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31 thoughts on “News Now Stream 01/13/20 (FNN)

  1. They are depopulating us look GMO foods fluoride water chemtrails vaccine war abortion drugs alcohol cigs famines economic warfare mind control warfare BPA plastic 3g4g5g radio microwaves radiation wake up people God is comming soon.

  2. Do your homework… before you vote 🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃
    Do you know What the mandates are teaching the school children this year?
    Trump isn't collecting a paycheck as President,
    Just asking will she be collecting a pay check? 🤔

  3. That's the Democrats fault! Warren, do your homework! Your party caused the mortgage problem! Democrats want power and money!

  4. Why don’t we just seize the money that was taken through Pay for play snd other corruptive means and return it to the US citizens. Through the FICO act. The money can be frozen before they are even convicted. With enough compelling evidence presented to s grand jury this can be done. Think of the billions multiple billions. Maybe trillions with all of those corrupt individuals assets. This is already in the works. Through the 240,000 sealed and unsealed indictments Yes those who are corrupt. You know who you are. Your days are limited…

  5. Does anyone know why climate changes? It's because the earth revolves around the sun elliptically, not circular. Anyone with a real education would understand and agree with me.

  6. These people have lost their minds, we are all over taxed already, top 10% pay majority of taxes and employ the masses, taxation is a necessary evil but over taxation is theft. My hard earned money is mine nobody should tell me what I have to pay for, this is communism dictatorship. School system needs an over haul as well as our government.

  7. We bailed the banks out, when are we going to be paid back? They only hold 3% reserves, we the people need to do some bank runs on these big banks and see what happens.

  8. After those in that percentage you want to tax, won there fortunes be gone after arrest and convictions? Truth everybody pays through the nose except the ones making it this plan for self enrichment of self interest. College free cause they are gonna teach you a lesson, and then hand you a shovel to earn your food and keep,

  9. The government taxes because it pays government jobs if you don't pay tax they can't pay for roads councils Healthcare systems welfare hospitals military defence transport and affordable housing everybody chips in if you don't like it cry its about everybody not just you

  10. 🤔 Has she paid back the money SHE OWES for her FREE education she received for LYING about her heritage?? Anyone know how much she OWES?🤔

  11. She a teacher, not qualified to be the President. A nut job! A white privilege millionaire, lying to be a Native American. She could be President of the PTA.

  12. Warren, give away your own money first. And speaking of President Trump, you implied thst he did not help with his money, but he does. Don’t you know that President Trump gives away his Presidential salary every time he is paid? And warren, you are not credible with all the lies you have told and you are still doing it!


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