Magrav Technology – Pre-launch – The New Energy Industry

Magrav Technology – Pre-launch – The New Energy Industry

The New Energy Industry An educational media outlet that
connects you to the emerging world Magrav Technology. In tribute to… Nikola Tesla Magrav Technology Magnetic and Gravitational field
technology. Using magnetic and gravitational field As means of Lift, Drive and Energy Generation. Magrav Technology. Greetings Impressive People, To the new energy industry. My name is Josh and I’ll be your host. Our Mission Is to spotlight and empowering the individuals and organizations pioneering Magrav Technology. I’m talking about magnetic motors in plasma generators. Emergent forms a technology that have
the potential to resolve global energy crisis while at
the same time ushering in a new era Galactic Space
Exploration! Think about that. Imagine living on a healthy, sustainable planet, with a flourishing economy,, a thriving ecosystem and incredible spaceship technology. Unlike anything we’ve ever seen. That ladies and gentlemen is vision of The New Energy Industry in the potential
we see in Magrav Technology. You see, two hundred years ago there was his dude named Michael Faraday, who build a “Faraday Motor.” The first ever electric motor, with some copper wire a magnet and some “charge particles.” and it blew people’s minds. What am I looking at right now? Why is it spinning? Stop it you magical wizard, you’re scaring me. Michael Faraday: the first
electric motor. At the same time, two hundred years ago There was this young Scottish fellow with a big ass beard named James Clerk Maxwell, who said, I am a physicist, and I believe I can
described the phenomenon of electromagnetism using the language of Math. And then he did it! Like a Boss! From there, with the practical
applications of electricity, The Faraday Motor, as well as the Mathematics of Electrodynamics, The Maxwell Equations, the first global
energy revolution was born. Giving birth to our modern world. Now we got computers and smartphones in
the internet. Impressive Stuff. However, all of this impressive stuff is actually kind of embarrassing because It’s all power by combustion technology. Setting things on FIRE for Lift, Dirve and Energy Generation. Combustion technology causing an energy
crisis, And it’s destroying this plant. And it’s embarrassing. I assert, it’s time to replace combustion
technology with Magrav Technology: Using magnetic and gravitational fields
as means of Lift Drive and Energy Generation. Now why would I assert such a crazy thing? Thats simple. Much like two hundred years ago with Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell Today we have Nassim Haramein who has successfully added the concept of Torque to Einstein Field Equations. “Einstein with a Twist” Thus identifying the “Origin of Spin” and the source of charge with in subatomic particles. In other words, Nassim Haramein has published the
mathematics explaining How and Why, Galaxies, Solar Systems, Planets and Atoms “Spin” For like forever… Nassim Haramein has published the mathematics of Magnetic and Gravitational field technology. With such an awakening in the world of physics We now have the potential to design and build small scale systems able to
harness gravitational and energy fields for Lift, Drive and Energy Generation. I wonder if anybodies doing that? You’re damn right they are! Here we have the Keshe Plasma Generator, and over here, the Searl Effect Generator. Two emergent technologies, both having the potential to resolve the global energy crisis like it aint no thing, while at the same time ushering in a new ear of Galactic Space Exploration. The Keshe Plasma Generator is the microscopic form of Magrav Technology, in the it’s made with the relationships between elements and their field strengths. Creating Dynamic Ionization, A whirling vortex of electors. And the Searl Effect Generator is the macroscopic form of Magrav Technology, in that, It’s made with the relationships between unique magnetic wave-functions program within magnetic materials, thus creating a whirling vortex of electrons. Two emergent generators, both able to create their own magnetic and gravitational fields independent of the Earths gravitational field. In other words, we haven’t seen anything yet. So there we have it ladies and gentlemen. We have a physicist who has published the mathematics of Magrav Technology, and we have the scientists and engineers who are developing the generators. Now it’s time for us to realize the potential. The way I see it, we can continue to and poisson our planet, with combustion technology, or we can implement a new system. Rather then destroying nature through combustion, We can harmonize with natures flow and empower a new tomorrow. Join our free online learning network here at The New Energy Industry. By doing so you will be able to join us,
virtual, as we visit the leading laboratories to speak with the pioneering scientists creating future today. To empower this work, become a Founder of The New Energy Industry In tribute to Nikola Tesla, the original founder of The New Energy Industry, The Original Boss. And together, lets enlighten the world on the discoveries being made in New Breakthrough Energy Laboratories around the world! My name is Josh, I’m a veteran of the USMC, A graduate of Sustainable Living, and the Director of The New Energy Industry. Introducing Magrav Technology Thank You, Peace Abound, and Welcome to The New Energy Industry. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, there’s still going to be Juggling in the future.

Danny Hutson

38 thoughts on “Magrav Technology – Pre-launch – The New Energy Industry

  1. John Searl has been trying to get his technology to work for over 40 years with no success.  Has he succeeded? 

  2. Every High School should have   #GarveyEnergyProject where they must produce their own electricity . ( GarveyEnergyProject on facebook)

  3. Excellent and easy to understand video.   Tanks for producing it and trying to somehow Tying Nassim and Keshe technology.    I have no idea / opinion on the Searle machine.    Where can I order the coins.

  4. reply to carol carl Carol;   Keshe can not show his technology of a lift because first he is spreading the knowledge and preparing the people.  Secondly people / we will hang him in fear and anger.   Look at what happened to Charles Lindburg when he landed in Paris in 1927.  People stormed him and tore his cloths and almost took his plane apart.  Becuase to them he was a time travler coming from the past and they could not imagine flying across Atlantic ocean in one day ??!!

    I ordered the Keshe CO2 kit for $15 and it created CO2 from nothing.  No battery no fancy equipment nothing.  I have a Chemical Engineering degree and all the education I have received I can not understand how such reaction is possible.  Why don't you spend $15 and see for yourself.

    Such movements and high speeds are apparent in space and it is possible, we are now getting to the point of understanding and the maturity to harness such abilities. 

    One last item, why are you mad and angry and using foul language.    Your reaction verify the item above.   Maybe, you think you are the only person with brain power and intelligence.   This is why you are using names such as Carol Carl Carol with no pictures.  What are you so afraid of Mr.  Skeptic.  🙂

  5. u cant just build one for peaple to know its real, as john searl did that on the tv news, funding is much cleaver, allows does who understand to get out or help ,most think its alien tec, only couse surpressed we had pattents on so called ufos back in days,why we still have cars, ahh exactly, why risk as most did sacrifice themselfs for what we should know, for most its hard to live in fear for what they did, for us, we the peaple need to help understand in the most fundemental levels, reason why design are simple, spin orientation, and what does what, an air ballons dencity is greater spin inside from out, differential, if it this simple, its to fundementally teach us ,easy ones u get it , but hard work to grasp it scientificly without explosion, the implosion comes from ,so many sourses, who  teach to allow peaple to get in balance,on their own, its not just tec we learning about but understanding ourselfs also as energy

  6. Josh is probably sincere but, unfortunately, he has insufficient knowledge to understand that Keshe is a con man and Haramein is a daft flake. Whether Haramein is a grifter or not, I don't know but I do know that his so-called physics is completely f.o.s. Keshe, on the other hand, I do know is nothing but a grifter.

  7. This whole presentation sounds so familiar. We have been here before folks. Last time it was nuclear technology. And what a great idea that turned out to be. Understand people, that you cannot either create energy, or destroy it. I could wtite a lot explaing the folly of exponents of 'free energy'. Physicists, don't even understand what energy is. "For every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction." If that is so, then the energy transfer process must carry on etenally. Meaning the universe is NOT finite. So, here is a conundrum. How can you measure the immeasurable ? Mathematics is flawed. So by trying to evaluate the infinite universe with mathematics, means you will never understand it. Just for this project, let me help you. Knowledge and wisdom are the same as electro-magnetic polarisation. You have the knowledge, what are you going to do with it ? Open a portal for the Jinn / Jan then. It will make the nuclear holocaust look like a picnic. And as you people quite often like to mention Nikola Tesla, let me quote him a message, or perhaps a warning to the future. "When humankind finally discovers what electricity actually is, it will be the most important day in all of human history."

  8. FINALLY….YES…THANK YOU THANK YOU for producing understandable, easy to watch intros to the info that most think is simply a hoax. AWESOME…PLEASE DO NOT STOP….this is exactly what is needed to teach a new layer of humanity this tech. I am thrilled to find your channel and will share it all I can!

  9. that is shameful that Mr. Nassim copy the margrave technology from Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and give credit to himself without mentioning Keshe foundation .

  10. Forgive me for sounding rash as I have not finished reading his thesis on Rotational Dynamics.  So, your claiming to be using gravitons to produce a gravitational field, unlikely… Both wave-based motors and plasma based reactors need energy inputted and if they can sustain from an initial burst it would take materials never heard of to contain the energy in all forms. I am being skeptical as I have just heard about this and would be delighted to hear answers to the statements made.

  11. It cuts out the oil industry, That is why the U.S. Gov't hates it so much and has made it's creator an enemy of the state.

  12. This is such an unprofessional video. It's so unnecessarily dramatic and are the hand gestures, pauses, emphasis on every word really necessary? Could he not just talk in a normal voice?

    Great information, but presented horribly

  13. Why not use Stirling cycle engine technology to turn atmosphere to liquid to generate ultra cold temperatures to use super conducting materials a magrav with Tesla coils for wireless power transfer in a sealed vacuum with argon with vacuum spark gaps to generate high frequency electricity? Has anyone tried to use super conductors to levitate the coils and spin them a condola magnetic effect like what is shown in the videos animation of how a magrav works? Am I looking at it all from the wrong perspective?

  14. A solar panel tower set up to power a single home, same equipment just with a mini drum motor rewired into a generator with magnetic bearings with a mini spark gap powered by the solar panels to generate high frequency electricity. That feeds another rewired drum motor a little bigger with a spark gap to further increase power to a high frequency electricity. That feeds into yet a bigger drum motor generator with magnetic bearings with a larger vacuum spark gap. A power stepping solar panel array that now can provide electrical power to ten homes rather then just a single homes. A single solar panel power stepping array could also power an even larger drum motor generators with large vacuum spark gaps to provide to city or town or for a grid in a metropolitan area. Graphite power cell technology used with Tesla coil technology for storing and transmission of energy could be a huge game changer.

  15. Here, a Stirling cycle engine that turns atmosphere to liquid that fills a tank with a bell siphon. Liquid air fills a tube with Stirling piston cylinders which the liquid air provides ultra low temperatures to power a cold gas engine has the liquid air flows over the cylinder head. The Stirling cold gas engine cranks a rewired drum motor that is now a generator with a vacuum spark gap to generate high frequency electricity. Liquid air is circulated back to tank with Stirling cycle piston reforms liquid atmosphere. A circuit for operating Stirling cryogenic piston motor to for liquid atmosphere. With the rest of the high frequency electricity being used has output to power other devices. Graphite power cell used to start the generator. If constructed correctly you would have an atmospheric operated electrical power generator. No more need for fossil fuels. Could even use this to power electric vehicles. Hay you think it would work?

  16. A Stirling cryogenic piston operated off say 35 watts for the electric motor to generate liquid atmosphere. That filled a tank with a bell siphon that emptied into a heat exchange radiator with an electric fan say 35 watts to draw air through radiator for air conditioning. With the boil off liquid air vapor returning to tank to be reformed into liquid air to complete the cycle. A new central air conditioning unit that operates off say 70 to 80 watts? Rather then 220 volts that also takes hours to cool a small home? Liquid air heat exchange is much faster has well. Hay do you think this could work? = /

  17. Hay you could use super conductors with a liquid air conditioning unit to generate electricity to power a whole house. Hay in an electric vehicle you could have air conditioning and be powering the vehicle which would give the electric vehicle unlimited range because you would not have to recharge the electric vehicle? Hay you think it all could work?

  18. The seg needs component upgrades to maximize its output potential. Could the seg be stacked with smaller versions extending from the center to form a sphere that could generate huge amounts of high frequency electricity? I wonder if nano technology could be used to generate a power ball by building small segs to large segs? Like microcosm to macrocosm? Science fiction stuff I am sure.

  19. Graphite power cell technology, the cells generate a electric charge from high energy induction field that generates earths atmosphere. Embed hertz emitting diode within graphite power cells that activate ounce a certain charge has been reached to power the diode that emits a hertz frequency to cause the graphite power cell to increase its electrical charge generation. Embed mini vacuum spark gap into graphite power cell to amp up charge into high frequency electricity. Connected in series these could power a generator to operate a vehicle or power a home and more. Graphite power cells can be manufactured at any size which means this technology has multiple applications. Hay do you think this would work?

  20. I wonder if you could take a four leg Tesla generator and place a mini vacuum spark gap between each leg on the stator to increase its electrical output? Even use magnetic bearings or super conducting materials with liquid air to really get the generator to spin out sum high frequency electricity? I can only wonder if it would work?

  21. I wonder if all this technology commented on could power super conductor separators to remove pollution and bacteria from rivers and streams around the World while generating electricity at the same time? I wonder if Stirling cycle engines could generate liquid atmosphere that is about 71% nitrogen from fossil fuel use and be able to infuse that nitrogen into water being used in hydroponic green houses to be used has fertilizer or even in regular farming? I way to remove air pollution and use it to grow crops? I am not a scientific person yet it does make some sense some times. ; )

  22. I wonder if a diode with a certain low frequency hertz signal could be emitted through aluminum rods to generate ultra low temperatures which would also allow super conductors to operate? Could take electrical power generation to a whole other level if it is possible to do it. This would also effect refrigeration and cooling needs has it would not take very much energy to produce low temperatures has it now does. Ultra low vibration of the crystal lattice within aluminum to achieve ultra low temperatures? I can only wonder if it will work?

  23. Two Tesla coils transmitting from point A to point B using a frequency that caused a huge graphite rod to glow red hot from causing the crystal lattice in the graphite to vibrate and produce electric charge? Would this not be a viable replacement for nuclear electrical power plants? Using super conductor technology energy passing through coil A and coil B would remain constant never losing energy correct? Only the graphite would be affected which the graphite rod could be replaced after it started to fail has the crystal lattice broke down from being used? Is this science fiction? I am no scientific person this why I am asking if what I am commenting upon is correct or not?

  24. I wonder if a Joe cell constructed with super conducting materials used with liquid atmosphere could be a high electricity generator with the liquid air boil off producing hydrogen vapor to power a combustion engine with the nitrogen and oxygen vapor being passed through pellets that absorbed the nitrogen and oxygen which could later be used for other aspects? Fertilizer and oxidizers? There are chemical pellets that absorb and lock up up nitrogen and oxygen and keep them in a safe state to be easily handled correct?

  25. I wonder if Stirling cycle engines could generate liquid air to fill insulated underground tanks that filled pressure vessels with frequency emitters at the bottom to cause the liquid air to become gas to build pressure that could then spin swash plate pump motors that cranked drum motor generators with vacuum spark gaps with magnetic bearings to generate high frequency with the liquid air vapor nitrogen being turned into fertilizer for crops the oxygen and argon and hydrogen being turned into liquid for commercial use?

  26. Walter Russel is given no credit to his masive input … without which this knowledge would not exist…. anyone who can be bothered… google this man and check him out

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