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44 thoughts on “login & logout in asp net sql database with session web page development – Web Development

  1. it is only 2 pages one login and another logout..when i used in dynamic logout so how will be possible? without session or use of security

  2. Can the pages that you are redirected too after login be accessed without logging in? For example by pasting the URL into the URL bar

  3. i want to make an option of "forget password" in my login form just like facebook…how can i do that?

  4. Man, thanks for the tutorial, it's not easy to follow you with only text on notepad but that no mean that the application can be done. As a tip, i put on welcome.aspx an else on page load when the session is checked in case that user want to enter to the oage without session started just to redirect them to the default page. I'm begining to develop on C# and you help me too mucho. Regards.

  5. hello bro thanks but i think there is the problem. You can directly enter into the welcome page and another is when you goback through the browser the it gets logout…please solve this

  6. I need an ID column in my table when I add that column its not getting updated and I get error…………" Column name or number of supplied values does not match table definition" what should i do?

  7. Dear sir, the video is really so nice and very much understanding. Your voice also so much good and clear. I would request how the Login can be execute via AJAX method. Can you please do the same Login using a Ajax technology ? so that page will not be refresh.

  8. Thank you very much…for this code, its easy for me to understood..it will help me…
    check this website for more video

  9. this video does inspire and can teach you how to do stuff
    but keep in mind that without a stored procedure or other "hidden code" method, your website can become prone to SQLinjections.
    this "string query" method is very prone to sql injection attack

  10. I know this is not tutorial on databases, but it's sort of unwise to create a query by inserting values directly from textboxes into commandtext property. A login check created in that way is prone to SQL injection attacks. Use parameterized query instead.

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  12. Sir when i logout this form but when again im using the url and access the page its again accessible without using the password ..

  13. bhai mere SqlException aa rahi he
    aap help kar sakate ho kya use dur karane me
    SqlException was not handle by keyword user

  14. First red flag: using notepad to narrate a video. Don't you have a laptop with a microphone built in? Or a phone that records audio? I skip ahead and I see him concatenating user input directly into a SQL command…lol no thanks.

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