Managing costs, optimizing Maps performance, & more! (This Week in Cloud)

This week, we’re talking about managing GCP
costs, maps best practices, and memory optimized
instances for SAP. I’m Mark, and welcome
to This Week in Cloud, where we serve you the
lowest latency news. If you manage
Google Cloud costs, you’ll want to make sure you
check out the new Qwiklabs quest, Understanding
Your GCP Costs. With instructional
videos and hands-on labs, it’s a great way to
learn the fundamentals and try out the
GCP tools you can use to understand, visualize,
and manage your costs. You can even use the
code 1q-costs-626 to go through the labs for free. Users expect
applications using maps to be quick and responsive. That’s why Travis
is here to share some tips on optimizing
your Google Maps platform applications. With these best practices, you
can build your app for scale. Plus, there’s even more
tips in the video link. If you run any kind
of internet service, you know that production
incidents happen. The SRE philosophy is all
about minimizing the impact of incidents, while also making
sure they’re a learning event. See the details of how a
production incident happens, and learn about some
tools to help lower the number of incidents
with this guide. You can now deploy
workloads that require up to 12 terabytes of memory in
a single instance on Google Compute Engine. These huge instances are
certified by SAP S/4HANA and can make sure that you have
the room you need to scale. See more about the details, and
then try them out for yourself. If you want to read more
about these announcements or see a full list,
check out the link. Have any thoughts or ideas? Leave us a comment or tweet us. We’ll see you in the cloud.

Danny Hutson

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