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100 thoughts on “Man Engaged To Woman He Met Online But Never In Person Reveals Details About Their Relationship

  1. Dude in london just wants to get his visa.. I know lots of English/Irish dudes that say these guys do this a lot. That american girls are dumb and fall for the accent…I am NOT AT ALL surprised. This broad is an idiot.

  2. Hes surprised? That the horrible things he said are now public? Lying through his teeth bc he doesn't want to look disgusting and he still somehow thinks he's gonna get to America.

  3. Im actually battling esophageal cancer and stomach cancer. Oncologist said have 18% chance live 5 years. That was 2 years 9 months ago. Noone send me money or helps me financially. I don't want ti be a burden and realize everyone has bills and problems. Wish God lead me in right direction to be able to ask for help and receive it. I can't believe there's people lie about cancer. Shame on you.

  4. Holly ..
    You are a beautiful girl ! Love yourself first ! These on line romances are traps ! These guys are playing you and God knows how many other women … this is how they make a living …. get out and do things … be yourself … enjoy your life … it will happen when you least expect it !

  5. This guy is spreading on his Facebook that he is working as an actor for the Dr. Phil Show ?. Such a huge liar. His name is Keoma Rodrigues, you guys can check for yourselves.

  6. She complains that he said mean, hurtful things, yet she kept going back to him. She's just pointing out her own stupidity. And ummm…you're stringing along another fool in another country. I think her mom has given her low self esteem, and I think she's definitely not right in the head.

  7. So this show was just so she could tell this guy off ?? Lmao dr Phil has his friends on and this is what you get .

  8. Dang Holly your a really pretty woman…. come oonnnn!!!! Get some confidence!!!! Its obvious what these guys want… theres lots of men in the U.S that like bigger women

  9. 2:51 – 3:51 Her way of talking is arrogant. What if he had a similar program in his country. She would be called out 'by the way, you're dating two men online'. She would have to speak french and the man would talk with her unkindly 'Tu mens, Holly' and also very quick french. I just don't like this. The undertone is unequal.

  10. Why would anyone look to getting involved with someone from another country, especially Brazil. OMG the men their are users and abusers. Build yourself up, NOT tear tourself down with a Hispanic that ONLY wants to come to America and disapear. He ONLY want a green card nothing more. Been there, did that with a Peruvian that was apready in America. I almost died from the abuse. He didnt care at all. One objective to hold a green card.

  11. Stop making her out to be the victim. She's choosing these dudes so she can control them she knew what the deal was from the beginning she's an abusive person.

  12. I have a sister like her. Lol. She has totally fallen for some guy she's never even met in person. They don't even talk on the phone, it's all through txt message. Lol And just like this girl, my sister won't listen to anyone when she's being told that this new guy is just using her. Like the last one, she sent some guy she never met money, just about over three thousand dollars. And now she's doing it again. SMH. Lol

  13. This womans logic and speech related to this subject is really weird and confusing. Why is she bothering with him #1 and #2 isn't she the one that was dealing with multiple guys as well ?

  14. HE DOESNT LOVE YOU! He has no ounce of love FOR you! He’s using YOU! Why can she not get this through her head?! This isn’t love! And this is what these guys do! Paying her $5000 should have sent her red flags going up or alarms going off. But it’s like she doesn’t get it or doesn’t want to believe it.

  15. She wanted money and a baby

    He wanted a green card ?

    She’s got multiple men online she talks to em all like “pets”

  16. This is a dumb topic, but, a lot of people need to see it once in a while so they don't get caught up in the same thing.

  17. 4:02 I like how she says “you don’t treat woman like that” when she’s married with two, speaks with both at the same time and calls them same names ???

  18. Keoma is quite ugly, and his personality doesn’t do him any favors…


  19. Wanting to marry her. But emotionally and mentally abuses her in every way possible. Makes it clear as day he doesn't love her and is a complete dickhole.
    Yet she stays talking to him, claims that she still likes him… i can't believe this girl…good god.

  20. She says all this stuff that he is awful and mean to her and tells him he lies etc but is engaged to him anyway????????

  21. The chap in Turkey is also looking for a meal ticket, he said he sent her gifts and she not received them well they gone around the world and got lost she needs to grow up..

  22. Why does everybody want to the U.S.A .i love ❤️ my home and will never leave it. They have very difficulties about paying for health care and medical treatment..i am sooo glad I can call my home ; MY HOME ?

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