NO LONGER WORKS!!!! Vinpok Bolt Review -USB-C Magnetic Cable for Macbook Pro – Magsafe Replacement

NO LONGER WORKS!!!!  Vinpok Bolt Review -USB-C Magnetic Cable for Macbook Pro – Magsafe Replacement

hey guys I normally don’t do techy stuff
I’m usually the outdoor kind of guy not fishing I like it stuff but my day job
is an IT consultant and so I tried to study for my tee stuff when I’m on my
own time I’ve got a product here that I want to show you I was an IndieGoGo
project that was put out a few months ago so I’ve got a MacBook in front of me
that’s my main tool for the job I’ve been a Mac user for many many years
and I had to upgrade my laptop this past year and the 2017 MacBook Pros they
basically got away with the MagSafe adapter so if you don’t know if you had
an earlier model version the MagSafe adapter was basically you plug in here
your leopard power cord and it was an adapter that would just via a magnet
would attach to the side of your laptop and basically the whole purpose of this
thing is that’s the number-one part the brakes on any laptop is basically with
the power plug plugs in a laptop because inevitably the cab gets tripped on Yanks
a laptop on the floor bust a screen bust the keyboard or just rips the thing out
of the the power plug out of the laptop and tears it up there so this MagSafe
thing has been around for years that Apple’s has been a great thing but I
guess in their infinite wisdom they decided to remove the Mac safe and put
in a touch bar which I find utterly useless
but anyway aside from that when I was researching this how do I solve this
problem there were a couple products on the market that were out there they were
magnetic USB see adapters because the 2017 madman Pro only has USB C ports on
it yes they got rid of my SD card slot also which is thoroughly annoying but
anyway the USBC adapter is how it gets its power and so what I did was I
researched the market and what I found at the time there were some options out
there but nothing they did the full 87 Watts but I did run across this vim POC
solution made by vin POC they caught the vim POC bolt magnetic adapter and
basically it’s the only one that does a full 87 watch so some months ago I
placed an order through indie Go Go Go and I placed an order for two of them I
got in early with the early price points and basically I got a bunch of email
notices that they were working it was in production and there wasn’t
testing and all these things and about two weeks ago I finally received my
order it comes in a little case like this basically I ordered two of them
because I like to have a backup but I ordered two of them here it comes a
little case like this you open it up and what you have is your cable what you’re
gonna have I’ll show you this up closer in a minute but you’re gonna have the
little adapter here that’s magnetic and this piece just
plugs in your USB C port and basically this cable then would plug in to your
normal power brick that came with the Apple you just swap out your cables with
one Apple gave you with this new vent pipe Bowl cable play the civil USBC
adapter into your laptop and bam you got your magnetic connection again okay I’ve
looked at IndieGoGo a lot of the comments people were some people had
some complaints they got their cables didn’t work where my cables and with
IndieGoGo it’s a it’s a crowdfunding project it was out there and basically
you know crowdfunding there’s some risk involved
I felt like vinne pot kept up with communications to me I got an email
every other week or so letting me know what the status was when it was shipped
and finally received my orders I’ve been using it for about two weeks I was
thrilled when I open it up everything worked
I do IT consulting on a daily basis so I use this laptop every single day I go
from client site to client inside to client site so I’m constantly turning my
laptop down put it in the backpack carrying somewhere else open it up open
up maybe two or three times a day I’m pulling these cables out several times a
day I’m plugging and unplugging wrapping it up and so I’ve been using this enough
about two weeks straight I haven’t had any problems with this I’m very happy
with it and so right now I’m just gonna show you the setup here how this works
let you see what looks like but I’ll put links down below for it I’ve been using
it for two weeks straight since I’ve got it I was well the early ones to get it
so far it’s been working great for me that’s all I can tell you there’s some
people complain that a cable didn’t work quit working after day but the only
thing I will say is the magnet is not quite as strong as the old Mac safe
adapter and I think that might just be due to size this is a small and the Mac
safe adapter was a little bit wider on the older Mac’s
and maybe it’s just the the magnets not as strong because of that but it have
any problems with it so it works good and it does the job it charges a laptop
up very well and also does that break al if somebody trips on a cable because you
know these mat books are not cheap okay so let’s say I want to do
is have somebody hit my power cord and put a laptop on the ground for me so
anyway I’ll show you the up-close view of what this looks like and and let you
take a look at it all right so here’s the USBC adapter I’ll pull this out of
the plug there and that’s what it looks like you’re gonna put this piece into
your USB C port and just leave it in there I’ve left it in there for two
weeks straight just pulled it out tonight so it’s not something just
slides out easy because like I said I’ve had it in and out of my laptop but I
leave this piece in and you’ll see here as I bring it close the mana just pulls
that in so you can see it’s got a good magnetic connector all right so we’re
just gonna plug this into our USB C port and just push it in there it gets a good
fit to get in solid it’s not easy to pull out I mean I really got to get my
fingernails behind it in order to pull it out of here so it’s a good good snug
fit and unplug it just not charging plug it
in it recognize it right off the bat and it starts charging and there we go so
like I said just unplug this thing we wrap this up put in my bag and I go I
leave that in there the whole time been using it two weeks straight so far for
me it’s worked very well so hope you guys enjoy

Danny Hutson

9 thoughts on “NO LONGER WORKS!!!! Vinpok Bolt Review -USB-C Magnetic Cable for Macbook Pro – Magsafe Replacement

  1. Wow! This is a great feedback we received! Really thank you for your support and nice review. Glad that you like it. Enjoy!

  2. Is he magnet as strong as the MagSafe? I bought a different brand and the magnet strength was a joke . You couldn’t .touch the laptop without it falling out

  3. Mine died after a week. Trying to get a refund now. They wanted me to shoot a video showing them that it didn't work. Sure asking a lot from their customers. It's so flimsy and barely has enough magnetic force to stay attached. I guess there's a reason Apple doesn't make a solution.

  4. don't buy this guys.. it broke my speaker due to its magnet… at first it was my right speaker got broken, got it fix for free under apple warranty, then after getting it fix i move to charge it on the other side and after a couple of months the other speaker got broken.. if you don't want to spend 490usd to get your speakers fix then don't buy this.. i have been using it for 1yr and 3 months and now im going back to use the apple charger

  5. Vinpok have an awful web site, as soon as you enter their web page it is smothered with a full page sale advertisement so big that the close button is off screen, so I can't access their web!! Hmmm, doesn't inspire confidence in their products.

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