Moodle Forum Types and Group Mode

In this video we will look at the Moodle forum, We will look at the different types available for use, and how Visible and Separate Groups work in a forum. There are several types of forum available as well as the special News Forum. The News Forum is added automatically to every course. Only editing teachers can post to the News Forum. This is where general news and announcements will be posted and by default has forced subscription. This means all users in the course receive a notification when a new post is made. Notice as a student there is no button to add a new topic, and no reply link when viewing a post. A Single Simple Discussion is a forum where the teacher begins a single focussed topic. Discussion occurs by replying to this initial topic. Because there is only one topic in this forum, a single simple discussion is not compatible with group mode. A Standard Forum for General Use is an open forum where anyone can start a new topic at any time and can reply to any other post. Discussion topics are displayed in a table with the subject, who started it, how many replies it’s had and when the last post was made. A Standard Forum Displayed in Blog-like Format is another open forum where anyone can start a new topic at any time, and can reply to other’s posts. A snippet of each topic is displayed in the forum’s main page instead of the normal table. Users need to click ‘Discuss this topic’ to view the full post and to reply. A forum where Each Person posts one Discussion is just that, each user (including the teacher) has the ability to post one new discussion topic. Once the user has posted their topic. In this case, an introduction… they lose the ability to add a new topic. Anyone can reply to other posts, including their own. A Q & A Forum (or Question and Answer Forum) uses the discussion topic as a posed question. With this type of forum, students must reply with their own answer and wait for the editing time to pass before seeing other students’ replies. Once the editing time has past the student will be able to see other replies. the student will be able to see other replies. When a teacher views a Q & A Forum, they can always see all replies. Group mode can make a big difference in a forum activity. Groups need to be set up within the course first for this to work. In this example, we have a forum with Visible group mode This student is in Group A, when his group is selected from the ‘Visible groups’ drop down he can add a new discussion topic and reply to posts that are associated to his group. If the teacher has posted to All Participants then anyone in the class can also reply to this. Students can choose another group from the drop down list they can see the other group’s discussion topics but can not reply to them nor can they add a discussion. Visible groups is like splitting your students and having them sit at different tables within the same room in a face to face class they can hear conversations from other tables but can only talk to their fellow group members. When a forum has Separate Group Mode students can only see topics that are associated to their groups, or to All Participants, there is no drop down to find other group topics. Students can participate in topics that belong to their group, any topic that is not associated to any group will be read only for the students. When a teacher views a forum with Separate group mode, they can see and post to all groups. This is like splitting your students and sending them into different rooms in a face to face class. students can not see or hear what is happening with other groups.

Danny Hutson

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