NEVER TRUST EINSHINE (Trouble in Terrorist Town)

Girl: You want my dick pic, sir? Girl: You can have my big dick pic. Mee: This is a fucking mess. Einshine: He’s trying to kill me! Mee: Why am I being shooted?
Where am I being shooted? Mee: Fucking RDMer! Stop! Mee: Fucking RDMer!! “Fucking RDMer!” Mee: Why’d you kill me? Fucking asshole!
Shine: He was a traitor! baker0404: It was the end of the round. Calm down. Mee: I’m going to fucking kill you! He’s gonna shoot you. Shine: I have 17 health. Guy: What the fuck?
Guy 2: The detective just RDM’d. Shine: What the fuck? What the fuck? Shine: “Ima report that” Shine: Let’s make them kiss.
Let’s make them kiss. *Fan fiction joke* Shine: I wanna be in the picture.
Krunchy: Okay. Shine: Let me in the picture Frank West: Fantastic! *NyanAttack singing* Shine: Oh my god… *Lisp* Sing me the song from Frozen. *NyanAttack singing a song from Frozen* Sorry, not good enough. Shine: You can’t get out of here. NyanAttack: I know, this is what they do in like
Call of Duty. NyanAttack: They put someone in a corner
and then they get really mad. Krunchy: You tried!
Shine: You tried! Legatus Lanius: Play catch with me, here.
You ready? LL: Okay, here.
Krunchy: Yeah, I gotcha. I gotcha. Nice, yeah. Good throw.
Good throw. LL: How do I fuckin’ throw this thing?
Fuck. Here, let me show you how a champion does it. LL: Yeah, yeah you do it. Ooh, oh sh– aww. Alright, for real this time.
That was just a warm up. LL: Ooh! I’ll get it, I’ll get it. Hey that’s the neighbor’s ball!
That’s the neighbor’s ball! *Gasp* And you broke Mrs. Sunshine’s window! LL: Hold on, I gotta go get it. Hey, since we lost our balls, we can play catch with the dead bodies. LL: Oh that’s awesome. Here, let’s see if this will work. I think I got this. LL: I am so bad. See, the trick is yelling “Kobe!” right before you throw it. LL: Ko-… LL: Kob? LL: Mother-! This is my little baby. I’m going to take care of her. Shine: Oh no!
Krunchy: Oh no, baby! No! LL: Guys, watch me do this 360 no-scope, guys.
Watch, watch, watch. LL: I hit it. I hit it. Shine: No, it’s my girlfriend. She’s my girlfriend! NyanAttack: Oh yes, I’m totally your girlfriend. 100%. *Everyone repeating “My girlfriend”* Shine: Surround her! Trap her. Shine: Girlfriend. Girlfriend. Shine: Oh, she killed me! Shine: Watch me, okay? Shine: Goodbye, cruel world! Shine: What the fuck? Umm… Do you really have a boyfriend? I betcha I’m bigger and taller than he is. NyanAttack: Yes, I do. *Einshine applauding* Shine: Watch this, I’m going to snipe her.
NyanAttack: Hi, love! How are you? *Lisp* I’m good, girlfriend.
I want you to be my girlfriend in real life. Shine: Pew! Pew! Pew! She was gonna answer. She was gonna be my girlfriend! Shine: She’s my girlfriend! Oh my god, you fucking suck! Shine: You’re so bad! Madness (Ironic name): Dude, quit calling for a medic and be a fucking medic. Fat voice: We need to pick a new map, god dammit! *Mimicking fat* God damn it! sneaky little weasel: Shut up. There’s no fuckin’ medic. Someone go engie. Weasel: Someone go what? We need an engineer! wormwood: This is not Team Fortress, guy.
Krunchy: Engineer! Engineer! Weasel: K, dude. Serious. Weasel exercising what little power he has in life: This is the only warning you’re gonna get. Wormwood: Just freaking gag him so he can’t type. Weasel: I’m gonna gag him in a second. Shogun Shithead: Yeah gag em! *Mimicking fat* Yeah gag him! Pussy admin. Owned! Double owned! Did you see that triple kill shit right thar? Wormwood: Why is this guy not gagged? Weasel: I don’t know… Wormwood: Just ban him. How ’bout that? Krunchy: Just ban him!
Gral.PaRaSiTe: You’re gonna get banned dude! PaRaSiTe: Shut the fuck up!!! PaRaSiTe: Ban his ass, dude! Wormwood: How is it that there are this many admins on, and they’re not doing anything? I don’t understand… PaRaSiTe: Duuude, SHUT THE FUCK UP! Fatass Admin: I got rid of one of em. *Mimicking* Wormwood: Oh don’t start du- Lew Boo: Later, loser! We’re taking the elevator! Lew: He has to buy again. Lew: Let’s see what he gets. Lew: Haha, you’re not going to make it to the elevator. Lew: Goodbye. Lew: Alright, we about to take the elevator? Lew: Alright… Lew: I got the picture. John F. Kennedy: But I want it! *DSP laugh*

Danny Hutson

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