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100 thoughts on “Llamas with Hats 1-12: The Complete Series

  1. I am pretty sure that this whole series is supposed to simulate a phyco path’s mind.

    My conspiracy is that Carl had some sort of disorder. When the series first began, it was not that deep. Put as the series progressed, his disorder got more and more severe.

  2. Carl that kills ppl. Me and my friend well used to be my friend but not anymore idk why but we used to watch and make jokes about this and it was funny 😂


  4. Damm The "i guess you're gone" Hit me hard. I thought Like When he saw The Dead Llama With a hat he would Think its paul But its not and he finds Him and Paul Forgives him and- basically a happy ending


  6. We need Paul and Carl again! But instead Carl didn't drown Paul saved him with a submarine out of baby hands that Carl made. And Paul never died he just put a corpse he found in the gore pit, made a hat and disappeared so Carl wouldn't follow him again (and cuz the FBI found Paul) and meant to save a survivor of Carl's mess (he already has found a small group) but got Carl. Carl explains what happened about the suicide and says how much he misses Paul so Paul forgives him and brings him on his way to Mars to create a civilization! And continue the series! It may sound dumb but I want my two favorite llamas back!

  7. Episode one: Whelp, i'm in for a ride.
    Part too: Caaaaarrrrl
    Chapter 3: Viva la resistance
    Season for: Fallout for
    Part 5: Doctor whow
    Episodio six: Starts to cry a little.
    Volume 7: Going insane / music gets creepier.
    глава 8: Carl's depression needs paul back / Music gets pretty creeper, aw man!
    Book 9: Complete insanity, depression kicking in, needing help. / Music getting really creepy.
    Thing number 10: Gore. / Music beeing messed up.
    Chunk of story 11: Everything messed up. / Music not even music anymore.
    FilmCow Production number 12: Death, realization. And me crying a shit ton.

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