New Amazon Fire TV HD Antenna Box Bundle ► The Deal Guy

New Amazon Fire TV HD Antenna Box Bundle ► The Deal Guy

– Today, how to cut the cord, get live TV, and a new deal on Fire
TV to make it happen. Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. You might know me from
your local TV station or USA Today, or you may just know me from YouTube, the place where I find huge deals every day, all the deals located right under this video window. None of these items are paid products. Amazon is not paying
me to talk about them. And my favorite deal on Fire TV, which we’re gonna put
to the test in a moment, incorporates a new antenna bargain. I’ll take you through it step by step. But first, if you are not
yet subscribed for freebies and alerts moving forward,
click the subscribe button you see on your screen for a chance to win a free Fire TV and more
deals moving forward because today, an entire cord cutting kit. Make sure you save money without losing your favorite TV shows. Let’s start with Fire TV. Most of you have heard of the
streaming system from Amazon, but it now has an HD
antenna package add on. The brand new bundle that I found includes the Amazon Fire TV with 4K capabilities, if your TV is up to that standard, a voice activated remote control, a top rated HD TV antenna and an HDMI cable, plus of course, you can pay to add your favorite premium
services on their own, like HBO, without the need to pay for a full cable or satellite package. It is at the lowest recorded
price in the country, brand new, located right
under this video window. Pay for the bundle once, never pay again. Let’s head into my home where even with a smart TV, I will tell you
that despite its interface, Amazon Fire TV is still
the fastest, most crisp, and again, the buffering
speed’s absolutely phenomenal when it comes to loading video. And I know that I don’t
work for FOX, I work for various other TV stations, but let’s just showcase that on X-Files. Its load time, its video
quality on the spot with an average internet
connection, amazing. And then if I wanted to
add on Showtime or any a la carte options, this
is a great way to save. And the Amazon HDTV antenna delivering over the air great video
quality, as good as the top antennas I’ve tested in the past. And again, this Fire TV bundle comes with a 50 mile ultra thin
Amazon Basics HD antenna which has a 40 dollar value on its own. So now for the unboxing of Fire TV, you get the batteries, you get
the voice activated remote. The actual unit, which
we are giving away free to subscribers is this
size, so very small, it comes with the HDMI cables and then the 50 dollar valued antenna,
which is the 50 mile version one, that comes here from Amazon Basics. This is black or white,
depending on what side you use. If you’re looking for
other ways to cut the cord, Sling TV is another cool
way to make it happen. It involves a 20 dollar
monthly fee, but if you click somewhere right here, I’ve got a full demonstration of Sling TV. If you are already
subscribed, you are the best, you benefit my life more
than you will ever know. For free stuff, click the subscribe button you see on your screen right now. You’ll be signed up for that and all of my biggest daily deals. To turn on your alerts, you’re gonna see a wheel beside the subscribe button. On a mobile device, it looks like this. Click the box, turn on
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buy any item I feature? There’s a link right
under this video window. Click the show more tab and every link I have for every deal is right there. There you go, you are awesome. Thank you so much for watching.

Danny Hutson

26 thoughts on “New Amazon Fire TV HD Antenna Box Bundle ► The Deal Guy

  1. Matt, I always go to Asia but only to the countries where it's warm during the winter months. I also change every year but Thailand is my anchor. I always fly into Thailand spend a week or so getting used to the weather and the culture. This year I went to Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand. I spend a month in each country… 30 days for each Visa. I'm currently working on my trip for next year and I'm going back to India. Thanks for all of the wonderful deals.

  2. Hi Matt, thank you for the information regarding the new Amazon Fire TV HD antenna box bundle from Amazon. I purchased the item and should be arriving tomorrow Saturday May 7,2016. I am going to record the process from the moment I open the box, through the steps to install this device and disconnect the receiver from DirecTV. I will also record the process that takes in order for me to find the free channels in my location and to get the Amazon Prime videos until the moment I press the button and watch free TV! I hope this will help your subscribers see the process and hopefully, it all goes smoothly. I'll update you at a later date. Thank you for the information map and I hope you continue to give us really great information about products that will make our lives easier thank you.Sincerely,

  3. Hi Matt, I live in the country and it's been difficult to get internet access. Approximately, 5 years ago I purchased a device from Sprint, sprint overdrive pro. It would allow us to access internet, wirelessly. I had children that needed to do homework thst required Internet. That device was unlimited data for a fixed $62.+ change/month. The device was replaced 2X, battery 3x's. I contacted Sprint and recorded my conversation with a Rep. She suggested I buy a newer device (2yrs?) Called Mi-Fi 500 for $100 and it would allow more devices and the same unlimited data, same price. I asked and recorded her verifying at least 4x's no change in my unlimited data plan $62.+/month. I rec'd bills into the thousands now. They owe me s refund of all I had paid to keep my svc on. After many calls,foreign workers,language barriers and finally reaching a supervisor that stated Sprint was wrong(I recorded this) she put notes updating my info. And said I would get my refund in 2-3 days. Didn't happen. Went through phone calls again. Finally, another supervisor. She appologized, (recorded) and said she fixed it and no more probs."Checks in the mail" again! Nothing! I have notes and dates with my contacts. There is a verbal contract and Sprint won't honor. Now they are sending to collection even though they owe me thousands of dollars. I tried sending my information to different news channels to have an Investigational Reporters help me the consumer vs Sprint. I haven't received any replies to my Desperate Emails.This is a David vs Goliath case.Please Matt, if you can Help my family with this, I would be in deepest gratitude. Sincerely, Andrea ElliottP.S.We, ( people ) that live in rural areas don't have many options for internet.My son found a Internet provider that uses an antenna device. We are in a trial period. It costs me more, but my last son needs it for assignments. I have more information regarding other contacts i made with Sprint.Matt, maybe you can research devices that would provide quality Internet to the many many, of us held hostage by large companies. (Please)

  4. Thank you, Matt.
    It is rare for someone to do what you, research, purchase, demonstrate and try and give your reviews on various products without any bias or kickbacks. Similar to Consumer Reports, with fees and of course, your energetic and positive YouTube videos! Love what you do and I often purchase items you have researched that will save my family of 5 money! Keep up the great work, I'm a huge fan.

  5. Maestro, I don't know if I originally commented on this before (3 months ago) but going back I found that this deal has dropped from $124 to $109, so it's an even better deal. Thought I'd pass this along… God bless!

  6. This sounds great, but for someone that watch a lot of TV and have kids and 4 tv's in my home that get used on the regular, this doesn't seem too appealing.

  7. Do you have to switch inputs if you want to watch OTA TV or does FireTV integrate local channels right into its interface with the antenna?


  9. WHY CAN'T you state what part of the USA this works best in? East West Mid North or South?
    For example, that HD antenna is for UHF will only pick up a few channels according to the FCC website

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