NPHW Forum Opening Remarks

Good afternoon everyone.I am Doctor Georges
Benjamin, and I am the executive director at the American Public health Association
here in Washington DC.I would like to welcome all of you here to our national public health
week celebration. We are calling is the healthiest nation in
2030, and changing our future together. Our theme for this year is how we can work
across Divide, across sectors, across groups to work in a positive way to improve the health
and well-being of our community. So we have a couple of really
exciting speakers for you today.That will be followed
by a pattern.I also want to note that we have both the audience here in the room and an
audience out there in C-SPAN. We are really glad that audience could be
with us here as well today.I had the honor this morning of introducing an old friend.A
young man by the name of Jerome Adams. Doctor Adams is a board certified anesthesiologist
who served as the Indiana state health Commissioner from 2014 to 2017. He has a bachelors degree in biochemistry
and psychology from the University of Maryland in Baltimore County. I like that because my daughter went there
as well.A master of public health degree from the University of California at Berkeley,
and is in the at the Indiana University school of medicine. I met Doctor Adams when both he and I both
served on the advisory committee for the Fairbanks School of Public Health there in Indiana. Doctor Adams, when he first became the health
Commissioner, he was really new to this. But he got to work very quickly and he had
to roll up his sleeves because some of you may know that he had to deal with one of the
worst HIV outbreaks in the country, in middle America. It was in a population that peopledo not think
would be getting HIV, and it was also involved with the use of opioids and other drugs. It was a very complicated outbreak. He worked in a really profound manner,working
with his then governor, Governor Pentz, with the CDC and the local health department and
others to get their hands on that epidemic.So Doctor Adams, I want to publicly thank you
for the work that you did on that, because it was really great work.’s model as surgeon
general is that her health and better partnerships. I cannot think of anyone who really has a
better place to bring our theme for public health week, and his motto together as a
single file. So ladies and gentle, the 20th Surgeon General
of the United States, Doctor Jerome Adams [ APPLAUSE ]

Danny Hutson

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