But we can look together
when I arrive, okay? Okay. We’ll talk later. Bye. Friends. You put them
in wrong place. Not this side. Oh! My favourite song. Oh! My favourite song.
Oh my! Dear Kral Pop fans. You know
this song. And the singer of course. But how many of you remember
which year this song is from? -Me!
-That’s too easy. 1995. I can almost hear your answers.
If you remember, take your phone. First two listeners with the
correct answer will have a… …ten days long,
super holiday in Antalya. You need to reach me immediately,
from this number. 0 212 304 03 33. I repeat. 0 212 304 03 33.
I’m waiting. Hello. Kral Pop. 95. 1995. Can you tell us your name? I am Zeynep Kara. We got your answer. Stay on hold.
We have another audience on the line. Hello? Kral Pop? Arzum Kebap Restaurant.
We have family saloon too. I’m so sorry. Wrong number. Stop. It was a joke.
It’s not wrong number. Maybe we don’t make the best kebap.
But we play the best songs. You’re on the correct line.
Can you tell us your name? I am Barýþ. Barýþ Yaman. So Barýþ,
where are you calling us from? I’m calling you from under a car. I see you are a joker too. Okay. Let’s keep it short.
Let’s hear your correct answer too. 1995. Are you sure? I’m sure, yes. 1995 is the correct answer.
I congratulate you both. I send you to an
amazing holiday to Antalya… …with an extra person for each. Yes! Ouch! Thank you very much!
Thank you! Thank you. That’s it! I’ll call my love Tolga. Yes my dear. I have a perfect surprise for you.
We have to meet tonight. Okay. That’s fine.
I wanted to talk with you too. Oh? Why is that? There’s something I want to say
for a long time. Is 8 o’clock okay for you? It’s perfect honey! Okay honey. Kiss you. Bye. Is there an onion smell in this car? No. Why should it? Like we drove
to buy onion pastries, right Emrah? Of course. Like he wanted to
drive around the coast… …and bought the pastries while
going there, right bro? Just like that, bro. Of course. Something like that
won’t happen here, right master? No. -Good job. Thank you. See you later.
-It’s our duty sir. -Have a nice trip.
-Goodbye. You moron. -You!
-Okay father. Don’t act suspicious. He didn’t understand at all. Come on bro. Girl, are you sure?
Did he say so? Yes. He said, “There’s an important
thing I should tell you.” Thank you. Now tell me from the start. How many times will I tell you? Nevermind that.
A ring is coming to this finger! Oh my dear. Boy is ours. Girl is ours. -Boy is ours. Girl…
-Hey, is there a party? -Come, come!
-Yeah, it’s my party! Boy is ours. Girl is ours.
Hey hey hey. Let her mother in law
burst with jealousy. -Stop. Henna night rehearsal. Quick.
-Oh! Henna! Come on. Sit there. -Berna.
-Yes sweety. We will make henna too, right? Of course we will. Don’t let them build a house
on high hills. Sweety? -Am I crying good, Berna?
-Even I believed it. -It’s good.
-Is it? Oh Berna! Sweety. My dear friend. Look I got all goose bumps. Oh dear. Before I die I want to play
with my grandchildren. I can’t even go to the mosque,
because of you. My friends are making fun of me. They say, “You couldn’t
mate your son. He’s old now.” Come on! How did this holiday
conversation come to marriage… …children, mosque.
I couldn’t even enjoy it. Take it easy man. Don’t make him
angry. Get your permission. Yeah, you’re right. Whatever. I go to pack my bags. -We’ll talk later.
-Okay don’t worry. -King of all fathers!
-What again? Look. I’m going to holiday now. Okay? And I’ll come back to you
with a beautiful bride. Deal? Deal then. Now I can go to the mosque. And tell the folks that my son
finally decided to marry. Come on, mount that tire now. Okay? God bless you father. Did you like it? -What?
-Me. What do you think about
my hair and dress? Is it different? I didn’t notice honey, sorry. Come on! It’s the first time I made
the front part like this. My dress is new too. I think
you confused it with the older one. It’s the same fabric but
the neckline was different. I bought this specially for today. Enjoy it honey. Thank you. So? What did you want to say? -What did you want to say to me?
-No, you first. No, no. You first. No way! It’s not so important.
You tell first. Ladies first. Honey, why are you being
a buzzkiller? Why don’t you say it? Come on. Let’s do it like this. Let’s close our eyes, count to three
and say it at the same time. That’s a good idea. Close your eyes. One… Two… Three. -I want to make a break to this.
-Let’s go to holiday. -What?
-What? What did you say? I’m asking to you. Look Zeynep. Our relationship
isn’t working. I’ve been thinking a lot.
Trying not to care. It just doesn’t work. Look, I need some time to think
and breath. I think it’s overwhelming me. We are together since
five years… Zeynep? Zeynep? Are you alright? Zeynep wake up! I’m fine. What was the holiday
you were talking about? I say, God damn you Tolga. Just give me some time,
before I call you. I just need some time. I think you need this! Get cool. -Zeyno. Just let her look.
-Yes. One minute. No. He won’t come back. How come? He just won’t. He left you. What do you mean, he left? -Did you look at this corner?
-Yes, I did. Look. When you look straight down,
there is a heart, did you see? No. It’s not heart. Like I told you.
A long meandering thing. Berna, look it’s not heart but
the other place. It’s okay for me. God bless you girl. Not that.
The long meandering road. Like a mountain road.
You’ll have a long trip. Can you look at the saucer again?
You passed it quickly. Sweety. It doesn’t work like that.
The cup is just a tool. We speak of what comes
to our hearts. Thank you so much Sister Melahat. Your heart is so clean. Let’s go then Zeynep. -Get up.
-One minute. I’ll say something. Let me drink one more please.
Maybe I couldn’t close it correctly. Should I do it outwards or inwards? Maybe I was late for my wish.
Berna please let me drink one more. Sweety. There are other clients
waiting. Don’t waste my time. Sorry Sister Melahat. Come on, don’t be silly. Berna please, I made a mistake.
I wasn’t in the right mood. -We pay money for this!
-We disgrace ourselves. Sorry. -Get up. Hurry. Get up.
-Please. I won’t take you to
the fortune teller anymore. How can this be Berna? After all these years,
what doesn’t he like about me? It’s not about you, girl.
He is stupid. He was wasting your time. You should be glad that you’re saved. What’s there to be glad?
I was gonna wear a wedding dress. I was gonna marry this year. Zeynep, please.
You have to pull yourself together. You need a holiday. Let’s go to this holiday.
Two girls. Huh? We can find a new boy for you. I don’t want a new boy.
I want Tolga. There is no Tolga. There is holiday. You go now. Pack your bags
and we’re leaving immediately. Okay? What about the business? There’s no business.
It’s not the wedding season yet. Let’s make a holiday in between. -Trust me.
-You say so? Exactly. Good news!
Your lover will come back soon! He is so in love with you.
Don’t worry. Look. No, no, no. You see? She’s telling beautiful
things to other people. She says, he’s in love.
That woman has a problem with me. Don’t be silly. She made discount, that’s why.
I’m gonna pay twice as much. -Don’t!
-I’m gonna drink one more. -Berna?
-Yes dear? I need to go to bathroom,
before the bags arrive. Let’s go quickly. I need it too. -They didn’t came yet, right?
-No. Run, run, run. Bro. It feels like there was
an explosion in my ear. I think this is mine. Yes. Let’s go. -Where are they?
-They’re coming, yes. Hold it. Together. Is it okay? -Berna.
-Yes dear. Somebody took my suitcase. What? This isn’t my suitcase.
Somebody took my original suitcase! No way. Who will do that? It was original. Its second hand
price is almost 2000 liras. They really stole it! Who took my suitcase? There it is! Look. Go, go, go! It’s my suitcase. He put his feet on it!
Take off your dirty feet! What’s going on? -I’ll kill you.
-Wait a minute! What’s going on? -You dirty thief!
-Where is the security? Wait a minute.
What’s going on? Tell me. And you’re asking! You took my
beautiful original suitcase. And you try to give me this
fake, disgusting one! You wanted to sell it online, right? -Stop!
-What kind of gang are you? Be calm for one minute! I’m not a thief.
I just made a mistake. My friend is not guilty too.
We just came here for holiday. How will I know,
that you’re not lying? If I were a thief, this suitcase,
I don’t know how much it’s worth… Five thousand. Thank you. If I wanted to sell it
online. Think about it… …why would I wait here?
I would just go and leave. He’s making sense now.
Probably he’s telling the truth. I was really confused.
They look exactly the same, see? Please don’t insult me. I paid
5000, for the difference… …you can’t see. This is plastic. Mine is metal. Completely. Yours doesn’t even have arms.
My patterns are elegant. Yours are too big. It’s ridiculous. One must be blind to not see these. Lady. I’m not blind.
But I’m a man. I don’t have X-Ray eyes,
like you women. Thank you. I take it
as a compliment. Because if you could really see,
the men’s room would be cleaner. For Christ sakes!
What a weird situation. Yes! Hello. Yes, we’re leaving now. -You’re going too far.
-What if I do? Hello? Yes we’re going out. I’m so sorry. As a man I’m not
capable to beat you in this game. And there is a car waiting for me
outside. I’m sorry. -Which one is mine?
-That one! I know okay! I have a ride too. If you take your huge bum,
I want to start my holiday too. Wish you good luck in life. You too fat ass. If I ever see you
again, it will be terrible for you. Did you hear me? See you in hell. I will be on the warm side. And I saw that finger! What are you doing? Welcome. You’re the first
lucky radio couple right? -No, no. We’re not a couple.
-Absolutely not. I came with my girl friend.
She will come soon. And I came with my boy friend. I understand.
It’s not a problem at all. No, not like that.
I meant with my friend, my bro. Emrah! Come here man. See? What are you doing man? My balls hurt. He… He has pain. Normally we are wrestling.
He’s a real man, the biggest man. Like I told you.
I’m used to things like this. We have lots of guests from Holland. No… -So… We can go now.
-Okay let’s go. -Get out of my way!
-For Christ sakes! Is that car ours? You made us a disgrace to the girls. Are we going with this? This is the only one left. It looks small. But we can fill
the world in that. Okay now, I take the front seat. Back seats make me dizzy. -Why so fast?
-I can throw up all over you. I know myself. Idiot. Come. -How do we open that?
-He’s taking him from there! Hurry up. Bring that. Take it. Come here Emrah. Hello. Welcome sir. We are radio winners. Welcome. Can I see an ID. Here it is. I’m registering you right away sir. Beautiful hotel, right? Excuse me, you came with the
other winners, right? You mean the girls? Yes. Yes we came with the girls. Those cute girls. Your registration is complete.
We have two double rooms… …with sea view, reserved for you.
This is your key. -Thank you very much.
-You’re welcome. Excuse me. My clients want
a sea view room. Otherwise we don’t want it. I see. But unfortunately I gave our
last sea view rooms to these… …gentlemen. They had reservations. We have only
mountain view rooms left. Excuse me.
I just heard your conversation. On our way here, girls were saying,
that they would prefer… …mountain view rooms.
Right, Emrah? Yes, yes. They are fanatics
of mountain view. Actually there’s a chubby girl
who will come here soon. She is a Feng Shui specialist. She said that mountain and forest
air is so good for her. Are you sure? Yes, give the room to the ladies.
Make them happy. Give it brother, don’t worry.
Just trust us. Alright then. -Thank you.
-Thank you, we’re so glad. Can I have your ID’s please? -Thank you.
-You’re welcome. Happy holidays. That bear collapsed over me.
My whole body’s aching. -Hello.
-Welcome. We are the radio winners.
Like the other grabby gentlemen. My name is Zeynep Kara.
My friend is Berna. Our ID’s are here. Yes Mrs. Zeynep.
We should thank you for your help. Thanks to you, we didn’t leave
a family behind. They’re our guests now. -How come?
-What do you mean? These gentlemen told as
that you liked mountain view. They said, it’s for Feng Shui. So we gave our last sea view room
to these ladies. It’s good luck. How did that happen? Here you go. That room is mine. That’s my card. Madam please. Let’s go. What will we do in a
mountain view room? Are we bears? Do we look like bears right now? I’m so sorry.
It’s completely my fault. No it’s not your fault.
These donkeys tricked you. Now if you tell us their
room numbers, we’re even. Otherwise… You are at the same floor madam.
They’re in room 3002. Thank you. Let’s go Berna. 3002. 3002. 3002. Brother I’ll take a shower, okay? Alright bro.
And I’m enjoying the sea view. Alright. Hey, look at me. I hope this girls won’t
understand our trick. I’m so tired. Thank you very much.
We can handle the rest. -Thank you.
-Thank you. -What’s the plan?
-There’s no plan Berna. We’ll just go full force. Is this the room? No.
There it is. Look at me. I think they’re
not in the room. If they were in the room,
one of them would hear this. You’re right. These rude guys
probably just went… …to the pool or the bar.
What are we gonna do? I say let’s make a reprisal
when they’re not here. Let’s do it. How? Since we’ve taken our war axes out.
It’s time to hit the axe to rock. I don’t understand Berna.
Just tell me directly. Sweety. We’re gonna take our stuff
and settle in their room. And we throw their stuff out. Throwing is not enough.
Let’s burn them. Give me five. Hello, we’re staying in that room.
But we’ve left the card inside. -Could you help us please?
-Sure It was so easy. Thank you very much. -Have a nice day.
-You too. In every language.
Hello, may peace be with you. Welcome all.
I’m your guide Zebercet Gezer. I’ll be with you in this tour. Are you gonna
yell like this all the time? When I’m excited. I talk
with high volume. If this is your normal voice.
I’ll just wear headphones. Jokes! I love making jokes too. Excuse me is your name “joke”?
We couldn’t get it. What’s your full name? Zebercet. Unfortunately
that’s not a joke. That’s a joke from my parents to me. But in tourism they call me Michael. I mean everybody calls me Michael. Alright, can we get to know you? -What a weirdo.
-Very weird. Excuse me? I’m Emrah. -Barýþ.
-Barýþ, nice to meet you. -Zeynep.
-Berna. Nice to meet you. Now that I know you.
I’d like to tell you more about me. Like I said, I’m Michael. Like you know, in this tour
made with the radio sponsor… …I prepared amazing tours for you.
You’re so lucky. Horsemanship, marksmanship,
diving sports, mountain climbing. Altogether we’re gonna
have a great time. -He says altogether.
-One minute. We want to hang around
together just two of us. Definitely we want
to be seperated. Seperated. -Seperated like this.
-Like this. Excuse us. We’re dying
to spend time with you, you know? Excuse me. Because of our deal
with the sponsors… …we will take photos of each
activity and they’re gonna be… …published in social media,
Facebook and everywhere. That’s the participation rule
of the contest. You’ve got an email
regarding this issue, right? Berna. Now I remember. You remember our mailbox was full
and we couldn’t empty it. Stop, I know. I missed it because
of all the mail traffic. God! I promise we never saw
such an email. I’ll tell something.
Do you know about email? Maybe these guys think that
Internet and Facebook are the same. They’re both blue like this. And they’re using it only
to find girls. So funny! Excuse us but we don’t
write each other emails to ask… …do you wanna drink coffee. Bravo bro. You email crazy white collars. Excuse me, what’s your profession? I’m car mechanic thanks to God. So? I’m not surprised at all. Do you think there’s a
problem with that? No, what problem? I couldn’t expect
you to be a genetic engineer… …or an astronaut or a
physics engineer. That’s not possible. Mr. Emrah. I was wondering,
what are you doing generally? I’m in the army. Pardon, I’m so sorry.
Are you an officer? What army? Army of the unemployed. Very funny. They’re really funny.
So excessively funny. -My brain melted away.
-Mine too. Look. I made a joke so you could laugh. You’re such swaggerers.
I thought you need to laugh. You’re only concern is
work, tag, occupation. Carrier fools. What are you talking about?
Impertinent idiot. -Email maniacs.
-You told that already. Apache.
Did you go senile? The Apache Band.
Use it all through the holiday. Give me five. Fake posh girls. What are you saying. Idiot?
I’ll kill him. Come kill me if you can. Stop! Please don’t do this. Look we came here
for holiday, to relax. I will reveal a surprise for you. Generally I do it
at the end of the tour. But now that there’s a tension here
and you need to relax. We’ll go altogether to hamam.
You will get rubbed and relax. Okay. Okay. Berna. Please.
One minute. We’ll do like this. We don’t want to involve in any
activity with this Apache Band. -Right, Berna?
-Yes. So now we’re canceling our holiday
and go back home. -Exactly.
-Wait. But it’s enough! If necessary we can cancel it too.
Right, Emrah? I’m not going anywhere man.
It’s beautiful here. And it’s free. Look. Such an ill mannered person.
Do you see Mr. Guide? You’re not listening. But Ladies and Gentlemen.
Don’t do this. If you cancel the tour and go back,
I’ll lose my job. I took the charge
of ten days in advance. I have two little kids. I have rabbits waiting for lettuce. Then… I have cats.
I have a wife too. I’ll be in a very difficult
situation. But you’ll know better. -Okay, okay.
-Okay we’re coming. I’m really in a very difficult
situation. -Okay. Don’t touch me.
-Take your arm. We’ll fix it man don’t worry. Okay. I won’t do. Now that we’re here,
we’re gonna enjoy it. We’ll give them merry hell.
Let the war begin. Do I have hair over my lips? Go to use the line. We’ll put those spoiled plaza girls
in their places. We’ll turn their holiday into hell.
We’ll have a lot of fun. Wake up soldier! Get up. It’s time for
pool side selfie. You’re fried. Who did this to us? -Girls.
-Selfie time. Come on. Can you come for the selfie please.
Come on! Cheese! -What’s that?
-What’s that? -What is this?
-What’s this? Wait. Let me check.
I’ll help you, don’t move. -What’s that?
-Wait, wait, wait. -Don’t pull, stop.
-Does it hurt? -They’re ripping off from the root.
-Okay. Zeynep it hurts! Shut up! -No!
-There’s nothing else to do. Cut me. Cut my hair.
Cut it! I’m cutting! Pull that. Pull. I’ll make them
moustaches from this. -They!
-Yes, they. Look at that. Ill mannered bear. He’s living
the open buffet syndrome. He takes laddleful
of everything he sees. What do you expect?
He confessed on his own… …that he came here for free food. You’re right. Look at me, Zeynep.
Take some from this. It looks nice. No, there’s probably peanut butter
in that. I don’t want it. I always forget your allergy.
I’m so sorry. Beastly. Berna, he left the plates. Run, run, run. Look here. Why are they grinning? I eat like an animal.
They’re probably laughing at me. Alright then. Now that they ask for it,
we’ll give them what they want. It’s delicious cheese.
Amazing. -Come near.
-What happened? -I have an important information.
-Really? You see that Zeynep. She’s allergic to peanuts,
I heard that while they talk. Really? I’ll show her, what it means
to mess with us. Really? Bro, if you say “really” again… Alright. Tell me your plan. -Look.
-Bro, stop! What’s going on? I feel too bad. If you eat this much in the morning.
It’s normal Emrah. It’s not like that. I think I’ll shit in my pants. Then go to the bathroom. I can’t walk man.
I have to let it go. Let it go then. God damn you! Oh my! Bro, maybe the girls did this. Don’t say. Look how they’re giggling. Bro, I’m disgraced. Have my revenge. Don’t let me down. You better run. Laugh while you can. He who laughs last
laughs best. Yes? Good afternoon madam. How are you?
I hope you’re fine. I’m fine too. My name is Ahmet. I’m the ice cream master of the best
hotel in Antalya. We have amazing ice cream
for you today. It’s on us. Strawberry or peanuts.
Which one do you prefer? I don’t want peanut. I’m allergic.
Make them both strawberry. Oh! Such a shame! Yes, some people
are allergic to this. They can’t eat at all.
But you’re lucky. Here is your ice cream. It’s a joke. This one has peanut.
It’ll be bad for you madam. I’ll give you this. Your ice cream,
sweeter than honey. I’ll give the other for your friend. Bon appetit. I’m so pleased
to meet you too. It’s so cold and delicious. You’ll almost make love to the
ice cream Zeynep. Don’t tell me about love Berna. Don’t make me remember that. What did I say now? What else could you say? How can you remind a suffering
person of love? Who had… …a break up only three days ago. What an unlucky person I am?
How could he abandon me? Wish a wasp stung my tongue
and I didn’t say that. I think it stung mine. What? I think a wasp stung my tongue Berna. That’s my line.
Why are you stealing it? Not like that. My heart is aching. My heart is aching Berna. I don’t understand. Does your tongue
ache or your heart? Are you suffering the pangs of love,
or do you have tongue wound? I don’t understand what
you’re doing. Oh my God! Is there a bee in your throat?
What happened? Come here. Are you okay? One… Two… Three… Four… I don’t have the strength
to fight anymore. Please. That’s enough. Really I… I’m raising the white flag. I want ceasefire too. Give me five. Wait. I can’t reach
with my other hand. -Let’s make peace. Give me five.
-One minute. A little bit more. First of all. I apologize to you.
Yesterday I went too far I suppose. I apologize to you.
Aperient was my idea. And I’m sorry for
the kick at the airport. I have a post graduate
in beating people. She has. Whatever. It’s okay. I put your tooth brushes
first in my armpit then the toilet. -What?
-What? And I peed in your perfume bottles
a little. I’m sorry for that too. What kind of person are you? Relax. Be calm. You son of a donkey! Animal! I was dying! Relax please. You’re right. Animal! But everybody did bad things
to each other. Now we confessed, we apologized.
It’s over now. What should the kid do?
At least he was honest. Should he have lied? He says kid.
He’s a hotel stallion. Girls. Please. Look. Should we start all over again?
To everything? What do you say? We’re on holiday. But look at us. We can’t enjoy this beautiful place,
because of fighting. We barely know each other. Barýþ. Okay, we made peace. Not like that.
I mean Barýþ. Alright peace! I am Barýþ. Which means peace.
My name is Barýþ. Excuse me. And I’m Zeynep. Zeynep. I’m Berna. And I’m Emrah. God bless you. Bravo! The portrait of Turkey,
that everyone missed. Let’s take some selfies then. Can everybody see? What’s going on?
What are you doing? Did Tolga call? No. No text neither. Is there something wrong Zeynep? No. Don’t lie to me. Since we came here
you’re always checking your phone. Did Tolga call? Did Tolga text? Is Tolga hungry? Is he thirsty?
Tolga, Tolga, Tolga. It’s normal. One can’t forget a
five year relationship in two days. But your five year relationship
forgets you in one day. At least you should make
an effort to forget him, my friend. Oh Berna. I won’t argue with you. Because I think you don’t know
what pangs of love is. Like you were in love with that guy. Yes I… I was. At the beginning I was. Then it may have turned
into a habit. Just nevermind Tolga.
Tolga kicked you out, girl. Please think about the games
you have in front of you. I don’t want another game Berna. I want to play this game with Tolga. But of course.
He kicked me, right? It’s not like that. Come on Zeynep. Come here my friend. Take my arm. Now listen to me. Do you know what men are like? They are like rubber. Like this. It goes away. It goes.
But the moment you let it loose. It comes back. That’s it. How do you know all these? If you’ve read all the
self help books I read… …you could have seven husbands. Don’t get obsessed with it.
Be in the flow. Deal? -Yes.
-Yes. -Yes!
-Yes! You’re on holiday. I’m on holiday. -We are on holiday.
-We are on holiday! There you go girl! Now take that pillow. Quick. Breathing therapy. -Yes.
-Yes. Stand tall! Yes! Mr. Sefa! Come here. Mr. Sefa is my helper. He will be with us… …while I’m explaining
you the specifics of horses. Important thing is not
what you ride, but how you ride. Love your horse. If it loves you too… Then you’ll be “The cowboy,
who loves his horse”, right? Emrah. But that’s not
what we want, right? Mr. Guide. I need to make
a phone call. Please do it. We’ll repeat it
when you come back. Continue to lesson. No loafing. This is a mare. It means female horse. It’s meeker than male horses. Yes Emrah. Are they private parts there?
Or am I wrong? With private parts you mean? I mean spare parts. With spare parts you mean? Don’t make me talk in front
of the girls. Should I go and touch it? They are testicles man. That’s
what I mean. It’s not female. You say testicles.
But it isn’t like that. We can get closer if you want. Come, take a look. When did it came to this? -I need to talk to you urgently.
-What happened? Now… Defne called. There
came a big job to the company. They want us to organize
a wedding at the end of the month. And they’re waiting an offer. -What kind of wedding?
-Countryside wedding. She says money isn’t an issue. So we have to cancel the holiday
and go to work. We won’t cancel the holiday. Both of us don’t need to go back. I go first. Talk to them. Okay? Then I make the offer. When we’re ready to
talk details, you come to Istanbul. But, it’s not a good idea Berna… Please, don’t say “but”.
You’re the boss. Bosses do holiday. Workers work. You won’t take,
“no” as an answer, don’t you? Of course I won’t. You are my lifelong best friend Berna. Alright. Enjoy today.
And after that enjoy parasailing. First we should learn,
how to ride this horse. I won’t ride that horse. Where are its brakes? Here in your hand. I should hold like this, right?
Wait a minute! Don’t be afraid. Bye! So good! Don’t be afraid! Altogether now! Emrah, I’m done man. I swear I can’t breathe. Yes! This is one of the most desolate
corners of the forest. So it’s perfect for scout camping. Why are we doing a scout camp? Are we children?
Are we boy scouts? Emrah. Do you think only
boy scouts are camping? Scouting is the sum of all
the experiences you get in life. For instance, you’re on a
deserted island. What are you gonna do? Then… Don’t say it won’t happen. You went to Africa.
What will you do there? Cannibals surround you.
They put you in a boiler. They’re gonna eat you.
What will you do? Or if you’re in Alaska. Your ship sunk.
You’re freezing in the cold. What will you do? Why would we ever go there? Our only struggle with the nature is,
collecting brushwood in… …the Belgrad forest
while making barbecue. That’s why I like this kid. Because you made a good point Emrah. As boy scouts, first thing we should
do is collecting brushwood. I’ll teach you how to
start a fire in the forest… …without using a match or lighter. Like our first ancestors did. Fortunately you are so lucky. Because I’m a survival expert. I have lots of medals of honor. If you left me at the most deep,
desolated point of the forest… …completely naked I can build
all civilisation from scratch. -I bet he’s full of shit bro.
-Sure. Ladies and gentlemen. Now we are
separating in groups of two. And we are collecting
brushwood. Emrah. Michael? -Dear Emrah.
-Yes, dear Michael. Dear Emrah. Now two of us will
go into the deeper places. There I will teach you
my most valuable experiences. Take that hand down first. What’s the matter with you,
with all these desolate places? Now we’ll go to that desolate place,
if there’s something wrong… …when we come back, I’ll cook
you in the barbecue and eat you. And I will sit in your stomach. It’s just a joke.
Don’t be afraid kiddos. I know mai-tai, karate, everything. Come, I’ll tell you know. One day I went to Japan.
I was learning karate there. Guess who I saw? Who? Bruce Lee’s uncle’s son. Do you want to go that way? Ladies first. Come in. Thanks. Thorns stung all around me. What happened? I think we’re lost. Help! Anybody around? Don’t tire yourself for no reason. I think nobody can hear us here. But I’m so tired. Can I sit there for a while? Of course. My feet. It didn’t touch my mouth yet. I’m not in the mood to
search for hygiene. Normally, in the city,
I’m obsessed with hygiene. What else? What else what? What else are you obsessed
with for instance? What do you like?
What don’t you like? Are you trying to get to know me? No. I don’t have
that kind of intention. Like in the movies.
Boy and girl get lost in the woods. Then they start telling stories
to each other. That’s why I said. Just not to get bored, huh? Do you interrogate
everything like this? Is this interrogating? Look, you did it again. What? What did I do? You’re always asking questions.
Always interrogating. Of course. Typical woman. You are typical. And you’ll never be defeated. I am a unique person okay?
I have different sides in my own way. You always want compliments. And when there’s no one
complimenting. You do it yourself. Can you please stop classifying me. But I’m asking a special question.
And you’re not answering. If I can’t know you.
I have to make generalisations. Okay. Ask me. Ask what? Ask what you want to know. Alright. Let’s see. Where did you born? Istanbul. What’s your father’s profession? He is retired from a bank. You? I own a wedding
organisation company. Really? Do you have a boyfriend? Pass this one. How old are you? -Pass.
-Okay. I quit! Ask something else. What should I ask?
Your mother’s maiden name? But you’re asking
confidential questions. Look, if you want to know someone. You have to go in
confidential parts. Little lady. But you’re not telling anything.
You’re faking. You’re a closed box. Okay, it’s my turn now. Alright. Ask me.
Whatever you want. Let’s see how honest you can be. I’m man. We are whatever we are. A brave man shouldn’t hide anything. I’m starting then. Please. How old are you? 30. What’s your zodiac sign? Leo. Which team do you support? Like I told you, Leo.
UltraLeo. I didn’t understand. But I pass. Nevermind. Continue. -Do you have a girlfriend?
-No. -Did you ever fall in love?
-No. -Are you sure?
-Yes. -Yes means, you’ve been in love.
-No. Do you have a girlfriend? Is this a cross examination? Answer my question. I don’t have a girlfriend.
And I’ve never been in love before. Would you like to fall in love? You lovey doveys. I came at the most exciting
part of the movie, right? Only if I came ten seconds later. No, there was a bug in my eye.
He was looking at that. Exactly. She told me she had
a bug in her eye. Yeah sure. I’m sure it’s a bug. Kids. Excuse me but we have to
leave. The sun is setting. It will be so late. Can we find the way? I hope so. Bon appetit kiddos.
See you tomorrow. What’s going on? Why did he get up like that? What does a bachelor man
on holiday? He eats, drinks, walks around,
then he sees a beauty. When did that happen? Are you expecting a call? Yes. Your ex boyfriend? What? How did you know? What is there to not know? Ex boyfriend, new break up. It’s so obvious
from your every move. Smartass. It’s alright. We won’t talk
if you don’t want it. Of course we won’t talk.
Why should we? I don’t know. I thought
maybe you’d like to confide. It may be relaxing to talk
to someone from the opposite sex. Does it help? Of course it does. I’m also a repairman
of broken hearts. Repairman, huh? Yes. I can repair everything. Really. Car, motorbike, broken heart. Oh yeah? Yes. Really. I can fix
everything you can think of. Bonnet, relationships.
It doesn’t matter. I only need a hammer. I think we’ll have to use
a cockscrew here. Can you come please? Can I have a bottle of red wine
and a cockscrew? -I’m bringing right away.
-Thank you. You didn’t ask me,
if I liked red wine. All girls love red wine. Specially white collars like you. But you started
generalising me again. No woman likes to be generalised. Each one sees herself
like a princess but… …I don’t know why, they show
all the typical behaviour. Alright. I give up.
I’m a typical woman. Okay now? Super. I’ll ask something. If you knew women this good.
Why are you not in a relationship? Maybe because I know them to well. The answer is hidden
in the question, huh? You can say that too. But tonight our topic isn’t me. It’s you. Right. What will I lose if
I confine to you? I will just confide to someone,
that I don’t know. And I’ll relax. Don’t underestimate me. You say so. Come on tell me. I’m listening. Now look. We are together
with him since five years. I mean we were, unfortunately. His name is Tolga. Huh? When I earned this holiday we’re in.
I called him, for he’s my boyfriend. I said… He has a great job. He has a career that
everybody’s dreaming of. All my girl friends adored him. They were all so jealous of me. How could I lose such a man? Do you know,
he came to shopping with me. Do you know how many times
I planned my wedding? Even my wedding dress was ready. Am I always gonna
marry other people? Why can’t I dance like this,
at my own wedding? Boy is ours. Girl is ours. Lots of weird stuff are
passing through my head. He just disappeared. I will kick his a… Alright, alright.
Let’s go to the pool side. That creep. Donkey!
I will shit on him! What are you doing? Let me go! Let me go! You asked me to tell it. I asked you to talk, not swear. I didn’t say, “Disgrace us in front
of everybody”. You got drunk with
only two glasses anyway. I get drunk. My threshold is low. I’m not used to it.
What can I do? Are you alright? I’m not. You look so beautifully. Zeynep? Let me take you to your room. -No.
-But it’ll be so cold here. No, it’s so beautiful here. You’ll freeze here. I won’t leave. I won’t even take a step. It’s alright. Don’t go. He doesn’t deserve me at all. I deserve better. Do you understand? Yes. What’s going on? You tell me what’s going on? You tricked me. Maybe you deluded me. Don’t be silly.
What are you talking about? He’s a repairman of broken hearts. He fixes bonnets and relationships. Am I a bonnet? I think you’ve
mistaken me for a motor. You’re talking nonsense.
You think I’m a pervert? For Christ sakes!
You became drunk last night. I asked to take you to your room. You said, “no”. Then we came to the beach… Stop! Don’t tell me.
Please don’t tell me. I can’t handle all these. Alright. Or wait a minute. I’m an adult. I can face reality.
Please tell me. Okay. You drank two glasses of wine. Then you… No don’t tell. I changed my mind.
I don’t want to hear any of these. Look at me. We didn’t do anything. Don’t worry. I’m not a guy who’ll
benefit from a drunk girl. You’re not my type anyway. Bon appetit. Thank you. May I sit? I’m so sorry for last night. Thanks for tolerating me. You’re welcome. I did so many stupid things. I’m sure I told many stupid things. And I slapped you and
insulted you in the morning. You didn’t have to put up with me. All in all you’re on holiday. I’m so sorry again. My holiday is going very well.
Don’t worry. Do you love him so much? Of course I love him.
All in all it’s a long relationship. But he doesn’t love you. He didn’t say he doesn’t love. He just wanted to have a break. I know, that he loves me. Well did he ever look into your eyes
and say: “I love you”? He didn’t say it like that but… Throughout five years? Not once? I’m trying to explain, why not once. You know, some men can’t say
those magic words. When he wants to say it,
he’s stuck. Like this, you know. Tolga is like that too. Not every men can say it. Tolga is a person, who prefers
to show his love with his behaviour. But you always want him to say it. I do of course.
Every woman wants that. But not every man can say that. What can we do? Zeynep I’ll tell you something. Even the most insensitive man,
if he’s really in love… …with the person, who stands
in front of him… …would say those magic words. He’d say: “I love you.” There’s no excuse
or exception for that. No. Tolga is a very
good person. I mean… He has a great career.
He’s so honest. He’s so hardworking. So… Are you aware, that you’re using
so many explanatory sentences? Why should I use explanatory
sentences? Do I need that? Alright. So be it. Actually do you know,
I realize now… …Tolga is a perfect man. I made mistake somewhere. There’s a problem.
I shouldn’t lose Tolga. I should call him before he
finds another girl. What are you doing? Wait a minute. I’m calling Tolga. Don’t be silly.
That would be the end of you. What? If you call him, you’re done.
Give it to me. What are you doing? Give it to me. I’m not a classic minded
person like you. I don’t believe in this “girl
calls not, man calls” stuff. Can you give that phone to me? Aren’t you always losing because
of this so called modern mind. There’s no such thing. Man loves to call.
Not to be called. Alright? Like this. He goes after his prey like a hound. That’s why he wants to
call the woman. Should I be the prey now? Yeah. I know it doesn’t sound nice
when you first hear that. But it’s true. Zeynep look. Yesterday, I was really sad for you. I pitied you. I said, “Such a shame!” -I thought, it wasn’t right.
-Okay. I understand. I understand. You love him.
It’s a long relationship. But… Look at me. If you really want that man. I can help you. How? Look. Men are like cars too. Okay? But if you want to
hit the long road. But you don’t want to change
its oil and water… …it either boils water or
burns the gasket. You mean Tolga boils water? Yes, we can say it like that too. If you surrender to me completely. If you trust me. I can bring that guy to you
in three days. Really? Did you add the alive flowers
to the offer? I did. Don’t worry. Did you get a price
from the orchestras? I did. The numbers are same.
But I can send it again if you want. Just send them to me.
I’ll check them again. Then we’ll talk again, alright? I’ll ask something. I almost forgot. How many waiters did you write? Ten. Security? Four. I’m solving everything here.
Can you please trust me. Enjoy yourself. Okay I know but… Anyway just send me orchestra
prices, I want to see them. Then we’ll talk. Okay? Okay. Bye. Now I have to count again. Excuse me, I’ll classify
you again, but… You’re one of those typical
control freak women. You know that, right? No. Why? If you weren’t, you wouldn’t control
your best friend and… …business partner, who’s
800 kilometres away. It’s not like that. I trust Berna.
She’ my partner. But I don’t want to throw everything
over her shoulders. That’s why. Can you prove me that you’re not… …a typical control freak
business woman? How? Like… Get rid of these tablet
and phone for instance. Can you give them?
I need those. -Do you want that man back?
-Yes I want but… Then, you have to change! What is this? Who needs a boring, workaholic,
perfectionist, not fun woman? I’m fun. Are you? Don’t get me wrong.
But you’ve blunted each other. I mean, the relationship
has lost its movement. Yes. You’re right. How could I not understand that? I’m boring. That’s why I lost the guy. But now you’re changed. From now on you’re a fun person. -I’m fun.
-Yes! You’re super crazy now. I’m crazy. You’re so sexy and so beautiful. Me? Yes, you. I am, right? So today we’re moving
to second lesson. What’s that? We’ll make him jealous. How? We’re gonna take photos of us. So close and intimate. And you’re gonna share
them on the social media. -Alright. When do we start?
-Right now. -Not in this condition, right?
-No. Exactly like this. Look. They’re gonna be intimate,
warm and real photos. They’ll be convincing. He’s certainly following
your accounts. If you’re still in his
Facebook and Instagram. Of course. We’re still
following each other. Nice. Then our job will be easy. If he sees how much fun you have,
you’re happy without him… …you don’t need him, you forgot
him easily, he will freak out… …and feel an unendurable need
to get you back. Hi! -Is it done?
-Yes. It’s done. Good. Now you need some patience. But you’ll see. One he sees those
photos, he has to call you. -You’ll see.
-Hopefully! Come on let’s dance then. Let’s see how Ms. Zeynep is dancing. Our dear guests, today we have here
very special guests, who came… …here with the sponsorship of our
hotel and a private radio. And this is the song, which
caused them to come here. You will pay for doing this. Okay?
Very good answer. Even he can become romantic. If you’re heart’s filled with him.,
you won’t be searching for more. I’ll ask one more thing. Don’t do it Zeynep,
I’m tired of answering. -So tired?
-So tired. -You ask.
-What can I ask to you? Zeynep? How are you? I’m fine too. What am I doing? No. I need to relax.
Or I can’t talk. I can’t open my heart to this girl. This is good. I’m burning. I’m burning Zeynep. What have you done?
Did you drink that? Are you crazy man?
This is a very special vodka. It’s Soviet vodka.
Linda brought it. -Who’s Linda?
-My new girlfriend. You’re only supposed to drink
a little from this. Now you’ll be so high.
We’re doomed. Don’t be silly, give it to me.
It’s an innocent friend only. Where are you going? Where can I go Emrah? Where? Today is the day, I’ll open my
heart to Zeynep. I’ll go to her. And I’ll say:
“I’m burning Zeynep.” I’ll say, “I’m burning.” I’ll tell her that I’m in love. You stop. I’ll handle this. Don’t you exhale to anybody’s face. -Hello.
-Hello, welcome. We were searching for a friend. Can you tell me your friend’s name? -Zeynep.
-Zeynep? -Zeynep Kara.
-Isn’t she Zeynep? Zeynep. Zeynep! Barýþ! What are you
doing there man? Come here! Zeynep. Zeynep! What? Sorry. Please excuse us. Zeynep? That’s Zeynep’s feet. -What’s happening?
-I don’t know. I think this drink made me blind. Maybe it was illegal drink.
Sorry. -I’ll tell something.
-What are you doing? Excuse me. Sorry. -Zeynep I’m in love with you.
-Go away freak! Let me go! Where were you? Zeynep take your glasses off. Madam. Telephone. -No, not important.
-Okay. -Give it, give it.
-What? -I can’t reach there.
-What are you saying? I’ll do myself, till you understand. He’s calling. He’s really calling. -Hello?
-Zeynep. How are you? Excuse me, who are you? Zeynep, it’s me, Tolga.
How quick did you forget me. Tolga! Sorry I couldn’t
get your voice. How are you? I’m fine. I was wondering of you. Though I get your news.
I see you pictures on Facebook. I think you’re having a lot of fun.
I think you have new friends too. -Who is he?
-Who is who? The guy in the photos. He’s my…
Our friend. Tolga, my holiday is going
amazingly well. I could say: “Wish you were
here too.” But I can’t. Because the moment
I asked you, we broke up. What can one do?
It’s destiny, right? Look, I wanted to talk about that. I made a mistake. I want to come
there and ask for forgiveness. I want to make it up to you,
before it’s too late. Tolga, one moment please. Zeynep, are you there? Hello? Can we talk this
when I’m back in Istanbul? I can call you when I’m available. Zeynep you know me well.
I don’t like taking risks. I know you’re mad at me.
And I knew you’ll talk like this. I didn’t leave it to chance. I bought a ticket
to Antalya for tonight. What did you do? I’ll be with you this evening. -Bro. Are you alright?
-I’m fine. Don’t worry.
Shower was very helpful. Your walking is fine. Let me check. -How many fingers?
-Two. Let him kiss you! Stop making fun. I’m really fine. I pulled myself together.
Don’t worry. Listen to me instead. Now I’m going downstairs
and wait for Zeynep. Then I invite her to dinner
only two of us. Then I confess my feelings to her
in a romantic environment. -Super plan bro.
-Thanks. Your girl is coming. Barýþ. We made it! He’s so jealous of me.
And missed me a lot. So he’s coming here
tonight to see me. Can you believe this?
Thanks to you. I’m so glad for you. How beautiful, if I could help. Are you crazy? It’s your success. Barýþ, thank you so much. Thank you very much. I don’t have much time.
I should go and prepare. Thank you for everything Barýþ. You’re him. Mud man. The guy with Zeynep. Apparently you’re Tolga. How do you know me? You’re very famous around here. -Zeynep talked a lot about you.
-I’m sure she does. We’re together since five years. Zeynep loves me.
And I love her too of course. Then why did you left her? I was confused. I wanted to stay
away for a while, you see. But now I understood my mistake.
I’m back. Don’t you ever make her upset. Just say it openly.
Look into her eyes. Say: “Zeynep I love you.” If you do that,
she’ll forgive you easier. She’ll be yours forever. By the way… …I made a reservation
for tonight, in the Palm Street. A special table for two. But I don’t need that anymore. You can have a wonderful dinner. Zeynep would like that a lot. Between us. Zeynep. You look so beautiful. Thank you. Tolga. Everything is wonderful. This place, this music,
champaigne, roses. When did prepare all of this? All for you. You know I’m a planning expert. You’re unbelievable. And tonight will be the most
memorable night of my life. What do you think? -I’ll do my best for that.
-Hopefully. Zeynep, I want you to forgive me. I made a big mistake.
I was almost losing you. -But now I’m back and…
-And… And… I want you back again. Yes. Your greatest apology was
coming all this way… …and creating this
amazing atmosphere. Yeah sure. Dinner is legendary. -I hope you choke with that.
-Excuse me? I should go to bathroom. If there’s
anything you want to do… Maybe you’ll make a surprise, huh? Yes, I have one actually.
After you come. And I’ll tell you the most
important thing of the night. Then I’m coming right away.
You can prepare. -Zeynep?
-Emrah? Linda? Zeynep, you’re
so beautiful tonight. Thank you. You too. So, how is it going? I don’t know, I couldn’t get
what I was hoping for yet. He made lots of preparations
just to apologize me. He came all the way from Istanbul. And I think he’ll propose now. He made all preparations for this. Really? Did he arrange that
table for you? Yes. Who else could it be? Barýþ of course. Who can it be? Barýþ? Look Zeynep.
Barýþ is in love with you. But he couldn’t say it. When he finally built up
his courage… …your opportunist
ex boyfriend came. Then Barýþ gave up. That table, dinner,
roses, champaigne… …they’re all there right? Yes. -How do I know all these?
-How? Because Barýþ told me
all the details. He went away only not to see you
together with that jerk. -Where did he go?
-To Istanbul. So Tolga knew that it was Barýþ,
who arranged that table. Of course he knew. They met
at the lobby before you came down. He loved you so much… …he left all his organization
and you to that prick and went. My friend is such a
dignified person. So… What’s the
surprise of the night? -Show it to me!
-Are you ready? I’ve never been this ready. That’s the surprise! Zeynep, what are you doing?
Are you crazy? Here’s the surprise of the night. Opportunist jerk! Zeynep. I was gonna tell you. Zeynep. Stop. It’s only a dinner, table. Star. Give me the two-sided. The socket wrench. I said the socket wrench. Zeynep? I came to you with all my heart. Can you forgive me? Can you give us a chance? I love you Barýþ. Barýþ, I mean… I love you too Zeynep. You know I’m antiwar from birth. I already forgave you. Dear listeners. This week you’ll
have a very special price. Are you ready? The ones who are gonna get married,
the ones who’ll have a wedding… …a dreamlike honeymoon is
waiting for you. First couple, who calls me,
will have an amazing honeymoon. Come on! Take your phones. 0 212 304 03 33. I repeat. 0 212 304 03 33.
I’m waiting. I’ll marry before you. Hello. -Hello. I am Barýþ.
-It doesn’t ring. Take this. Hello I’m Zeynep.
Barýþ’s girlfriend. Hello I’m Barýþ, excuse me,
I’m so excited. Zeynep will be my wife. Can I learn the dates please?

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