New York City’s Best Pizza Ft. Bon Appétit

New York City’s Best Pizza Ft. Bon Appétit

Welcome to the channel. We are Sorted. A
group of friends in London looking for those amazing things in food that make
you go ‘wow’. Between stitching each other up and the innuendos. We have two chefs, but
we give them a limited air time, and we make sure all of our ideas start with a
suggestion from you. Hello I’m Jamie and this is Ben. If this
is the first time you’ve peered into our fridge then have a look around there’s
plenty to enjoy. Now loads of you’ve been loving our ‘London’s Best’ series so we
thought…why not branch out? Welcome to the home of some the
best pizzas in the world, New York City You know how this works, three of us have
done loads of research about three pizza places. We’re gonna eat it and we’re
gonna argue about it. But here’s the difference, we’re being joined by a
world-class pizza eater it’s Alex from Bon Appetit. Hi guys! And before you start
bitching, we’re sticking in Manhattan For my choice we’ve come, of course, to Little
Italy. The place to get New York’s best pizza. It’s a restaurant that’s been
around for the last 56 years it’s called Rubirosa and they are
incredibly well known for having the best pie It’s Friday lunchtime and you can’t book. It is rammed. Yeah you saw how busy it is, we’re gonna
come back in an hour We’ve placed our order in the meantime James
is going to take us to whatever place he’s found. Listen I don’t see how these guys are going to
beat me when my place has been around for over a hundred years. They know how
to make pizza. Okay this is Lombardi’s, it is the first pizzeria in America.
Yeah this place opened in 1905 and it’s been acknowledged in the Pizza Hall
of Fame. I have been here before I haven’t been here and maybe like five
years. I remember it being good but I haven’t been here in five years so I guess that says something.
We’re gonna get an original Margherita. We’re gonna get a large one. I mean all right I’m gonna say this
right off the bat this doesn’t look like a New York pizza. Crust looks good
the sauce to cheese ratio way too way too hard leaning to the sauce. This is getting
technical I’m not used to having competition It’s all about the crimp a gentle a
gentle pull. That’s how to do it. You want good pizza sauce should be simple.
Tomatoes, no tomato paste. A lot of people will put tomato paste into the sauce
because the original tomatoes aren’t that great and they want more tomato
flavor. And then salt a little bit of garlic a little bit of olive oil that’s
all I want tin pizza sauce. This sauce is really good but I want more cheese on
this. It’s a delicious crispy base. It crunches and it chews. Massive hit of basil.
I think when you get that cheese you get a creaminess and the sauce is a little bit acidic. It all works together I don’t think he’s convinced that this is
the best. I think he’s I think he’s trying to convince us and himself. I don’t
need to convince anybody this is the best Jamie is famous for concentrating more
on novelty than taste. I have…it seems he’s gone for the vodka sauce pie.
Vodka sauce is one of the great things in the world in my opinion.
So Jamie’s already earned points from me Well I’ve had a Bloody Mary…What separates a
vodka sauce from a tomato sauce? Vodka. It’s just the addition of vodka to
tomato sauce? No. Great. It’s not. I’m so glad. There’s no actual the crushed
tomatoes in vodka sauce it’s tomato paste, cream, garlic, onion. Like what you
said people put into a sauce in case the tomatoes taste really bad? Yeah. I think we’re comparing apples and
pears here What this is is New York’s best pizza.
Shall we taste it? I say a cheese to tomato sauce ratio is perhaps even more
off. There are wide wide rivers of sauce You literally learnt that was a thing
five minutes ago. I’m now applying the learning. Who are you Barry Taylor? I’m
gonna apply another learning perhaps the addition of cream in the sauce offsets that slightly. Okay
you do get a double dose of creaminess the sauce is less tomato. Don’t let the
vodka sauce name fool you. I was expecting to eat a Bloody Mary on a pizza. I don’t mean to laugh at him Feels like it needs a little bit of spice.
What I’m missing is that kick of basil Obviously you get the crisp from that
base you’re not gonna get base up here and it not be crispy
but that combined with the soft on the top from where the sauce has been and
the cheese has been, it’s creamy. All of that combined is just delicious. I will
say this: some gimmicks don’t work some do. Vodka sauce on pizza is pretty great.
Okay for some reason this New York Pizza episode the first two pieces we’ve had
were chosen by Brits. This is all well and good but
let the American show you where the best pizza is. Right so we’re headed to
where the best pizza in New York is we’re walking through the Lower East
Side we might throw a topping on there get a little frisky maybe even
pepperoni. I’m hearing a lot of talk about this being the first New York
Pizza so if that’s the case then I’m really interested to see what the big
deal is. We’re queued up. I’ve got Cuban music. There’s a beer on the way. I know that there’s pizza on the way. So I’m having a great time. I glimpsed the pizza on the way
in and I am concerned. Scarrs is the best for a couple
reasons one the ingredients he uses Scarr uses in his pizza unparallel he
doesn’t advertise any of this but he’s milling his own grains every morning in
the basement of this shop to make his flour. I feel like we’ve been led down a
garden path and someone’s been really polite up until now and is now just
laying the death shot down but you know what we do in this situation… We got it with some pepperoni on top. We
haven’t had any meat today. I always thought the traditional way of making New York pizza was no toppings. If you doing a plain pizza sure. Jamie said a thing and didn’t back
anything up. As long as it doesn’t go over board with the toppings. No yeah this pizzas all about balance.
Exactly. I know you’re like a guest and we should give you a little bit of respect. But you’re taking the ***** It’s kind of unfair. You’ve got pretty crispy
on the bottom right but like there’s that chewy layer that’s right on top so
you get the chew and the crisp you can see the sauce through the cheese like
there’s cheese on here but there’s just as much sauce. Pepperoni cup the
pepperoni cups you’re like right along the edge. Super crispy grease in the
middle like this is just a flavor bomb and it’s balanced. I mean obviously
adding the pepperoni takes an already great high up to the next level
anyway. But the texture with that base is so moist. Do you know what I’m
kind of missing the basil like the big hit of basil. That was very good, I think we
might need to have a chat. Altright you guys hopped across the pond showed
up in New York City. First time truly diving into the pizza scene. What were your
thoughts what were your opinions? I think to come to New York and try New York’s best
pizza for the first time and actually find the best place it’s quite
an impressive feat. I may have used this analogy before. Pizza is like sex there’s
no such thing as bad pizza but I also think today we found really really great pizza. So as the only neutral in the group I
thought I’ve had three fantastic pizzas but two of which I feel like I could
have had anywhere in the world and thenm still be 2 fantastic pizzas. But only one
of them was a New York pizza and therefore New York’s best pizza.
Let’s talk money I mean how much do we reckon James’ was. I would say the
average average plain pie in the city from just a very run-of-the-mill
pizzeria it’s probably 18 bucks for a large. Ok so you went for a margherita.
Basic but beautiful. 16 bucks. But we were in the oldest pizzeria in America and I
think they’re going to play off that when it comes to cash.
22. I would say 19 bucks. Oh no even 20 even 20. My pizza was 24.50. Right what you reckon we pay for mine.
Rubirosa Pie I would say 25 bucks but based off what James’ was it was a
posher establishment. If you were eating in yeah I’d say like 26. I’m gonna say 22.
you thought my pizza was worth less than yours? It was 28 dollars and 31 cents Do you guys reckon you know how much this
Scarrs pie went for? I’ve got a funny feeling it’s cheap and annoyingly cheap I reckon
like 22. Quality wise I want to say it’s really expensive but being thereI wanna say it’s really cheap and therefore my answer is $20 on the nose. I’m gonna
say 24. Plain pie 22 with pep 26 That’s a lot of pizza for the money. Well if that hadn’t
already have been the winner I think that’s like cemented it for me. Like I
said I’d go to scarrs if I was showing someone around but I feel like they serve
really different purposes. I’m discounting Jamie’s a little bit
right now even though it was delicious. Hey mate. Soz. If I’m looking for like dirty greasy
pizza that’s just absolutely delicious and explodes in my mouth with flavor.
Scarrs and I’m looking for something fresh something like I could probably
have eaten that whole pizza I’d probably go to Lombardi’s. Guys what do you think did
we pick the right one? Would you pick something completely different?
You’re probably already going nuts in the comment section down below but if
not, now’s the time! As you can tell, Alex knows his stuff when it comes to food. Bon Appetit YouTube channel we’re doing
everything we’re doing home cooking videos we’re doing funny fermentation
videos I have a series where I go to different cities and eat a completely
ridiculous amount of a single food in one day to figure out what the best is.
Actually just I guess this is why you guys have me on I just did a best New
York slice video so if you guys want to check that out I’d appreciate it.
All the links are downstairs go check out Bon Appetit and we’ll see you in the
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below thanks and hope see you in a few days. I’m James I’m a chef. I’m an American I know pizza. I’m Barry Taylor, I take photos.

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