Marty’s Mira Build [Part 6]

[Marty] In this episode of Mighty Car Mods The Mira is getting a new butt ((grunge rock)) [Moog] Welcome to another episode of Mighty Car Mods It is the moment that everybody has been waiting for Today, this; Hey Benny how you doing man?
[Benny] Hey man Today this is going into the white Mira, Martin, this is like The process we didn’t think we’d have to go through, but then we did have to go through So that we can put all the stuff in there that we were meant to put in there ages ago [Marty] Yeah, for true all wheel drive Miraness, this is the floor that’s required to be in THAT car Big job, but today we are pulling the floor out of that thing, last time we did the suspension It’s all gone… It basically has a date with an angle grinder [Moog] Have you done that before?
[Marty] Never
[Benny] Not to this extent [Moog] OK… So none of us have done it before ((laughing)) so uhh, it’s gonna be good [Moog] Should we just..? What do we need? A reciprocating saw… [Marty] Reciprocating saw, angle grinders, some pliers, and some hand tools… Just… just crack at it [Moog] And just cut the floor out
[Marty] Just start chopping [Moog] And then put this in… and by the time we finish this, I don’t know if it’ll be today or tomorrow, or in three years But THIS will be in THAT And the reason we’re doing it is … [Marty] All wheel drive skids
[Moog] Yep [Moog] Because otherwise the floor that’s in there doesn’t have the capacity to allow for rear drive shafts [Marty] No where to put any of the rear end. No bolt points, no nothing No differential mounts… all in that [Moog] Let’s get to it! [Moog Narrating] There isn’t much left in the back of the Mira since we pulled it out a few episodes ago And now we’ve gotta get the back of the car up on stands which is easier than ever because it’s so light Next up, we’re pulling out the fuel filler neck and drawing in a rough template of what is about to get chopped [Marty] The plan is we’re gonna get in the Mira, we’re gonna chop it, using one of these things and some other tools We use these to make half cuts, usually…
[Moog] Yeah [Marty] Making half cuts, this time I don’t know what we’re doing, but we’re gonna use this thing with a freaking epic massive blade on it And a grinder, and another grinder [Moog] Now our plan is actually not to try cut perfectly exactly where this needs to be Because if we cut too far we’re kind of screwed, so we’re gonna get rid of MOST of the meat And then we will get right down to the fat on the edge of the chop, and then we’ll just nibble off that [Marty] Watermelon out of the rind for this…
[Moog] That’s right… We spoke about it in the past, some people cut the watermelon off the skin. We’re gonna be cutting the skin off the watermelon And slowly moving back until we are ready to… insert the seed… it’s like a watermelon seed by the way
[Moog] Yep, ok [Marty] Alright! Let’s do this!
[Moog] Let’s do it! [Moog Narrating] There isn’t much that can get in the way of the grinders and blades We just have to make sure we don’t cut into, or damage any of the outer panels ((upbeat music)) [Moog Narrating] The spare tyre is definitely not needed, so we’re starting with that And helping it along with a boot With that out of the way, we can continue to nibble our way outwards towards the outside of the car ((unintelligible chatter)) Next we can can chop out the rear seats The JDM seat will fit directly onto the new floor pan once it’s in So all this metal can go straight to the scrap yard Because some of the skins are double layered, we have to peel off the top layer with the saw and grinder first, and then chop the layer underneath [Marty] How good’s that! [Moog] So now that we’ve made an access hole here, it’s gonna be a little bit easier to get in to actually start drilling out this What we’ve got to do now is the exact same process of what we did with the JDM Mira to get that floor pan out The difference is that with that one we could kind of just drill through to get rid of the spot welds With this, we can’t drill all the way through because when that floor goes in we actually need something to weld through So if you drill all the way through, you’re kinda screwed So we gotta be really careful… uhh… it’s going to be very time consuming and take a long time Marty’s just marking up each of the spot welds with a pink texter so that we can see them a little bit easier Because they’re quite hard to see And then using these special drill bits, we will literally just drill through until the top piece of skin goes POP! And then hopefully this whole piece should just come out Right Benny..? [Moog Narrating] Now that the spot have been identified with pink texter We can grind back the sealer to drill them out [Marty] I’ve got the pink bit that’s here And I’m sort of just drilling it just at the edge [Benny] I only go about half way
[Moog] Really?
[Benny] Yeah [Moog] Because i’m putting my tip right in the pink But when I drill it i’m worried that I’m just going to go too far, cos’ the base of it is going almost all the way through [Benny] Yeah, don’t bottom out, it’ll cause damage
[Moog] Really?
[Marty] Yeah, nah, don’t do that [Moog] It’s just that, it’s hard to know what’s too far, know what I mean?
[Marty] Yeah… [Moog] Cos’ like, I’m pushing it in, I’m smashing it. I don’t want to go all the way through it, and just have the whole thing go through [Marty] Just be gentle with it. There’s a lot of stuff coming off my one
[Moog] Is there? [Marty] Yeah, heaps. Sort of flying off everywhere
[Moog] Really? [Marty] Yeah, but I think I’ve got the right spot
[Moog] Yeah, I mean, it’s feeling good where I am [Marty] Yeah, same [Benny] It is a lot about feel
[Marty] Yeah, totally You don’t want to go too hard, because then you’re on the second flat bit [Moog] Well I can see the hole now, because I’ve driven straight through it…I can’t even see pink anymore, it’s completely gone Look at this boys! [Moog Narrating] This process is similar to removing the rear floor from the half cut … Only this time, drilling the entire way through the wrong spot weld could mean that we don’t have anything to attach the new floor to So it takes much more precision, and much more time ((high tempo electronic music)) A lot of these spot welds can only be accessed once we’ve chopped through the box sections that the suspension mounts to ((electronic music)) [Moog] So we’ve removed our first two pieces of floor… It actually looks like it’s gonna work It’s actually a thing. I can start to see now what’s going to happen
[Marty] Yep! [Moog] Benny’s just been smashing through the floor back there with the reciprocating saw [Marty] Such a boss with the recipro’
[Moog] And, basically it’s a combination of using a recipro’saw, a drill, an angle grinder… [Marty] Chisel… [Moog] A chisel, some mallets, some screwdrivers, and just slowly drilling out each one of these, smashing it off, prying it out… It’s epic man… [Marty] So a lot of stuff we’ve sort of chopped out — along the front this is where your feet go in the back seat along the bottom there Which is what we’re going to use as our sort of front reference point for when we put the other floor in But right now, it’s just a whole lot of drilling, and grinding, and cutting, and doing, before there’s anything else major to see So let’s smash through it…
[Moog] Yeah… So at this point we’re just gonna smash through it We’re just gonna drill, and chisel, and bash, and smash, and just… get it done [Marty] So to make this floor fit, we need some reference points And what we’ve done is we’ve cut out along the front of this rear panel, right about where your ankles would sit if you’re sitting in the back seat So the important part is here, and if you come and have a look, I’ll show you We come down from the side of the back of the section here, and then there’s this little lip — this right angle lip And you can see the spot welds we’ve drilled out. We have to find that exact same spot in the white car, to make sure that we’re actually going to cut from the right area So, if you come and look in the white car… This, this is the area right here, you can see there’s some seam sealer in it That’s the same angle, so we actually need to drill those spot welds out — there’s one under there, drill out, drill out, drill out, drill out And then that whole section, and all the way back over, is gone And we’ll be done… We’re not anywhere near close to being done… But we’ll be closer [Marty Narrating] There is only a tiny amount of watermelon left in the back of this car And with each piece of metal that falls out of it, we’re closer to having it entirely stripped ((upbeat electronic music)) We’re moving the Mira further up onto the jack stands, and placing them under the sills that are still part of the front section of the car ((upbeat electronic music)) [Marty Narrating] Once the spot welds have been surgically weakened enough with a drill and chisel There’s not much else that’s going to make them budge except for a really big hammer ((upbeat electronic music)) [Moog Narrating] After a few hours of hammering, drilling, and chopping, the rear floor of the Mira is gone [Marty] We’ve got no floor!
[Benny] No floor Marty…
[Marty] No floor! [Benny] How good is it?
[Marty] Are you pumped?
[Benny] I feel like we’ve actually achieved something [Marty] Yeah! I’m amazed how much metal comes out of it, and I’m amazed how much metal you have to get rid of to get to the next bit of metal [Benny] It’s just so fiddly
[Marty] You don’t just undo a couple of spot welds [Benny] Yeah, you have to do it in the right order, otherwise you end up cutting the wrong half of the car… It’s definitely a complicated process [Marty] So, what’s awesome about this, is that the moment of truth is now upon us, where we try and test fit this into the car This won’t be the last time it goes in, because we still need to clean up around here and make sure the metal is all good before we weld it So it’s strong, uhh, but now is the time to test it
[Benny] I’m a bit scared
[Marty] Are ya? [Benny] ((laughing)) It either proves or disproves the theory, that’s for sure [Marty] Yeah… We probably should’ve measured it, but I’m feeling confident! [Benny] If the tailgate fits, the floor should fit, right? That’s the theory we’ve been operating on this whole time [Marty] It looks… close. Are we gonna do this?
[Benny] Yeah, let’s do it [Marty] Alright! I need to get out… How do we get out? [Benny] Go this way. Go out the door Martin, how else would you get out?
[Marty] Oh alright [Benny] How do you normally get out of a car? [Marty] Let’s do this
[Benny] This is going to be a horrible noise ((metal noises, unintelligible chatter, no background music)) [Benny] Alright, now jack up the back
[Marty] Yep [Benny] Sweet, it’s what we want, because once it’s in the right height, we’ll slide it back I think your jack’s not tight [Marty] Is it lining up or anything? [Benny] No… we’re good. Just leave the jack there, I reckon we can almost lift it in So close, it’s literally just catching those edges now It doesn’t have to go back far
[Marty] No… Verdict?
[Benny] Close, but not same
[Marty] Close, but not exactly the same So… It lines up… All the spot welds actually line up, which is interesting. On the front they’re in the exact same position, at the back we think there might actually be a difference With this back beaver panel, but being that this thing’s been in and out of acid, it’s been heated, it’s been cooled, we’ve been messing around with the car A lot of stuff will have been flexing around, so, it’s sort of like you’ve gotta really stress it to get it into place Umm… But we’re close! We’re only out by probably two or three centimetres total, so… I think now we just need to keep fiddling around with it… and then we have to pull it out again to clean it all up But at least now we know what we have to change [Marty] The Mira has a floor! It’s not attached properly, it’s not welded in… I wouldn’t put any wheels or tyres or driveline in it as it currently sits But it sits in the car! So our concept is proven. We didn’t measure it properly, but it turns out we never actually needed to [Moog] And it actually it actually fits which is amazing! A lot of people were saying “why would you go to all the trouble?” Because we want to. [Marty] ((laughing)) Because we have to! Because we can’t get it any other way [Moog] This system ended up being awesome — that you could actually place it in there Because this is actually not welded in yet, this is not actually attached other than using this little system up here So, it still has to come down a little bit so we can grind back, make sure it’s all rust proof
[Marty] Yep [Moog] And then we can attach it, then remove this, and then we can actually get back to what we were going to be doing I don’t know if that was like a month, or two ago now
[Marty] Ages ago [Moog] Of actually putting in the drivetrain and everything…
[Marty] Yeah, because I’m really getting keen to drive it The other slight issue is lack of available parts — I mean, you saw how bad some of the corrosion was underneath the car Some of the suspension components didn’t actually make it, at all, they turned into dirt [Moog] Yeah, so we have a bit of a problem now, in that it’s obviously really hard to get these parts in Australia Also known as impossible
[Marty] ((laughs)) [Moog] And really really tricky to get them in Japan, but we do now need to order some parts from Japan We don’t know if that’s going to take weeks or months, but it’s looking like it’s going to be some time before we can actually get these things together So that means it’s going to be the end of the Mira, just for a little while Until we can get all of these parts in, for now, because there’s… Martin, I do believe there’s another vehicle about to be… Pulled into this space [Marty] Another very exciting vehicle. I don’t want to say anything because it’ll give it all away Because I’m just… chop…chomping at the bits. Is that the word? Chomping at the bits? [Moog] Chopping at the bits [Marty] I’m chopping at the bits
[Moog] Chopping at the bits. So, there it is! We’re wheeling the Mira aside for the moment We’ll take the man out of the Mira and we’ll leave that there until we get our parts in Until then, there’s gonna be other stuff that is happening, and you can keep up to date with that’s happening on the Faceballs (Facebook) That is faceballs dot com forward slash mighty car mods ( There it is Martin! Mira! Why did we go to all the trouble Martin? [Marty] Because it’s a Dihatsu and you know what?
[Moog] ((sarcastic)) Because it’s a Dihatsu! Really? [Marty] Yeah… That’s the worst reason ever No! Because… Because. Because it’s my car and I really really like it! And I just… I think, in my head, I keep imagining, or remembering, you know, this drift track, sunset, you know, Japan clouds and stuff And then you and I in the car, and then ripping some handbrakies, pretending that we’re drifting, when it’s just handbrakes But it still felt like drifting! It still felt pretty wild And I just imagine that one day it’ll drift again. ((under breath)) Gotta get there [Moog] That’s the best reason ever, Martin
[Marty] Is it? [Moog] Because you like it, well done
[Marty] Because I like it [Moog] See ya guys! [Marty] Alright man. I’m gonna go eat some of those… You know those chocolate coated almonds you get from Japan? [Moog] I was thinking of takoyaki actually… octopus coated almond
[Marty] ((disgusted)) oh…

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