Minister Kang says nothing has been decided over military intel sharing pact with Japan

Minister Kang says nothing has been decided over military intel sharing pact with Japan

well South Korean Japan get the chance
to settle their differences or would the two sides clash again I saw in South
Korean foreign ministers visit to Beijing this week during which he is
expected to sit down with their Japanese and Chinese counterparts for talks are
easy one starts a song South Korea’s foreign affairs minister kang gyeongmo
said nothing has been decided on whether Seoul will terminate its military
information sharing pact with Tokyo Minister Kang said this when leaving for
Beijing on Tuesday morning for the ninth Seoul Beijing to kill for his ministers
talk Kang and her Japanese counterpart taro kono will also be meeting on the
sidelines reportedly on Wednesday afternoon and Connie hinted that she
will once again urge Tokyo to withdraw its unfair trade restrictions on Seoul
we are still reviewing it nothing has been decided yet it’s a very difficult
situation I’m prepared to actively relay our stance and issues like Japan’s trade
restrictions in South Korea the two diplomats meeting comes just three weeks
after they met on the sidelines of the ASEAN Regional Forum in Thailand while
the two engage in a war of words at the s han regional forum has both tried to
earn support from other countries it remains to be seen whether the two will
clash again in Beijing as their leaders have seemingly softened their tones
hoskin said the ongoing dispute on Japan’s trade restrictions and South
Korea’s Supreme Court’s ruling on Japanese firms compensating Korean
laborers are expected to top the agenda Japan in July and early August imposed
trade restrictions on South Korea citing security reasons and as a result Seoul
has been reviewing whether to continue its general security of military
information agreement with Japan by this Saturday August 24 the South Korean
government will have to decide whether or not to terminate the pact G somya is
automatically renewed every year unless either party notifies the other that
it’s leaving the agreement there have been local reports that say the decision
will be made at the weekly National Security Council meeting on Thursday
meanwhile these hold Beijing Tokyo ministerial event is
slated to take place for three days starting Tuesday but the three-way talks
are expected to be held on Wednesday morning the meeting first started in
2007 to boost trilateral cooperation but it has not been held since 2016 due to
scheduling reasons ez1 Arirang news

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3 thoughts on “Minister Kang says nothing has been decided over military intel sharing pact with Japan

  1. There has been No restrictions on South Korea. Japan has just removed the special preference from South Korean. But obviously South Korea media do not say that way. Instead they just uses the same tactics- asking more money and apology from Japan. When Japan does not meet their demands. They go to other countries to bad mouth about japan. Good luck South Korea.

  2. Hahahahaha?Korean always loses to Japan?Korea is a small country for Japan? Japan has a good relationship with the US and China?

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