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and I am going to give it to you Brian to tell me about your experience. I’m Brian, and I’m a grateful addict in recovery, and my sobriety date is January 26, 2017 my dad had brought me to the Safe Station on the top of Main Street Amherst Street and my life changed immediately. My dad rang the buzzer, he’s like “Can you help my son?” Immediately six or seven firefighters came to my aid. I was crying, I didn’t really feel well. I was immediately in detox, and I felt a relief when they came to my aid. I felt like a new person almost and I didn’t really feel that that pain in that detox I just felt relief, and I’m very grateful to be here today because if it wasn’t for the safe station or Harbor Homes or Keystone I probably wouldn’t be here speaking today. And I’m very grateful. I’ve changed my way of life today and a better outcome of my future. It’s just been so real I showed up there at the at the safe station and they immediately took my vital signs, open hands I even hugged all the the firefighters because I didn’t know what to do. I was scared and they immediately took my blood pressure. They asked me what I was using I was using heroin and it was really tough for me. I thought it was going to get arrested because I had all my stuff on me I really I was like “Am I gonna get arrested?” they’re like no I’m like okay good so I felt relieved and my dad, the look on his face because he brought me there and it was just the the faith in his eyes just like was finally he got it. Because he always told me about the safe station I never wanted to listen, I was always scared to ask for help that was I was really scared to ask for help and I didn’t want to go through the detox again because my second time doing this, and the first time I thought 28 days you’re over. No. My sobriety continues forever because if I go back out there there’s this is my last chance. So I showed up at the safe station it was about 11 o’clock in the morning, immediately ten minutes after they took my vital signs two gentleman picked me up in a pick up truck and my dad was like it’s all right Brian these guys are going to help you out, and I felt safe. I really did. I’m like I’m finally doing this, this is great. They took me to Harbor Homes and that’s where I met Roxy my dad I was very very sick I was shaking I was throwing up in the bathroom Roxy was helping my dad to fill out the application as quick as possible because I was going through immediate detox and I know how that feels because I’ve done it in jail and it’s not fun but it’s a lot easier here than jail I’ll tell you that. completely helped me out Roxy was very helpful trying to calm my dad down, calm me down, and we got through the paperwork and she was right there telling me everything was going to be okay and I trusted her I really did and like like they say these doors are always unlocked you can leave whenever you want but I knew I couldn’t leave here I didn’t want to leave here because I really felt like I was wanted. I didn’t get pushed away and get talked down on just because I was an addict you know and that felt really comforting it’s really comfortable to know that people really care about addicts today and this program is amazing and Roxy led me downstairs to where the 11 beds are and they immediately, Roxy said everything’s going to be okay we’ll check up on you and I was going through rough times down there but they gave me muscle relaxers and clonidine to help with the detox and it was rough sleeping at night but I knew what I had to do to get through this it was only a week I was down there for a week and Roxy really pushed me through to get me to the next level and she was always coming to check up on me the nurses are here amazing it’s like they’re all moms to me like they always like every time I come here for appointments I see him they’re like Brian he looks so good I gained 60 pounds in two months that’s a pound a day. I’m 91 days clean today and this is the longest sobriety I’ve had in 18 years. My life became unmanageable and I was the age of 15 just started with weed, and weed can lead up to different drugs, and it has. when I left the rest of the rest of Center here I was informed that I was going to Keystone I was scared didn’t I’ve never been a keystone before so I didn’t know what the outcome was going to be so Roxy said everything’s gonna be okay you’ll do fine you’ll see people that you probably know there and John came to come pick me up from Keystone and I felt welcome right away. He was like you want to smoke a cigarette? go ahead. and I’m like yeah been down here a week so I did that and then I was on my way to my my new life. My new life was beginning I finished the 28-day program at Keystone I wanted to further my recovery Keystone the staff and everybody are amazing. The food is great the staff is great they feed you really well and they’re just it’s so open it’s so opening like I don’t even want to leave like I love it there and um you these people grow on you and we grow on them too and and it’s just like they have activities for us they give us smoke breaks and some people don’t you know and they really care about you and your well-being it’s it’s really clean there and we give us chores to do every week just to keep us busy I’m always volunteering and if it wasn’t for all these people more than I can name then I wouldn’t be here today and like I’m just so proud to represent and be up here and speak today and share my experience because it’s it’s real and I feel way better than I had three months ago and I believe myself I believe in the program and it’s awesome like alex is always there for me at Keystone she always gives me a smile to ask her how she’s doing all the time the hallways and she she sees a brighter person in me like I weighed 160 when I first one there I’m Way 225 now that’s a healthy Brian and I love it I do I try to keep myself busy I go to meetings every day I try to every night and with the meetings and the program there they teach you about the tools you can use in the future I haven’t filled up that tool belt yet but I have it’s pretty much full and I have the tools to go out there that will cause triggers I know what to do I’m always around down when I’m downtown by myself I always have a meeting that I’m around because they tell you this they they tell you what you can do, what you can expect and now I’m in the three-month program I I’m very grateful to be in the three-month program I get to go out and they trust me out there and I trust myself and that’s a big part because Nashua is where I was doing my thing and today I care about my kids I care about Keystone I care about my family and it’s tremendous of what how much hurt I put out there but I’m so willing to rebuild those bridges today with this program and my the thing is my dad went that once he puts me that once he drove me to the followed me here he went back to the firehouse and thanked every one of those firefighters and said my son’s my hero thank you for saving his life and whenever I hear that from my dad like I can go out there and do activities with him today like I can go out and celebrate his birthday and we can go bowling and I used to remember you’d be able to do that I would always have to use to do that and I’m grateful that I can go to sleep at night and wake up with a bright bright outlook you know and where I’m living right now I love it I completely do it said if you see people go I’m always curious on how they’re doing some don’t make it and some do. and that’s the that’s … it’s real because this addiction wants us dead and it’s not going to kill me though you know I’ve already been there I hit rock bottom and I can’t go back to that place so and I won’t but it I signed up for the six-month program I’m really grateful for for Keystone like I said and my discharge deed is June 2nd but I’m looking at Rise Above and the Gatehouse to further my sobriety because I’ve never done I don’t want to be done because I never want to go back and I can’t thank Nashua and the state of New Hampshire for these programs that have given me another chance at life because it like I said I want to be back with my kids one day. I can send them money today that I haven’t been able to do in a long long time they actually got it yesterday for the birthday I sent them $200 and if I had that money in my pocket three months ago I would have been down you know and I’m just glad I can hold on to money and buy things I need today and I share and I give to other people that’s so that’s the Brian that people expect and it really feels good and I just can’t thank them enough and if I left anybody out I’m sorry but I really do think everybody that’s helped me out Keystone, Harbor Homes and the safe station because it all started at the safe station but I’m glad that there’s these other programs too and that’s my experience and I’m very grateful to be here today thank you very much I told you that would be the best part of today

Danny Hutson

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