Mankind’s Last Hope: People Who Are Good At Online Quizzes

– Oh, cool. I can see the
full range of the color blue. – What? Oh no, these aren’t real. These Facebook quizzes
don’t mean anything. (helicopter rotors) – Ms. Marovitch. – Yes? – Our data indicates you scored 100 on a Facebook color quiz. Is that true? – Um, yes. What’s this all about? – Pack your bags. You’ve got 10 minutes. You’re coming with me. – Oh, I’m actually ready. – What about me? (gun shoots)
(Mike screams) – Bye, Trapp. (military drums) – Okay, people, listen up. This is Katie Marovitch. She’s the final member of the team. – Now can you tell us what’s going on? – [Reporter] What might
be called first contact. Now, the objects measure
at least 1500 feet tall. – Holy shit. – We’ve made contact with the ship. (aliens speaking) It’s yet to be determined
if they’re peaceful or not. That’s where you come in. You’re clearly the best and the brightest. We need you to bridge the
gap between our worlds. Ms. Marovitch, according
to your last quiz, you’re able to see the entire
spectrum of the color blue. Mr. Oyama, you have the keen ability to read an entire paragraph where some of the letters may be missing or the words backwards. According to the quiz,
only 1% of Americans can actually do that. Mr. Tart, you scored
a perfect 12 out of 12 on a Buzzfeed facial recognition quiz. – Yeah. Yeah, I did that. – Ms. Beardsley, while not a quiz, you shared that you relate to an article about how having a messy
room and sleeping in correlates to higher intelligence. Mr. Chekhov-Bellingham. – Doctor. – Mr. Dr. Chekhov-Bellingham. – No, just Doctor. – Just Dr. Chekhov-Bellingham. You have a Nobel laureate in physics. – No disrespect to anyone. I don’t know if I understand– – Welcome to the team. Your mission is to decode
the message we’ve received. Good luck. – Hello Aliens. Ya peaceful? – Yeah, this makes sense. – Guys. I’ve got it. It’s quizzes. They communicate in quizzes. – [All] (gasps) Yes. (beeping) – Oh my god, 12 out of 12. They’re geniuses too. – Oh my god. This definitely makes sense. – We’re smart. They’re smart. We’re smart. They’re smart. – [All] And we’re smart. They’re smart. We’re smart. They’re smart. We’re smart. They’re smart. – (screams) Oh god. Oh Frankie, Frankie send help. Somebody please. Jane, Jane, Jane, I’m dying, please. Why won’t anyone help me? It’s been so long. Anyone? (screams in pain) Even Grant, I’d take help from Grant. – Hi, it’s Zac from CollegeHumor. Thanks for watching. You can click here to subscribe or click here for some other fun stuff. You can also screenshot me and turn me into a meme with one of the following poses. Let me know how that goes.

Danny Hutson

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