New Wrap Reveal on my 200,000 Mile Ford Raptor!

I wrap the project has been on ice for a little bit mr. steel kid a lot of planning do the weeding process peace TOB totally unique one-off beam wrapping hey everybody Steve with Steve’s POV here and my Raptor project has been on ice for a little bit but guess what it’s back up and it’s going again and I’m gonna show you what we got going on this is now where I take these trucks it’s not just gonna be your average Raptor going around what’s gonna be Steve’s POV totally unique one-off themed Raptor and that’s what we’re working on right now check this out let’s go alright so for those of you who didn’t catch the episode where I was planning with the kid Christian over there that’s a musical side he’s running away from the camera every time but now Christian over there this is Alpha restyling here in Chatsworth and Christian has been an integral part of this from day one in fact from the moment I bought it before I bought it back while I was getting screwed over by a Texas party I was right here Christian’s place do it remember that person mystic mr. Steele mr. Smith you’re seeing well thank you mr. Steele’s for screwing me over because you know what I wouldn’t have gotten my two hundred thousand mile rafts there if it wasn’t for him right Christian like I like to say man it’s the positive way to spend things you always you look at the good in something right sometimes bad stuff happens for a reason mr. seals I’m actually now that I look back I don’t want to thank you sir I want to thank you for being you thank you anyway so here we are we got an awesome theme that we got going Christian help me plan the saddle out of it the theme is of course satin black on the tan and then from there we were think it’s been a lot of time first and I kind of thinking about what we wanted to do for the truck right kind of where we’re going we want it to be unique to wanted to be different than what it like anybody else’s Raptor or anything else that’s you know they hate capping up in that guy you know no it’s all original here but we wanted to see me together and start scheming together the car and first thing the theme together from was the skyline right right and you know that was all zero fighter themed out this is an American truck so the thought was and by the way to Schiphol designs was totally then at this point we were with scaffold and with Scott and they thank you to them really really thank you because what we’re about to do to this truck ultimately was laid out and designed by with our input of course and I guess taking a zero fighter the skyline look and an American truck or an old American dude like me the who goes back to American muscle cars think Mustangs think gt350 thinks of a way that you might combine my skyline right we’ll put a picture over here somewhere and a gt350 or a Mustang or something of a muscle car and make it work on a truck like this for Steve’s POV starting with I brought him a totally nasty dirty truck you have to see their face when I pulled in with it but you know what they’re uh they’re doing what needs to be done to prep it and get it ready and I can’t wait to see this thing start laying out so hey man thanks always appreciate your [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so we got the truck inside we just got finished pressure washing it and shampooing it and kind of cleaning it up as best as we can and I came in and Christian advice and I grabbed a towel microfiber and I start using some alcohol on the areas that we’re gonna be Clinton the rap on right and people don’t know exactly at this point what the raft is or what it is so we’re just gonna fall wrap for now it’s a little different than your average wrap I write pretty unique idea here so we wipe that down and it’s still filthy so now we’re doing some clay clays the next up we’re gonna try to smooth out get all the what do you call that we do any contamination underneath the contamination that’s the word of the day contamination we don’t want that in it be under the wraps so contamination is coming off and then next step is what we’ll do some alcohol again some solvent right yeah we basically just want to make sure that there’s nothing underneath because we don’t want the film to lift back up later on that’s a step that skips sometimes and that’s why you see some perhaps bubbling and we don’t what do they say it’s like 90% the prep work and 10% actual ORS isn’t they’re saying like that I think that’s something like that paid to all of this gotta prep correctly in order to get a good job done so that’s what we’re doing so alright next step coming up [Music] we’re working simultaneously not a couple of things we’ve got the the cutouts is that what you technique to all this or what these are decals the decals and they’ve all kind of got to be taken apart huh yeah it’s called weeding weeding we’re weeding here we are we aren’t reading he’s reading where we aren’t but we’re having at the same time we’re doing simultaneous that’s a weeding right there huh look at that you got it the weeding process we’re weeding and we’re also planning a hey we got a Ferrari project coming up real soon right Christian and kid so the kick-out stop down here and what we’re doing is looking some colors and think about what are we gonna do on the wrap for the Ferrari the goal is this you want to tie together all the cars right so we’ve got the we got the skyline now we’re have the rafter you’re gonna see pretty soon and then we kind of want a some outfit the Ferrari into it too for the real JDM craves you kind of feel to it so the question is what color and the kid kid which colors are you leaning forward you’re in the blue family no you’re not you like these blues huh something like that or something like this something in this family huh and as the main color and a Christian we were talking about some hologram and stuff to where we not yeah do some carbon or do some hologram overlays yeah so because we want some blast on the thing don’t we so hologram overlays on top of our main body color plus some kind of theme then we need a multi I mean I think all of our cards got this theme we’re going right we’ve got this strike that we’re gonna see on this thing and you’re gonna see what’s coming so we got to figure that out too there’s a bit of thinking on this I don’t know I don’t see it yet I’m not feeling it quite yet back to the drawing board let’s discuss kid a lot of planning to do this is not easy work I’m sweating plus there’s about 120 degrees in everybody Christian you feeling the Japanese influence there that we could build into this yeah I am somehow fitting old school new school we got to use my stripe you know I like the LEDs I like light so it’s gonna be a real mishmash kind of thing of a whole different types of styles but I’m kind of thick you know I like all the grungy kind of like we’ve been doing it with the truck we’ve been doing it with that so I want to take the old and grunge but I wanna put together the kind of the new and the flash and the LED so I don’t know we’re far from decisive on what we’re doing yet but tomorrow I’m gonna call up Schiphol we’re gonna discuss what we were discussing here and let’s see what we can come up with man but I see a a pretty awesome Ferrari taking shape and in your future definitely absolutely all right let’s think about let’s keep going [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] what time is a man 2:45 in the morning it just shows you that things take time right takes time to do nice work but is that not hot I mean is that not as nice as it is Joseph man you kicked ass on this project man out for reciting just killed it for me on this this thing’s so I’m so tired just like about the time I start waking up in the morning so you guys to be here stay this late for me so we knocked it out a little thing we got one little portion left we’re gonna do the taillights right but tonight at 2:45 we’re gonna we’re gonna we’re gonna call it quits for tonight we’ll get back on the taillights it’s not a big deal the truck looks so freakin cool you guys put it together what do you think great it looks awesome Joseph I think it’s beautiful great design great finish and a big shout out to skip Oh huh for a reading for helping me with this look of it this is very cool kirsta for those who may not understand what this hill is clear matte clear film right right and on the Mac to your film we painted this or we printed the distressed or I guess is a good way to Paulette or the kind of semi clear semuc distressed color satin black to match with everything else and to give us more than anything this is what I was talking about before this line this is the strike you see the stripe this stripe came from the skyline skyline has this stripe and that stripe right there comes from muscle cars right from my muscle car heritage of cars that I grew up around so what a better way to celebrate an all-american truck then with something that’s completely unique and different meaning parts of my skyline parts of something that’s that’s American and in Ford and GT 350 gt500 Mustang Shelby’s and stuff like that this wouldn’t have gotten done without these guys they stay here till almost 3:00 a.m. by the time we clean up it’ll be three something in the morning but you know what I’m not even tired now I’m so excited to get out and drive is and I can’t wait to the morning pick it out and drive around see what people’s reactions are all right it’s gonna be awesome so thanks guys so much I appreciate it for styling Chatsworth California my friend Christian Joseph’s stop by here man tell him Steve sent you over and you won’t regret it man awesome work awesome work thanks dude what a bit [Music] you

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