Narrativa para una novela gráfica – Curso online de Charles Glaubitz

Narrativa para una novela gráfica – Curso online de Charles Glaubitz

I’m Charles Gaubitz, a multidisciplinary artist
specialized in graphic narrative. I do commercial illustrations
as well as very personal pieces. I created “Starseeds,”
published by Fantagraphics, one of the most important
publishing houses for comics. Plus, I’ve self-published other comics
like “Once Upon a Time in Tijuana.” All the stories are metaphors
about a character’s search for wisdom or freedom, this is why reading stories
is comforting, because we all want to
embark on the path that eventually reveals
what we really are. I love stories
about heroes from the past, quantum physics and everything
hiding behind reality’s cloak, I also let the subconscious do its thing
by letting it control the pencil, this is the only way I can create freely
and create personal content. In this course, you’ll learn my process
for creating a new graphic novel and you’ll create a narrative
from the digital sketch to the inking. As a final project, you’ll adapt Lewis Carroll’s poem “Jabberwocky”
as you wish. I’ll talk to you
about the poem we’ll use as a the narrative base
to develop the story and we’ll use the hero’s journey method
to analyze it. We’ll discuss archetypes and we’ll go over some things
that will help us to create characters. We’ll discuss grids and their variants, and later start our freehand sketch
in the sketchbook. Later, we’ll scan our sketches
into Procreate and start digitalizing. We’ll focus on creating light and shadow
to add depth, volume and weight. Later I’ll show you the materials
and tools I use to draw. We’ll print the sketch
to polish it by hand and then move onto the final phase,
the inking. After this course, you’ll have
narrative bases to write and draw comics
that you can share digitally in fanzines
or as a part of your portfolio. To take this course,
you just need basic drawing knowledge, drawing materials and,
if you have it, a tablet with Procreate. This course is for anyone who wants to
tell stories through their drawings. Embark on a hero’s journey
and the voyage of writing with images. Narrative Techniques for Graphic Novels
A course by Charles Glaubitz Sign up at Create. Share. Learn.

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