MikroTik Tutorial 1 – Getting Started Basic Configuration

MikroTik Tutorial 1 – Getting Started Basic Configuration

hello welcome to part one of the Mikrotik configuration series and I’m going to show you how to do the initial configuration of your router but before you start configuring it, I’m going to show you how to connect your router to your PC. So on the back of your router there are number of ports you will be connecting your ethernet cable into port any port from two to five to do the initial configuration. The reason why we are not going to use port one is that port one by default is not allowed to configure the router because it’s blocked because of firewall so there’s a firewall rule that is in a router that will prevent the router from being configured on port one. You need to plug your Ethernet cable into any port 2 3,4 or 5 and the other end of your cable you’ll be plugging that into your PC or your laptop and then you connect the your power cable into the power jack and power up your router. Next I’m going to show you how to do the initial configuration of your router so the first thing that you need to do is to open your browser and go to www.Mikrotik.comdownload and we are going to download winbox. Winbox is a tool that is used to configure your Mikrotik router it gives you a graphical user interface for easy configuration. So you’re going to download Winbox, so whatever version is there just download it and save it into a location where you’ll be able to access it easily. By clicking on link it will ask you to download a file just choose a location to save the file and press ok but I already don’t know the file so I’m going to open it and show you what you need to do next. We are going to open winbox and click on the neighbors tab and then click refresh when you click refresh what it does is that it searches the network for your Mikrotik router, at this time your Mikrotik your router should be connected directly to your PC Please remember that you should be using any port between from 2 to 5 to do the ports that you should be using just to do the initial configuration the next thing is that you’re going to click on the MAC address so you’re going to click on this area with the MAC adrees you’re not going to click on the IP address because this more likely will change during the configuration so you’re going to click on the MAC address and the user ID is admin and initially there is no password you’re going to click connect so because it is the first time you’re configuring your router it’s going to ask if you want to use the default configuration but in we’re not going to use that we’re going to configure our own. So we’re going to click remove configuration let me just open this window a bit wider alright so we’re going to use the quick-set feature to do some of the initial configuration it’s going to advise you that you could lose connectivity. We are going to click yes and you’re going to change to Home AP or WISP AP with WISP AP if you are setting up the router to offer Internet service to a number of users but we’ll be setting up the router using the Home AP and again it’s going to prompt you let them know that you may lose connection alright so the first thing that we need to set up is your internet however you’re not connected. Depending on the type of internet connection that you have you will select the appropriate setting but most internet service providers modem usually offered automatic setting so we’re going to use the automatic configuration because it usually work for most modem. If your ISP uses a different features such as pppoe or static IP you can set it to those the next step is to set your router IP address so we’re going to use the reason why were are used 5.1 is that you may have noticed that a lot of routers are using or 1.1 the reason why we’re using an IP address that is outside of that range is to prevent any conflicts with addresses. You could use any IP address that is outside of those range just to be on the safe side and for the network mask we’re going to use a slash 24 for that and we’re going to configure the DHCP service you’re going tick that also and you’re going to select a range so the range that you are going to use is one ninety two dot one sixty eight dot five dot ten and the reason why I am starting at ten instead of just in case you have some devices that you’re going to assign static IP addresses to we can actually put them in that range but you don’t need to worry about just set it to 10 for now and the ending IP address range would be and then you are going to enable NAT then click apply. Then click ok the next thing that you’re going to configure is the wireless so click on wireless and by default you see the name WLAN1 and double click on that and click on the wireless tab ensure that this is set to AP bridge, we’re going to move down to the frequency so we’re going to set the frequency to auto so this will allow the router to change frequency based on the best signal strength and based on what is happening in the in the wireless spectrum so just set it to auto and the SSID is the name of your wireless access point so we you a normally [Music] browse or search for wireless the name that I put here is the name that will come up so we’re going to leave this as Mikrotik but you can also you can use any name that you wish I’m going to click ok we’re going to configure the security profiles so click on the security profile tub and there’s one security profile name default and we are going to edit that and we’re going to change the mode to dynamic keys we’re going to tick wpa2 PSK and the reason why were using this is this is a strong because this wireless authentication type is more secure so we’re going to use that and we’re going to use a key which is the Wi-Fi password whatever password you want to use just make sure that you remember it so I’m going to put a password rhere and then click apply then click OK I’m going to close that close this window and then the next thing is next thing that you’re going to do is reboot the router so what the system [Music] system reboot and it’s going to ask you do you want to reboot your router you’re going to click yes. Your router will no be rebooting or do you know that your router is started completely by looking at it you will see the Wi-Fi light flashing and you’ll also see the port that your Ethernet cable plugged into you will see that port lit you can go ahead and plug your cable from your modem into port one and now you’ll be able to browse the internet through your Mikrotik router. So that’s it for the first tutorial on how to get started with Mikrotik, so stay tuned for more tutorials in this series. So thanks for watching [Music]

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