Most MYSTERIOUS Discoveries In Antarctica!

From talking ice to mysterious fortifications,
here are 10 strange things that are going on in Antarctica… 10. Antarctic Volcano You know that Antarctica is covered in ice,
but surprisingly, this hostile part of the planet is actually sitting on something surprising. This year scientists made an amazing discovery
about Antarctica. It turns out there is a huge expanse of buried
volcanoes under the ice that until now, no one knew existed. And not just one or two… we’re talking
91 volcanoes! That’s a whole lot of lava… Based in the West Antarctic Rift, it’s reportedly
one of the biggest concentrations of volcanic activity in the world. Now scientists are wondering just how their
volcanic heat might affect the shrinking of Antarctica’s endangered ice. We’ve been looking at ice melting from above,
but the volcanoes could be melting the ice from underneath. The tallest volcanoes are about 1000 m (3,280
ft) high and tens of kilometers (dozen miles) across, so it’s extremely surprising they
hadn’t been found before. Even stranger is that the find was made by
an undergraduate geology student! Using an “ice-penetrating radar” he decided
to take a look at what Antarctica looked like under the ice and observed volcano-like shapes. He reported it to the geology professors at
the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and the team published their findings last year. Now the question is, just how active are they? The race is on to see just what is going on
with these volcanoes. 9. Alien Ladder When it comes to working out what’s going
on in Antarctica, Google Earth is both a blessing and a curse. It gives scientists and even amateurs access
to places most of us won’t ever be able to visit in person, but it is also a treasure
trove for conspiracy theorists who are constantly speculating on the images! An online forum got a juicy story last year
when a photo of what appeared to be a huge staircase was posted by an anonymous enthusiast. Some think it’s a stair case, others think
it’s the marks left by an alien spaceship. The weird feature was located in East Antarctica,
and fed into numerous theories concerning buried civilizations out in the snow. Of course there are more plausible explanations
such as a tech glitch, but maybe it isn’t so unbelievable. After all, people wouldn’t have thought
you’d get volcanoes under the ice till this year! Many believe it is evidence of Hitler’s
military camp, or that aliens have been landing in Antarctica. If they did let’s hope they brought their
hats, scarves and gloves… if they have heads, necks and hands to put them on that is… 8. Climate Change Soundtrack The Earth is getting warmer by the decade. Surface temperature is rising and weather
patterns are getting more extreme. If you’re not worried about climate change,
you should be! Just in October of this year, 2018, the United
Nations scientific panel issued a warning that damage and crisis caused by climate change
may affect us severely by 2040. If you don’t believe me, maybe it’s best
to let nature speak for itself. Literally!! In the Antarctic the environment is now playing
its own soundtrack. Between 2001 and 2007, a glaciologist from
the University of Chicago named Douglas MacAyeal used an earthquake seismometer on the Antarctic
ice to record vibrations, a bit like putting a glass against the wall to hear what your
neighbours are up to. This “seismic data” was then studied to
further understand how ice reacts to climate. Normally you wouldn’t be able to hear this
data but in 2015 an artists’ collective named Luftwerk raised the pitch of MacAyeal’s
recordings, making them audible to the human ear. It includes the sound of a giant iceberg breaking
off the Antarctic ice sheet. They then installed speakers in Chicago’s
North Riverside Plaza so the public could hear these mysterious sounds too. Just listen and then tell me what you think!! And now for number 7, but first if you are
new here, welcome and be sure to subscribe before you leave! We’d love to have you!! 7. Crashed Spaceship When a strange object was found in the snows
of South Georgia Island this year, it looked like UFO and alien hunters had finally gotten
their wish. The long trail leading up to the object suggested
that this thing, whatever it was, had crash-landed from another world. Located in the South Atlantic Ocean near Antarctica,
the sparsely-populated island became a major talking point on the internet. It certainly looked cool, and strange, but
just because you see something on Google Earth, doesn’t mean you know what it is! Could anyone shed more light on the subject? Conspiracy theorists had their balloon burst
by Dr. Richard Waller of Keele University in Staffordshire, England. He studied the area and noticed signs of an
avalanche, from which the so-called alien object had probably been shoved along, making
a trail in the snow as it went. In fact he said it wasn’t a spaceship so
much as a boring old rock or chunk of ice! Well not boring if you are a geologist but
extremely boring if you are hoping for a UFO. This isn’t a cast iron explanation from
Dr. Waller but it makes more sense than an alien crash landing. The island only has 20 people on it, but surely
someone would have noticed a UFO smashing into the ground? Maybe? 6. Mysterious Light Google has a lot to answer for when it comes
to Antarctica. A member of Conspiracy Depot, spotted a mysterious
object using Google Maps. Word spread and only a matter of months ago
eagle-eyed internet users were speculating over the presence of a shaft of light, which
appeared to be emanating from a black object on a mountainside. It was thought to be either a beam of light
or something reflecting light off it. It’s been described as a “lantern”,
or light pointing towards or indicating something. Some people think it is a military or research
base. Apparently people also see a miniature model
of a city nearby. Of course some people say the light is shining
on the edge of a saucer, which just landed. The most convincing is that it’s probably
just a boring old research vehicle driven by a human! With 75 research stations on Antarctica and
various snowmobiles and vehicles that scientists use to get around, it’s likely we’re checking
out some poor guy who parked his ride so he could write his name in the snow…! What do you think? What is your explanation for the image?? Let us know in the comments below!! 5. Underwater World When ice cracks it’s a pretty awesome spectacle. But there’s one thing you maybe don’t
think about when something like that happens… the water underneath. The melting Ice can often be covering the
most remarkable things and often for thousands of years. So when the famous Larsen C Ice Shelf shed
a massive iceberg this year, scientists from the BAS (British Antarctic Survey) rushed
to see what the trillion ton mass revealed. The water below the berg had been hidden from
view for an epic 120,000 years! The new environment is approximately 2,246
sq m (5,818 sq km) wide, and experts hope they can get wet for long enough to explore
all the life forms down there. After all, it is chilly down there but there
could be a whole treasure trove of new discoveries. Once the sunlight hits the water it changes
the whole system. Creatures will adapt to the new situation
and stuff gets reorganized, meaning important discoveries could be lost. Scientists have really got to be quick if
they want to understand what’s going on in this part of Antarctica…! 4. Alien Bacteria While we have just recently learnt of the
possible existence of water on Mars, we should also remember that looking closer to home
gives us an insight into extraterrestrial life. Last Christmas, a team from the University
of New South Wales ventured into the harshest parts of the Antarctic landscapes, which are
referred to as the “desert regions”. These deserts aren’t hot of course but you
will get burned to death by the cold! The scientists took soil samples and then
extracted genetic material from them. This was then put through a process called
‘shotgun DNA sequencing’ which gave further information about what could live in that
frozen wasteland. The results were pretty surprising. Two types of bacteria were found that survived
on air, or to be more precise atmospheric gases. Same thing!! By consuming these they could change the game
for alien life. If something exists that eats air, then experts
have to redefine the boundaries when sizing up what could or couldn’t live in a hostile
environment. 3. Giant Hole Ice is pretty much a constant in Antarctica
so when something dramatic happens like a big hole appearing on the surface, it makes
scientists sit up and pay attention. I mentioned ice cracking earlier but this
is a different phenomenon known as a ‘polynia’. These polynias seem to appear out of nowhere
and are divided into 2 types, coastal and ‘open ocean’. It’s believed the unfrozen patches of water
are caused by wind and warm water underneath. Last year an unusual type of polynia appeared
in the Weddell Sea which didn’t appear to have been formed in the usual way. This giant hole was said to be as large as
the state of Maine! The area has played host to a polynia before,
40 years ago. After seemingly disappearing it’s now been
making its presence felt in recent years. Scientists are trying to work out why the
polynia is happening there, and what significance it has for the Antarctic environment. 2. Antarctic Pyramids You’d think watching Antarctica on Google
Earth would be pretty boring. What is there to look at, apart from mile
after mile of snow and mountains? Well now you know there’s lots of stuff
going on!! There’s plenty to check out if you’re
into ETs and the supernatural! Enthusiasts’ brains went into overdrive
in 2016 when a cluster of pyramid shapes were spotted from above. The pyramids certainly look impressive and
resemble a snowier take on the Ancient Egyptians. Question is, are they actually human made
or alien made structures? The real truth behind the matter appears to
be they aren’t either! It’s far more likely they’re part of the
famous Ellsworth Mountains. And while they look like pyramids, chances
are they’re not. What’s deceptive about these kinds of shapes
according to researchers, is that they aren’t a perfect pyramid all the way round. So while they may look like pyramids from
one angle, from another they’d probably look like a regular mountain. Guess we have to go there for ourselves and
find out!! 1. Mysterious Structure In 2012 an internet user posted a Google Earth
image of what appears to be a buried object. Estimated to be over 14 miles in length and
over 4 miles wide, it radiates white light and also seems to be obscured by online brush
strokes, leading some to speculate Google has taken part in a cover up. What are they covering up? Apparently it’s a top secret facility owned
by the government. However, wouldn’t they have done a better
touch up job than that if they wanted it to stay hidden? Excitement grew even further when what was
described as a trail leading behind the object was also noticed. Scientists don’t appear to know what it
is, so the feedback is mainly coming from online commentators. While the possibility that it’s a submerged
UFO or scientific base is compelling, there are also more down to earth suggestions. Among these is that the bright object is simply
a reflection. Well that’s boring! At least top secret government facility is
realistic AND intriguing!! Conspiracy theorists can take heart from the
fact that no-one has gotten to the bottom of it, even after 5 years…maybe some files
will get declassified 60 years from now! Then we’ll know the truth!! Thanks for watching! Let us know what you think in the comments
below!! Be sure to subscribe and see you soon!

Danny Hutson

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