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100 thoughts on “New College ROOMMATES, Will We Get Along???

  1. Not to be rude or anything but my moms name is beth and her moms name is tina and they are really mean to me so im kinda sad about the names but ik that they cant help it but ya.. 😢

  2. You should name the house something aesthetic maybe the green leaf since there’s so many plants? Or maybe the bay house since like Baylor. Idk ❤️

  3. Bethany and I are literally the same person!!!! My sister and I are best friends, my favorite color is yellow, and I'm obsessed with theatre!!! My sisters a theatre performances major also!!!

  4. You should name the house "baiybritchrisbrook" because it stands for bailyn, brittany, Christina and, Brooklyn. Or you could name it igloo because it is a cool place to chill lmao. By the way I love your guys and your vids.

  5. I really like the Tipton bc you guys are actually that show. The talks the dumb one and that blonde one. Oh I don't mean this to offend any of you.

  6. So my grandmas name is Tina and mine is Bethany my sisters middle name is Brooklyn and her first name rhymes with Bailey. Whack. (Sorry this is so late I have been super busy)

  7. you guys should do another twin viedo where you guys dress the same and act the same and have your friends be blindfloded and have them tell you guys apart

  8. When are we going to get a house tour. I love y’all and if you could heart and reply to this comment it would mean the world to me!!💕😊

  9. It's kinda creepy if you really think about it…. Bethany was a fan that pretty much stalked her way into your lives and now that she's your roommate she probably watches you in your sleep.

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