Meet N Quizs || Ngumpul Bareng Spammers, Pepperchacha and Sana Bunnys Cafe

hello guys, now we’re on the meet & quiz event at Island squishyshop_ind in TSM Bandung how about the one who come for far away, from Surabaya my name is Sarah, nice to meet you and i’m excited to be here with you guys today and i hope you enjoy spending time with us today hello everyone good afternoon guys my name is Chacha i came from Bangkok, Thailand now i’m 58 Kg, please pray for me. I stop spam eating so i can lose weight hello guys why it’s just 10 people that answer it? my name is Natasha, my IG is @natxspam_acc you guys have follow it right? thanks for everyone that come today, and also thanks to the parents that willing to take their child here is any of you want to be following back on IG? hello guys at what time you guys has been here? my full name is Gwenyth Jazlyn Korompis they can’t hear you my full name is Gwenyth Jazlyn Korompis why you like hamster? actually i dont like hamster, it’s my mom since when you’re wearing glasses? since i was in 4th grade hello guys, my name is Priscilla Danika Chandra and i’m 10 years old Hello guys introduce yourself i’m Michelle Angelina how old are you? i’m 10 years old, my IG is @michellexspam_acc2 have you followed it guys? what is my outfit favorite brand? So today’s event is finished and dont forget to like, comment, share and subscribe

Danny Hutson

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