Man Says He Believes He’s Been Having An Online Emotional Affair With Miranda Lambert

You feel like you’re being betrayed? Yeah, yes, I do. He was inviting her over for dinner. It’s like, to our house? I’m your wife. What am I supposed to do? Sit back and watch you two have dinner? But it’s not gonna happen because she’s not real. So I wasn’t really worried about it, but I did get my house clean because he did clean it. (audience members laughing) So what was your thinking, that she was gonna come over for dinner? Was you gonna have Shirley cook for the two of you? No, I was doing the cooking. And–
What was she gonna do while you two sat down and had dinner? I don’t know. She said she was gonna go in the other room, watch TV. But.
(audience members laughing) I kinda knew that it wasn’t gonna happen anyway, too. What percent sure are you that you’re being scammed? Pretty 100% that I was getting scammed by that one. I mean now, today, that you’ve never been asked for money by the real Miranda Lambert. I have been asked for bank accounts. By this one, I have marked Real Miranda Lambert, yes. So you think you’re really in contact with the real Miranda Lambert? I know I’m not in contact the her. Well, then don’t talk in circles. As you see it right now, the objective light of day, do you believe that you have been having an online emotional affair with the real Miranda Lambert? Yes. You believe you have? Yes. Why would she have been talking to you? Why you? I don’t know, I don’t know the answer for that because there’s so many other people out there. I’m sure they’re scamming. But you can’t say it both ways. You can’t say, yes, I’ve been in contact with her, but no, I’m sure I’m not ’cause they’re scamming. Come on, you may get away with that with yourself driving down the street. You may get away with that with her, but you’re gonna talk sense to me ’cause you’re not confused about this. That’s (beep). You know what you’re doing. You know whether you’re talking to the real Miranda Lambert or not. I believe that I’m talking to her because of the way she talks to me. And like I said, I mean, there’s some things that she says that makes me tend not to believe sometimes of, that I’m not talking to her.
You either believe it or not. Okay. Yeah, I believe I’m talking to her. Do you have any empathy for Miranda Lambert? As far as? Do you care what the impact is on her? Yes. Do you think it bothers her to have somebody sending them a suicide video? I think it probably does, yeah. That’s stalking. Right. That’s stalking behavior. I’ll tell ya, I live with that, so I know what it’s like. My wife lives with that. We know what it’s like. We’ve had people standing outside our gates for two and a half years. What effect does that have on you? Oh, it’s so scary. Public life is one thing. But once we go home, that’s our private life. That’s where we are supposed to feel safe. I’ve been at home, and they’re ringing the gate, threatening me, threatening to break in. I’ve had them sit outside, like Phillip just said, for days, putting up posters, putting up signs telling me what they’re gonna do to me once they get over that gate. I’ve walked out on my patio and had a drone come up within a foot of my face. I’m scared to death in a place where I should feel safe. And you know better. I do know better, and that was never my intention to do it. But you did. I did.

Danny Hutson

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