Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated Series | Motu patlu ki jodi | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated Series | Motu patlu ki jodi | Wow Kidz

There is going to be an exhibition that is going to exhibit the most expensive diamond crown in the world. This exhibition in Furfuri town will be the first time that this crown has ever been displayed. We will go, we surely will, but not just to see the crown. We will go and steal it, then come back. Wow boss! That was good poetry but of no use. Whenever we go to loot any exhibition Motu and Patlu catch us. Why don’t we just go as common people and enjoy the exhibition? Yes boss, we will take popcorn with us and really have fun. Keep quite you head of a corn! We are not common people! We are good as cons. Wow boss! What poetry! But again of no use, Motu and Patlu will also be there. What will you do about them? This time we will not commit the crime ourselves, my devilish mind is getting a stormy idea! We will kidnap Patlu and get Motu to rob the crown as ransom. Boss, will this idea work? I am an expert at kidnapping, come, let us prepare for the kidnapping. What happened? Motu!! We have come to kidnap you, so first we had to hit Motu on the head and knock him unconscious. What? You hit Motu’s head? Boss! I think we should run!! That is if I let you run! What are you doing? We have come to kidnap you and instead of being scared of us you are beating us up. How dare you hit my friend? What happened? Nothing, are you all right? We have kidnapped Patlu, If you want to save his life then come to me immediately. Hello!! What? I will count to three, you hand over Patlu to me or I will beat you so much. That you will not be able to recognize yourself. I am starting to count, three. Stop!! You didn’t count one and two, you went straight to three. That is cheating! Look there on that mountain, Patlu is tied up there with bombs all around him. My number two is there, If you don’t stop beating us then he will blow up Patlu. Don’t do anything to my friend, I will do whatever you tell me to do? You have to rob the diamond crown which is being displayed at the exhibition. I catch robbers, I don’t do robberies! Today you will rob! If you want to save your friends life you will surely rob. You tell me what I have to do? I will do anything to save Patlu. You will become a statue like this and stand there, as soon as you get the opportunity, you will steal the crown. Let me just see if the plaster of Paris is strong or not? Enough! or you will never see Patlu again!! Chingam sir, where are Motu and Patlu? There is no sign of them since morning. I am also looking for them, I thought I will make both of them the security in charge here. But both of them seem to have disappeared. And their phone are off. Someone sneezed behind me, but there is no one there. So who sneezed? Run away! Why are you harassing me? Who’s there? Who said sshh! Hurr? Just do your thing, sometimes statue say sshh hurr, Just look in front. Oh, sorry sir! Looks like this king got angry, but he is right I should be doing my thing. Oh my lord! “The king said”, but statues don’t talk. That is exactly what he was telling me ”statues don’t talk. Oh my god! How did he talk? This cannot talk, I must have imagined it. No! Please no! Please go away!! The statue screamed, the statue screamed! How? Statues don’t scream, you’ve come here to spy on statues or guard the diamond crown? Focus on your job. Oh, sorry sir, I’m here to guard the diamond crown, very sorry. That king was right, I should focus on my job. Chingam sir, how can a statue talk? Oh my god! Tricked again, something is not right. What is this? Aah! Oh! Ouch! Everybody go out! Oh my god! There is a rat in my pant, rat!! The exhibition is shut for the day, come tomorrow. What happened this? Oh my god! The crown has been stolen! Ok, all right. Here, take the diamond crown and let Patlu go. Hands up! Your playtime is over! Motu may have stolen the crown, but he called me and informed me of what he was doing. Thank you Motu. Put down your weapons Inspector Chingam sir or my number two will blast Patlu with the bomb. Look, he has the remote in his hand. I am not scared of any remote, duty first, you are under arrest or else? Motu and Patlu, you two have always troubled me. You have got me sent to jail so many times. You have made my life difficult, now the two of you will fight. And whoever loses, I will blow him up with the bomb. Start fighting at the count of three. One, two, and three!! I have lost, blow me up and let Patlu go! I have lost, I can’t even get up, let Motu go and blow me up! Oh! The two of you want to get blown up so that you can save the other. What friendship that is! I will break this Motu and Patlu pair today. Now there is a new rule, I will blow up the person who wins, who loses will get saved. Start the fight!! Patlu, please accept defeat! No Motu, you accept defeat! I will not let you win today. There is no other pair like Motu and Patlu! Oh my lord! I have not seen such a friendship in my 20 years of experience. They are both willing to get blown up to save each other. Today is the first time, I am really enjoying seeing Motu and Patlu. I want to see who wins and who loses! Patlu, my brain doesn’t work on an empty stomach, you do something quick. Till when will we keep fighting like this? Idea! Number two, press the remotes’ button! John will also get blown up with us! Boss! Should I press the button? No! Don’t press the button. I lose! It is difficult to win against this pair of Motu and Patlu. Chingam sir, help!! Take me to jail please! Oh my god! It’s impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. Oh sorry, It’s impossible to escape from Motu and patlu’s web.

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