NIFTYX Wearable Charging Cable with POWERBANK

NIFTYX Wearable Charging Cable with POWERBANK

Have you ever feel annoyed when you need to find a cable out of your bag to charge your phone? And when you get it, and they are all tangled together. It’s just a waste of time! We are here to solve this problem Our NIFTYX wearable cable can actually be worn on your wrist and it’s easy to be taken off to charge your device. Also our NIFTYX Lifesaving bracelet is integrated with a powerbank that can charge your devices directly to provide the emergency use when you are in need. Our cable bracelets are all hand-braided in genuine leather with the finest craftsmanship. They are available for Apple and Android devices with different sizes People wouldn’t even know you are actually wearing a charging cable! Our NIFTYX bracelets are not only a charging cable but also it can be worn as an accessory to match your style. Well~ you can always be a life saver to your buddies when their phones are run out of juice! Just plug and go! Currently we offer two models of NIFTYX products. We have NIFTYX Awesome Bracelet that can work as a charging cable while looking great on your wrist. And our NIFTYX Lifesaving Bracelet can not only use as a charging cable but also it provides an emergency powerbank for you to charge your devices when you are in need! Please support us now and get yourself a NIFTYX bracelet!

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5 thoughts on “NIFTYX Wearable Charging Cable with POWERBANK

  1. "Life saving" lmaaoooo! This is so amazing, so many kickstarter stereotypes: voiceover, jumpy music, random infographics, bearded men, etc.

  2. Buyer beware. Check out comments from previous buyers. Product is garbage. Company currently being sued for $250k for selling garbage product.

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