NordVPN Review & Setup Tutorial | My Unbiased VPN Review & Installation on Desktop & Mobile

NordVPN Review & Setup Tutorial | My Unbiased VPN Review & Installation on Desktop & Mobile

– Hey guys, it’s Josh here. Today we’re gonna be doing an overview of a piece of software I’ve been using over the past year that makes this YouTube channel possible, and that’s NordVPN. VPNs are a necessary software enabling me to be able to get onto YouTube and Twitter and Facebook, and all these places while I’m behind the
Great Wall here in China. So today I’m gonna be
doing an unbiased review followed by an overview
of my installation process both on a computer and on a mobile device. Hopefully this will help you figure out whether or not this type of
software is right for you. Now if you want to you can go ahead and skip ahead using the
time markers you see here. With that out of the way
let’s go ahead and dive in. So I’m gonna start off by telling you what I like and don’t like about NordVPN. The features that I really like are the number of servers. They have over 1,000
servers in 57 countries. They offer six simultaneous
connections at one time which means that you
can connect your phone, your iPad, your computer,
your wife’s phone, your kid’s iPad all at the same time. Most VPNs only allow for three
simultaneous connections. I’ve seen some with five, six
is definitely above average. They offer an automatic kill switch. They allow peer to peer sharing. They have unlimited bandwidth, and they accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin. But one of my favorite
features here is that they are one of the few VPNs that offer a 30 day money back guarantee, which means that you can give them a try, get a good feel for the software, and if you don’t like it after 30 days, they will give you a 30 day
no questions asked refund. What I don’t really like about NordVPN, and I have shared this
with them in the past, is that when you can connect to a server you can connect to a specific country, but they don’t drill down to cities. So in other words, in a lot of VPNs I can say I want to choose Chicago, or I want to connect to the LA server, but with NordVPN the
software only allows you to say I want to connect to USA. All right now that we’ve had a chance to talk through the pros
and cons of using NordVPN, let’s do an installation setup where you can see me
put this on my computer and mobile device. I’m here in my browser. I’m gonna go to which is gonna direct
me to their homepage. Now here I’m gonna click on Get NordVPN, and that’s gonna bring me to a page that shows their different plans. They offer a one month
plan, a six month plan, and even a one year plan. Obviously you’re gonna
get the most savings from a one year plan, but
since I’m just doing this for the sake of a review, I already have an account with them, so I’m
gonna create a new account with a one month plan. So I’m gonna use the
creating a secure account, I’m going to give them my email address, and create a password here. Now they allow me to pay with credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin, and this Other. This Other is very interesting to me, especially here in China
where Alipay and WeChat are very popular. They offer a lot of different options from around the world to make payment. Now for me personally it’s easiest just to use PayPal, so
that’s what I’m going to do. I’m gonna click on Pay Now, and it’s going to redirect
me to the PayPal site, and log me in so that I can pay. Now here I am on PayPal, and they are telling me that I have a number of different ways
that I can pay for this. I’m going to continue and
pay with my credit card, and so I will agree and continue, and make that payment to NordVPN. Okay, and I have successfully paid for and signed up for NordVPN. I can do the welcome guide. I’m gonna go ahead and
click on Download Now. That’s gonna be the easiest way to go ahead and do this. It’s going to download
the NordVPN software, which isn’t very large,
but I’m gonna click again on Download Now, and
hopefully, there we go, it’s gonna be downloading
on the bottom left of my browser here. And since I am on a Mac, once
this finishes downloading, I’m going to open it up
and then slide over that application into the Applications folder. Okay, now that I have downloaded that, I am going to open up NordVPN software, and it will allow me to open, and I am going to login. Now I’m gonna login using that, what are we doing? Oh, introducing CyberSec. Yeah, so I’m gonna go ahead and login using my email address and the password that I created, and then click on Login. Now that I have that I am connected. Now you can see in this software, they offer me the ability to just connect to any country. Now remember what I said before, one of the cons of this software is that I can connect to the United States, but I don’t have the option to connect to any particular city
in the United States. I can connect to, let’s say France, but I can’t connect to Paris versus any other city that they
might have a server in. So in most cases that
doesn’t really matter. For me, I would prefer to have the option to choose cities here in the US, but it doesn’t matter that much. Now let’s go ahead and look here in the Settings. I’ve got this CyberSec,
which it avoids ads, so it’s basically an ad blocker and protects your security from malware. I could tell this software
to connect on start, and I could connect a kill switch. Now this is what’s great is
that you have advanced settings. They’re not gonna throw too much at you unless you really want to know it. Now in the advanced settings, I can choose how I want
the app to show up, and then I can even choose the protocol. They only offer two protocols, the TCP and the UDP. It’s best to just keep it
on the UDP if you want, and then you can enable custom DNS if that’s what you want to do, but I recommend you avoid that unless you know what you’re doing. So those are your options. If you look at the server list, they do offer a lot of
different countries, and you can choose those
countries however you like, or you can just go over here and say that you want to connect
to, let’s say England, or I want to connect to France. So it’s gonna show me, now like I said, there are a number of different servers that are in France. I don’t know where those servers are, but I can connect to any one of those and click on that, and it will connect me to that server. And here we go, I am
connected to the France number 12 server. It was really pretty easy, and I can move and change those around. The map is very simple to use, and it’s a very well designed app, very intuitive to use. So now I’m going to install NordVPN on my Apple iPhone. I’m gonna go into the App Store and search for NordVPN. Now once that shows up I will click on the Download icon and it should be a very small app, and so
it shouldn’t take too long for that to download. Okay now that that’s finished downloading, I’m going to open up the NordVPN app, and it’s going to ask me if
I’d like to do notifications. I generally don’t like doing that with any of my apps
unless it’s a mail app. And here I am, I’m going to go ahead, it allows me to try it for free, but since I have already signed in I’m going to sign in here, and I’m gonna put in my account. All right now that I’ve signed in I have the option to quick connect which would connect me probably to the US. I can look here at the map. If you notice it’s the
same map here on the app that they had on the computer software, or I can list out what I want the different servers that are available. Now I can also do it by if I wanted to do peer to peer, or dedicated IP servers, or specialty servers basically, but let’s just say that
I wanted to connect to France again, so I’m gonna
click that power button, and they’re gonna need to install a VPN configuration file,
so I’ll click Allow, and that’s gonna bring
me into my Settings app where it’s going to say I have to just give it permission to
create this VPN configuration, and once they do that,
they will be connected to the VPN through their France server. Now I can favorite different
servers if I wanted to, but I’m not gonna go ahead and do that. Let’s look and see here
what kind of options for my settings, I can do a kill switch, which means it’ll
disconnect from the internet if my connection with the server is lost. It’ll make sure that you don’t ever find yourself without the VPN, but really besides that
there’s not too much that I have to worry about on the app. They don’t have all of the settings that they offer on the computer
software, which is fine. I mean really with something like a phone all you really want to do is connect and be done with it.

Danny Hutson

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to watch this review and setup tutorial for NordVPN! Remember, for this next week only, NordVPN is offering FarWestChina viewers an exclusive discount of 70% off for their annual plan (a discount that is usually only given for 2-year plans). Click on the link below and use the code "FarWestChina" to take advantage of the discount!

  2. I use Witopia, and have for 9 years without issues… only 2 connections at a time, but that isn't really an issue. It's not expensive, and if you refer friends, it gets cheaper. The biggest benefit is that they have 24/7 access to chat support, and the support works without needing a vpn in China. It's amazing.

  3. Josh, you covered a lot of ground quickly and efficiently, very well-organized presentation, thanks. That was one of the best 8 minute tech reviews I've ever seen on any topic, srsly, I'm just a fan of how you do all your videos so concisely 🙂 However, I would have liked a little more subjective review material, such as comparison with other VPNs and your experience with performance, any experience with tech support, etc. Can you also say anything about Nord's entry into the Chinese market? As far as I know, they only recently became publicly usable in mainland China. Have you been on a special deal with them for the past year? There was an offer for beta testers on reddit's r/China a couple of months back.

  4. Great review, Josh, very concise and informative. Can you make some comparisons about Nord's performance to Express and others you've used? Has Nord become available publicly in mainland China recently? I recall they offered beta testing on r/China a couple of months ago and were not usable in China before then, but you said you've been using them for a year? Thanks for a great review. PS- I couldn't find a way to use the Nord discount code, or any discount code on their site.

  5. excellent and informative review, currently i am using ivacy vpn. i would be please if you can make a review on it tooo compare it with nord.

  6. so if you ping the IP that you are connected to via nord it will show you where in the Netherlands or France etc etc it is. just type whats my IP address into google & it will break it down to a general city local.

  7. Hi Josh, I just purchased a year plan NordVPN from your affiliate link. It is a bit confusing because the phone app doesnt work in China. The "too casual" CS guided me to set up a setting on the phone to use the VPN without to app. Such hassle. I used ExpressVPN since January and have never had any problems. I am switching to NordVPN because I trust your opinion and review. I do really hope it does work well.

  8. Hi, first I like your video,that's great video of your travel experience.And I just use your coupon to get a one year account(about 50$) ,but it doesn't work,paid successful and download installed,but can't connect any server,can u help me on that,many thanks

  9. What if Nord had a plan that assisted installations for a fee ? Some buyers believe it is very easy or they get live support from vpn sites . In some situations computer skills are needed and most seniors would find out they need assistance.

  10. Luckily not an issue when you bring your phone with you there. Acts as if you're in your home country etc. Looks like they're blocking VPN apps from the Apps store there as well, now. 🙁

  11. The top of my interface on NordVPN looks different than yours. On the top of mine it has Map, Servers and Settings. In the Servers, you click on a country then a drop down button that shows a bunch of different numbers, each number is a different city in that country, you can also save what you want into your favorites or which server you want the program too open to if you have it opening at startup. I also got mine for $3.23 a month for a 2 year plan.

    Oh…when you got to the phone part that's what mine looks like on my computer, the list of countries and to the right there's a gray button to connect to that country and a white button that looks like a page that drops down and shows different cities but as numbers, depending on the country there are more numbers to choose from. Anyway..that's how mine looks to get to different cities.

    I don't use a cell as I find them annoying for my eyes and fingers, besides, I grew up in the 70s, we didn't need phones wherever we went and we survived. We did more with ourselves as well, as our heads weren't constantly looking down in shame and embarrassment. lol


  13. Thanks for the interesting video. I noticed you gave away your password for the nordvpn account you created when you logged in on your iPhone. I'm not sure if this matters, and I'm sure someone else had probably already mentioned it, but just thought I would mention it on the off chance this was not intentional. All the best

  14. I have a question, can I connect to ios and android when I buy one access? it is assigned only to devices with the same software?

  15. I have NordVPN, but I'm a little confused over VPN's generally. Once connected (i'm in the US) why would I need to select any other server if my IP is now already hidden? Thanks

  16. Would this be a good VPN to have if I said wanted to use Popcorn time or download movies through Yify with?
    Thanks for the answer in advance.

  17. Hi can you please help. I have just installed NordVPN on a 3 day free trial. It connects to any country I want but when it connects it turn off my Internet connection. I am glad I went for a free trial instead of spending money for nothing. Hope you have a solution for me. Thanks.

  18. Hey Josh, I am traveling to China in a week and I was wondering if NordVPN still works on PC and mobile to bypass The Great Firewall. I read a few articles and it said that NordVPN does not work on mobile for China anymore. Is that true? I would love to hear back from you to determine if this VPN still works. Thanks!

  19. I have Nord VPN. I can only give you my opinion based on my own personal experience with it and I am not impressed with it. It seriously slows down your connection speeds .
    Speeds Without Nord VPN Connected. Ping 43, Download 269.31, Upload 11.88 .
    Speeds with Nord CONNECTED Ping 42, Download 60.45, Upload 2.00.
    I have found on many occasions, When I am trying to connect to several websites. I have experienced, it slows you down to the point where I had to turn it off to complete the connection. I am not hating people. it is, what it is. If you want to watch NETFLIX you have to turn it off. Also do not configure Nord VPN to automatically connect on start up. I had a power outage and it shut down my computer. I Had Nord VPN configured to automatically connect on start up. When the power came back on. Nord VPN could not connect and would not allow my computer to startup and consequentially I could not connect to the internet because Nord VPN was Blocking my connection. I contacted Apple Support and after hours of diagnostic troubleshooting. We concluded Nord VPN was preventing the connection to the Internet.

    I screwed up and got caught up in the Hype. Just like the one you are watching. I entered into a two year contract to save some money. I believe its 2 years for $79.00. However I strongly suggest you test drive it before you commit yourself. It has a lot of great features and the price is reasonable. However , it really slows down your connection speeds. Try Express VPN then try Nord VPN. thats what I should have done. My personal conclusion is, make sure you try outNord VPN before you buy. Try other VPNs Like Express VPN. I have heard good things about it. Again my knowledge of Express VPN is solely based on second hand information. like I said, I bought Nord VPN. Then make an educated decision based on your own personal experience. if you find a better VPN. please let me know. I will take the $79.00 hit and chalk it up to cognitive development. Sorry Nord it is what it is. You seriously need to work on your connection speeds. I have it on my Ipad, Iphone, Imac, and My Nvidia shield. they all experience the same damn problem. With my Nvidia shield, I don't even turn it on. Because the sites recognize the VPN and require you shut it down to access their content. As a result, I forget to turn it back on and if I were to turn it back on, at some point again. I will be required to turn it off.
    I have heard and I am not sure if its true. You do not experience this problem with Express VPN. With Nord VPNs product, it is "Buyer Beware" .
    Hope this helps in your decision making as to which VPN to get. Test drive your VPN before you commit…….

    Semper FI

  20. For iOS, after you log in, do you need to keep running the NordVPN app in the background or should I close it? I’m wondering if I can save on battery life if I close it but not if that disconnects me from NordVPN.

  21. NordVPN, ProtonVPN, Protonmail are a scam!! NordVPN is a shady Lithuanian company CloudVPN INC run by tesonet, a known data mining outfit. Just Google: NordVPN Tesonet

  22. I downloaded it but I can’t find the option where I can authorize the apps that should work with the vpn,so it basically stops everything from working once it gets connected,or is it because am still on free trial

  23. So I bought nordvpn and started to download, I just received a notice from Warner bross. I am not sure what I'm not doing right, maybe It's because I used a Canadian server? ( I'm in canada)

  24. Hi Josh, I installed Nord on my iphone and am traveling in China. Unfortunately, when I click quick connect, it doesn't connect. Any suggestions on how to get past the China firewall on the phone?

  25. Is it possible to watch The Premier League Football via a server in the USA ? or another country ? I live in the UK Thanks.

  26. Hi,
    You said one thing you don't like about NordVPN is that you can't connect to particular cities, only states. Is there a benefit or reason that it is preferable to connect to a city rather than a state?

  27. You should discuss what VPN is, why someone would need/want it and you say you want to pic a location but you don't say why. May be obvious to some but not all. Context is really important.

  28. Cheers, great vid.

    I'm contemplating buying NordVPN based on your recommendation and I will use your link.

    My computer is full of junk and I've been meaning to do a fresh install for ages but it's just boring and 'you know how it is'.

    Would it be better to reinstall a clean Windows 7, then install NordVPN, or does it not, 'matter a jot'?
    Thank you!

  29. do you know how wifi works with some device with VPN and some devices don’t. Like my friend comes over and uses my wifi to watch YouTube videos on his phone doesn’t have VPN and I’m also watching YouTube videos on my phone too but I’m using the NordVPN. Will my internet provider see traffic coming from a different country IF choose to use a server in a different country. Is that information encrypted to my router and then still encrypted to my cellphone?

  30. If I want a refund, will they give it to you? It is said its 100% 30-day-money-back. And I just tried it for a couple of hours and I want a refund. Will I get it?

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