My Internet SCANDAL

Hi everybody, I’m Amanda the G and let’s talk about the closest thing that I will ever have to an Internet scandal most likely I highly doubt any of you saw this, but if you did I posted a picture on Instagram and it was literally up for 10 minutes and you know what we gotta talk about why I posted a picture of myself in a corset this corset and just like then, now I’m not really very tight in this thing like It’s not tightened all the way and there’s a few reasons for that Number one is that I’m doing it myself But number two and more importantly is that I’m taking it off myself, and I want to be able to get it off when my body says it’s time to get this off which PSA for anyone wearing a corset for the first time or who hasn’t worn a corset before it is thinking about it the second your body start saying I kind of don’t think I want to be in this anymore You need to take the damn thing off and also a little PSA You can’t just like take the thing off You have to unlace it, if it’s a real boned corset like this is anyway that is not at all really what this story’s about well I mean kind of but not really I posted the picture on Instagram of Myself in this corset no makeup nothing and I figured I would just get you know Some likes maybe some comments and that would be it because that’s basically the essential thing that happens to me on instagram is most people just kind of see my posts and just go by them or don’t see them at all or just like the post And maybe give like a little emoji comment or something and move on and I figured that would be what would happen But no in the 10 minutes that I had this post up I didn’t get like a buncha likes and a bunch of comments I mean there were a couple but really not I got a shit ton of direct messages So let’s look at all the people that slid into my DMs and what they thought was appropriate to send to me. and then a photo now I didn’t click to see this photo because if you don’t know this about Instagram when you get messages from people that you don’t follow it goes into this little other folder and you can just choose delete all You can delete individual ones you can accept them or you can block them and it doesn’t show you any of their photos and Incidentally this exact same guy also sent me a failed video chat because of course I’m not video chatting you I have a feeling that if I video chatted you you’d be jerking yourself off And if I looked at that picture, it’d be a goddamn dick pic that I didn’t ask for another photo, which I’m assuming is another dick pic and at that point I Was just done cause that was about when the failed video chat started and I’m just like okay. You know what? post goes away Everybody who sent me a picture got blocked and then I just deleted all So if anyone else sent me a message in that time. Sorry people But I hit delete all and it’s all gone And I know it’s been a couple weeks since this post which is probably none of y’all saw But you know what? I am taking full advantage of the fact that I have a youtube channel that I can speak out and talk to whoever wants to actually hear this and I can rant about some of this shit. Okay? Listen I should be able to post whatever freaking photo I want to post on my Instagram and not be assaulted by dick pics Since when has this become appropriate let me answer that for you since never it’s never been appropriate It’s not appropriate stop doing it. And the thing is it’s not a compliment So nobody sit there and tell me in the comments that this was meant to be a compliment or whatever No, if you want to compliment someone Find something about them that they have control over that you appreciate and say something like that is awesome Like your art skills are awesome. Well, that’s a great compliment I clearly would never get that because my art skills are not very awesome, but Something they have control over and not for the sole purpose of trying to make a comment on something like their boobs I put on a corset I liked myself in the corset and it was the first time I had actually tied it entirely by myself So I was kind of damn proud of that fact, but you see you know and so I just took a selfie posted it on Instagram and quite frankly I just didn’t think that it would be a bombard of dick pics and I shouldn’t have to regulate my own posts to guard from other people’s dick pics that’s a reason that I have a huge problem with a lot of the stupid rules about like Clothing and shit in different places because Oh heaven forbid I show a shoulder and then my god No boys gonna be able to concentrate in class if your straps are smaller than three of your fingers and it’s one thing to look and appreciate and move on and maybe you’ll hit that little like button because you’re off doing whatever and I don’t want to think about what you’re doing whatever with but you don’t need to show me proof of that So yes, this week’s video is a little bit of rant with a little bit of edumacation just thrown right in it for you. Stay fresh cheese bags I’m gonna go take this thing off if I can manage to unlace it myself

Danny Hutson

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