Notifications | Backstage at YouTube

Notifications | Backstage at YouTube

Today, we’re talking about
YouTube notifications. Are you ready? Teams here at YouTube have been working hard to make
our notification systems more reliable and to address any confusion
with how notifications work. We’ve also added
a couple metrics in YouTube Studio to help creators understand
how notifications affect their videos. So, we decided to sit down
with a couple of our notifications experts to answer some tough questions
and share updates you’ve been waiting for. First, what even are notifications? Notifications are when we send you messages around videos or channels
you’re subscribed to or other content on YouTube. And we can send these via four ways. The app inbox, push notifications,
your web browser or via email. Beyond video,
we also send other types of notifications for things like
comments, live streams, posts. On average, YouTube sends
billions of notifications a day. And truthfully,
this is no small task for YouTube systems. We know some users have told us
that they’re not getting notifications even when they’re subscribed to a channel. So, why does this happen? If a big creator, let’s say they have 50 million subscribers, creates an upload then we have to send
all of those notifications instantly. That creates a big spike,
which is a hard problem for us. The moment the video is published,
a signal is sent to our systems. We then collect all the data needed,
like title, description and thumbnails.>From there, we do something called fan-out where we find every single user
who should receive a notification. This involves a series of checks to make sure
we’re respecting everyone’s settings. We then line up
all notifications that should be sent and send them out to you. Now imagine, our systems do all of these steps
as instantly as possible for millions of videos
and billions of subscriptions. This becomes even more technically complex if multiple creators
upload all at the same exact time. Which happens all the time. In some cases,
we’ve dropped some notifications we haven’t delivered them and that’s on us. You can imagine, if you’re sending
billions of these things to billions of users even small percentage gains
can affect a lot of people. And so our infrastructure investment
is in making sure we do a better job of that. It’s been a massive undertaking
to send all of these notifications. Our team has been very focused
on monitoring from upload to send to insure that we’re
improving reliability of notifications. Now that our reliability has improved, why else might viewers
not be receiving notifications when they’re expecting to? We’ve been digging into some of these
reliability issues and complaints we receive. We go and look at user settings
and try and figure out what’s happened. And in some cases
they’ve either got notifications turned off at the device level on their phone
or perhaps in the app and there’s some reason
why they’re turned off. So what are the proper setting to have to make sure you get all the notifications
you want from your favorite creators? The first thing is
to make sure you’re logged in to the right account on YouTube. Then you want to subscribe to a channel. Hit the subscribe button. And then you wanna
hit the bell icon on that channel and make sure
it’s set to ‘All’ notifications. Then, and here’s where
there’s some confusion, you want to double check on your device
that notifications for YouTube are enabled. On an Android phone,
you wanna go to ‘Settings’ you wanna go to ‘Apps & notifications,’ then ‘YouTube,’ then you want to toggle that
to make sure it’s set to ‘On.’ On an iPhone, you wanna open your device’s ‘Settings’ app then you wanna open ‘Notifications’ click on the YouTube app and toggle that switch to make sure
it’s set to ‘Allow Notifications.’ We definitely recognize that
getting all the notifications you want can sometimes be a bit of a tricky thing if you don’t have
all the proper settings in place. The notifications team has worked hard
and made some recent changes to make the current system
more understandable for users. When a user subscribes to a channel, they have three options
to receive notifications: ‘All,’ ‘Personalized,’ and ‘None.’ For example, there are users who are subscribed
to hundreds of channels. And they might not want to be notified
for every single video that is uploaded. And we want to keep
that flexibility for viewers to do so. Recently we’ve updated the feature set. Viewers were confused
as to which state they were in. Specifically, the ‘Personalized’ bell, we’ve changed it to a hollow bell icon to ensure that viewers
understand what bell state they’re in. We’re clearing things up for users,
but what about for creators? Well, good news there too. To provide more transparency
around notifications for creators we’re launching two new metrics in Analytics. Now, creators will be able to see
what percentage of their subs have opted to receive all notifications as well as how many subscribers
are eligible to receive notifications. We’re really excited about this update and hope that
it will help creators understand more about the role of notifications
on video performance. So, what do you think about these updates? Let us know in the comments or feel free to tweet at us @TeamYouTube. See you next time!

Danny Hutson

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  1. Many of you have asked, "why not make 'All' notifications the default setting when you subscribe to a channel?" We've asked ourselves this question too, so we tested it out! We found through experiments that if we removed the bell and defaulted everyone into an “all” notification setting as a result of a subscribe, users would more often opt-out of YouTube notifications completely. People really love the flexibility of having different options. For example, those subbed to hundreds of channels may not want to get notified about every upload from every single channel. The bell offers choices to receive none, personalized, or all with channel-level differences.

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  9. I cannot find an answer to this and while searching I see many others post the same questions: 
    Where did the bell go? 
    I cannot see the bell below my videos as I did in the past. 
    I tell people to click on the bell for notifications but there is no bell there any more. 
    Please explain how to get the bell back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hi Youtube! I don't have the Build An Audience tab in my analytics (just says Audience) and it doesn't contain a card for notifications info. I also posed a question about upload and live notifications being counter together or seperate for the 24hr 3 notifications limit. Thanks!

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  12. Want to make notifications more reliable? Actually send the damn notifications when I subscribe to a channel. If I don't want to be notified, I u subscribe or u check the bell, but when I have everything check, I want my damn notification. Are engineers at YouTube and Google really this incompetent?

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