(attempting to call through Skype) (Ian) Shut up!! Look, Tiffany, it’s been six months. You promised me you’d
show me your face by now. (distorted voice) Yeah, I-I don’t know. Tiffany, look. You know I hate arguing with you
’cause I love you so much. Just please show me your face. Okay, fine. Just, I gotta fix my hair, okay? I’ll be right back.
I promise. Awesome. You’re gonna make such a beautiful wife. (Tiffany) Okay, are you ready? – Yes!
– (Tiffany) Here I come. (power shuts down) No. No! No! I was gonna see
your possibly beautiful face! Tiffannnnnnnnnny! Dude, the power’s out. Yeah, no sh*t. Okay, dude, we need to get
the power back on right now because I was in the middle
of a super hot date with a possibly extremely hot girl. What are you talking about? Okay, I really didn’t want to tell
you until I married her, but I’ve been kind of
secretly dating this girl for the past six months
and I haven’t exactly seen her face yet. You can’t be serious. Yeah, I’m serious. If you’re so serious,
do the serious dance. (sighs) (dubstep music) My god, you are serious. Yeah, okay, the power’s out. The breaker probably tripped
so we just need to flip that little switchy thingie. No, no, no, no, no, no. I would definitely not go
outside if I were you. Why? Well, because the power’s
probably out everywhere, so the planes in the sky
probably also don’t have power, so they’re coming to the ground,
crashing and killing everyone. That could happen? Seriously? (dubstep music) Oh my god. Yeah, it’s serious. Look, I’d probably just give
up on her anyway. Man, look, it’s been what?
Two minutes? Dude, girls move on so quickly. She’s probably already with some other guy, if she hasn’t already been crushed
and killed by all the falling planes. No, man. This is the love of my life. I can’t give up on her now. – You haven’t even seen her face!
– I’ve seen her breasts, and they’re amazing. All we need to do is find
another way to power the computer. (shuffling) Hey, what are you doing? It’s simple physics, dude. If I build up enough static electricity,
then I can touch the computer, then it’ll come back on. Oh my god, that is never gonna work. TWO HOURS LATER Please work, please work, please work! Tiffany, I’m coming. (groans) Oh my god!
Dude, are you okay? (groans) Dude, that’s it. I’m never gonna get the power back on. I’m never gonna see
Tiffany’s possibly hot face. And I’m never gonna even be able
to take her to an Elvis concert. You know Elvis has been dead
for, like, 50 years, right? Dude, I saw him in Vegas a month ago. If the power was on right now,
I would totally Wikipedia the sh*t out of that and prove your ass so wrong. Well, if you’re serious
about him being dead, do the serious dance. No, I don’t want to– Do the f*cking serious dance. (dubstep music) Oh my god.
Oh my god! Oh my god.
I’m so cold. Everything’s falling apart. I need one of those useless foil blankets
that they always give to victims of tragedies. Here you go. Hey, you have the same
shirt as my girlfriend. I–yeah, yeah, this is a real popular shirt. You have the same
belly button hair as her too. Yeah, I mean, it’s a really– You have the same crotch bulge as her too! Dude, have you been catfishing me? Okay, yes!
Okay, yes. I catfished you. (groaning) You were moping around
like a fricking loser. (groaning) I had to do something
to raise your self esteem. By pretending to be
my girlfriend for six months?! Dude, I quit gluten for you! Yeah, and your acne cleared up. I wrote a bunch
of erotic fan fictions about us. And they all got published. We cybered for 12 hours straight! Look, dude, I was just
trying to be a good friend. (grumbles) Wait… (Anthony) What? (Anthony) What-What are you doing? This could work. You-You’re not serious. (dubstep music) F*ck my life. (Ian) Thanks for watching, guys. If you’re not subscribed already,
you can click that big ass subscribe button
and you can see our possibly beautiful faces every week. (Anthony) And if you guys want
to see bloopers from this video, and see why we said this: (both) Boner! Click the video on the left. And if you guys wanna watch us play Five Nights at Freddy’s 3–
yeah, they made a sequel to the sequel–the treequel.
Click the video on the right to watch the Smosh Games crew
scream like little bitches. Okay. (screaming) (screaming in slow mo) [Captioned by Subtitle YouTube]

Danny Hutson


  1. The power could go out in all of the world. Planes will still fly and cars will still run. Fortunatly they arent wirelessly charged.
    That is unless someone becomes dumb enough to change them so we wirelessly supply these giant flying busses with energy.

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