New Amazon Lumberyard Community Gamedev Forums Announcement | Lumberyard Announcements

New Amazon Lumberyard Community Gamedev Forums Announcement | Lumberyard Announcements

Game devs! This is your community manager Aman and I
realize you’ve never actually seen me in front of camera so… hey! But also guess what? We’ve got new forums, and it’s filled with
a ton of new features that we did not have before. It’s more organized, has better user experience,it’s
significantly faster. It’s mobile friendly, so you can read or post from your phones. And if you’re like me and hate hitting that
pesky next button to load in every comment, reply or all of the things, all the content.
There’s a really cool feature in there called just in time loading feature, which basically
flows in conversations as you scroll through the page. There’s also dynamic notifications. If someone quotes, mentions or replies to
your posts, all of the above items get pushed to your notification area close to real time. Badges! Like most communities, badges are a great
way to represent your digital self. Keep an eye out on the forums for a updated
post on the community specific badges. Trust me, they’re gonna be really cool. Emojis. Yes, why not all the emojis, also my personal
favorite all the GIFs. They say a picture’s worth 1000 words. Now let’s just throw in a bunch of pictures
together and call it a format. We also have tags, which is a great way to
organize your content, your posts in a orderly fashion. And we can send personal messages now or private
messages if you will or DM’s for all the cool kids out there. And that’s just a couple of points from a
long list of features on the forums. So what do you get out of it? Well, the forums is a great way to keep track
of conversations. It’s also a knowledge base, it is the one
source of truth for updates, news, projects, all the content, just all the content related
to Lumberyard from the Amazon Lumberyard team. Not only that, the Lumberyard forums is where
the Amazon Lumberyard development team primarily resides. So if you want to have a direct conversation
with them, report a bug, leave feedback or even just yell. Don’t do it, just post it. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the new Lumberyard forums
at Sign up, post some stuff. Let us know your thoughts in the comments
in the forums. Actually, not even the comments section below. Go right to the forums. All the way to the forums, and I’ll see you

Danny Hutson

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