No internet connection on Wireless router TL-WR841N fix

No internet connection on Wireless router TL-WR841N fix

Hello everyone, this is Eddie
the Magic Monk. Today we’re going to show you guys how to fix a problem that I’ve
been having with my new router so I just purchased this new router yesterday
wireless and router so it’s a pretty quick wireless router so the problem that I
have with it is that so this is my computer and I’ve set the router up I’ve
set up the Wi-Fi so that all my computer devices at home can connect to it so if
I connect to this with my computer and just ignore the Chinese there for a
second basically it means that I’ve connected to the router and you can see
here down the bottom right hand corner it’s got a connection icon and what this
is saying is that there is no internet ok internet is not available so if you
go on the internet notice if I try to go on Google right now nothing comes up ok
it doesn’t work the next thing I want to show you is how the home network is set
up I have two devices I have a wireless router and I have an adsl2 plus modem
now nowadays you can usually get them both as one device ok so this is part of
the problem why it’s not working so if you have a look at my router okay this
is the new router that I’ve just purchased these are the ports on the
back of the router and you can see that it has four lan lan ports and one wan port so the wan port this line here is
connected directly to my modem. Now the problem with the
modem is that it is not Wireless which means that if I wanted to turn it into a
wireless router I need this device the problem that’s
occurring right now is that there is internet on the modem and then the
internet goes through my router but it doesn’t get through to my computer so
how do we fix this well firstly let’s start configuring the router on our
computer but what you need to do to get to the router configuration page is
firstly you need to go into command prompt by typing CMD in the bottom
left-hand corner of your windows and the reason why you do that is because you
can type in ipconfig /all and that shows you all the network configuration addresses on your computer right now you
can see that the default gateway okay it has two default gateways it has ten.
0.0.138 and it has now a default gateway basically means
where the IP address of the router now what is the problem here well this is
saying that there are two routers in your house there are two routers in your
house and each one of them is doing the function of a router so how does that
work well if you have a look at my two
devices I have a modem and I have a wireless router now the modem is
actually got a router function built in okay because
basically the function of a router is to pass data between networks okay so
the data packets are coming from the network outside of your house to the
network inside of your house so the internet that so the modem is acting as
a router and so is this router so basically what we’re about to do is to
turn the router function in this router off and only use the modem as the router
and what we’re also going to do is basically have this router turned into a
switch so what is a switch a switch basically means that it gives this
router additional ports okay it gives this router
how many ports does this modem have it has one our Ethernet port and one USB
port so originally this router can only have two computers connected to it but
with this additional switch okay I’m going to show you how to turn this into
a switch in a second it can have a lot more computers connected to it because
there are four ports at the back for Ethernet connections and then it’s got
the wireless function as well to allow even more computers to connect to this
router but right now we want to turn the router function off in this router so
that this turns into just a switch okay so let me show you how to do that so
right now there are two addresses for the IP address of the
router okay and you have to try out each one to see which device it is pointing
to but let’s try the those I’m typing that in at
the address bar at the top okay and now it says login to your tp-link wireless
N router so now I know that I’m I’ve chosen the correct IP address so
I’m going to login with this password that should be provided to you in your
user manual so log in to it and this is my router page and to turn the router
function off so that it becomes just a switch is basically you go to the left
where it says DHCP and you’re going to change this DHCP server from enable to
disable okay so let me explain what DHCP server means it means that it is the
device it is the server responsible for giving out IP addresses to all the
computers on your network on your home network so basically if you have a look
at the two devices here this router this modem ADSL2 plus modem already has DHCP
server enabled on it so therefore we turn the DHCP server off
on this router and that will turn it into just a switch okay so before you do this and you click
Save keep in mind that if you want to see this page again you’ll have to reset
your wireless router back to DHCP server mode and then you can see this page
again so basically to reset it there’s a button usually a button in the back
corner of your machine that says reset and for this particular router you need
to hold it down for eight seconds before it resets back to factory settings in
which case it’ll have DHCP again so I’m going to disable the DHCP server and I’m
going to click Save so click Save and it says the change of
DHCP config will not take effect until this device reboots so click OK ok and then it says click here to reboot
so I’m going to click here click this button to reboot the device ok
reboot it so now it is restarting okay now I know this looks pretty scary
but this actually means that it’s turned into a switch which is why if you try to
get into the router settings page it doesn’t work because it is not the
default gateway anymore okay so what you’re going to do now is
on your wireless router where this blue cable connects to your modem you’re
gonna move this blue cable take it out and you’re going to put it in one of the
yellow ports okay because since your ADSL modem is a router and your wireless
device and you only want to use it as a switch
it is not responsible as a router so therefore it is not passing the
information from the internet to computers on your network your router
your ADSL modem is doing that okay so you can’t confuse it by putting the blue
cable in the internet port in the wan port so put it in one of your LAN ports
and now this device is acting as a switch not a router but the wireless
network is still working okay so if you have a look at my computer now on the
bottom right hand corner it says that I’m connected to the wireless network
with the Internet okay so if I try to go on the internet now and I put in Google
I put in Google it’s working okay thanks for watching the video guys
hope this has been useful to you see you next time.

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “No internet connection on Wireless router TL-WR841N fix

  1. Will this work with my router TL-WR841ND ? and when i open the ipconfig i only have 1 default gateway, i have a router and a modem. I also use it wired with my PC and wireless for all other devices, and will it affect on my satelite television because its wired with it too. Please reply to this comment. Thanks.

  2. Thanx dude it work for me but i still have a little problem with it my pc and laptop is working but can't get access on my mobile phone. To recieves internet on my mobile phone have to switch on my PC and switch off after a while then start getting internet. Please Help

  3. Me too bought the rouetr in China and the manual is in Chinesse is it possible to change the language thx. Please reply

  4. hi there thank u for your useful video its work for me but not completely
    i have a cable modem and tplink w841n router(same as yours) the main problem is that after all steps you said i cant get ip on the other devices ( another laptop ,an android phone and iphone ) once when my android phone was trying to obtain ip i restarted modem and router and it got ip but when i tried to do same thing with other laptop my phone missed the ip
    where is the problem?thank a lot again

  5. This fixed the issue I started having this evening after I had rebooted my TP-Link wireless router in an attempt to bring back wireless networking. Suddenly, the wireless router was forever trying to connect to the internet through my DSL modem. Turns out I effectively had two routers connected together (as explained in the video), though I guess it was working fine for a good while since the modem was in bridge mode. Well, after I converted the TP-Link to a simple switch and let the DSL modem do all the DHCP-ing (watch the video!), not only did I get internet connectivity back, I was also able to access the DSL modem's configuration. Before today, I could only access the TP-Link configuration. Now I have access to both! Thanks, Magic Monk!

  6. I did evertyhing you said. now It does not show up as available WIFI choice anymore. Could you tell me how to switch back?

  7. Hi have a spare adsl2+ wireless router and my isp provides me WAN connection with rj45 port is it possible to connect to internet using these two ports using any adapter

  8. My Quallicom modem and Belikin router don't see each other. Also we have DSL phone service, but no internet access

  9. Internet is working on my computer… But other devices which is connected to wifi is not working (my phone) … Can i connect internet when the dhcp is disabled on wifi router ?

  10. Internet is working on my computer… But other devices which is connected to wifi is not working (my phone) … Can i connect internet when the dhcp is disabled on wifi router on my phone ?

  11. the green light on my new router is still blinking green, which means it's communicating with the modem but doesn't have the internet on it yet. <:( ??

  12. If I make my TPLINK AC1900 (Dual Band) as a switch you mentioned above, … is the Dual Band wireless password remaining the same …….. during connecting to devices?

  13. Exactly my problem! When the modem goes very slowly the Tp-link router lost the connection so I have to reboot it manually several times. The problem is when I am not at home and I need to reboot because someone needs to use it and it doenst have acess to the room where is the rooter, how can I do it? Does this method solve this problem? I mean does this changes actually makes the router never lost the connection with the modem? Thanks, very useful!

  14. Thank you very much! This fixed my problem!

    The only question remains: why the Router seller did not present THIS installation procedure instead of (or at least as an option to) the one with the modem plugged in the WAN port of the Router which procedure litters the installation guides and the internet.

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  18. I've got a situation where if I connect isp wire to router and connect router to pc it shows nothing but router can send wireless signal and if I connect my laptop to WiFi it only loads up tplink setup page and no internet where I can't load up tplink setup page in pc

  19. If you're not sure about any of these settings, you can call TP-Link support 1888-274-1968 ( US & Canada ). That’s the easiest and most general way to get help for your home network. A network expert can help you to fix issues with your wireless router. Best thing about their service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real technician. The service is completely free and covers almost any issue you can have with TP-link devices.

  20. Hello, thanks for the great video, but It did not work for me, I also have the same model of the router, I also can connect to the setting address, but all in Japanese or Maybe Chinese so I don't understand at all. I just want to replace my previous Nakayo NYC-VDSL-T16 with that TP Link so I can use wifi instead of LAN cable to my computer, thank you

  21. Question….If we buy TP_link Router you are using this video will help us to block any unknown users to our WIFI ?

  22. Videos like this are somewhat unhelpful if YOU don't specify that this is ONLY a switch and no WIFI will be available. To those who respond with 'Thank You this helped/solved my problem', they are only in need of a switch, not WIFI.

  23. So, If i want to change the router back to its earlier form, i should just hold the reset button for 8sec??

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